People Reveal What They're Still Salty About

A salt that some people still carry around with them in their day to day life. What has happened to you that you're still annoyed/bitter about?

u/GuardingxCross asked Reddit:

What are you STILL salty about?

Here were some of the answers.

Piano Problems

My parents kept talking about getting rid of their piano but weren't ready to. I said that since it was the one from my childhood that I grew up playing, and I didn't have one, I'd like to have it. They could let me know when they were ready to part with it. They said it was too much of a pain to move (we lived a block away. You could have literally rolled it out the back door and up the street) and they didn't want me paying a mover. So I said no worries, I'll wait as long as you like. This went on for a year. It came up almost once a week. I'd ask if I could just come get it. They said no they weren't ready. No worries. They'd bring it over sometime.

Then one day I came over and the piano was gone. I asked what was up and they said my cousin, who lives 3 hours away, had been looking for one for her daughters, so my dad had loaded it up into a truck he rented and personally delivered it.

My parents claimed they didn't think I was interested in it.


Kid on my brother's little league team wanted to borrow my jp velociraptor hand puppet I got for my birthday in '96. He never gave it back, and when I asked at school he denied it all.

Disney Whirled

My mother once deliberately scheduled a family trip to Disney World so that I couldn't go.

Parental Neglect

After throwing a massive party and paying for flights and accommodation for our entire extended family for my Brother when he joined the Navy, my mother refused to pay £15 for my official University Graduation picture.

On my 21st Birthday, she volunteered me to to taxi all my relatives to the restaurant/bar where my party was held. After making about eight 10 mile round-trips, I waited at home for 2 hours until my cousin finished work to drive me to my own party.

When I moved to the states, my parents organised a big family get together as a Bon Voyage party. It was catered like a wedding where you have to make your choice of meal ahead of time so the caterers knew how many of each thing to make. She forgot to order a meal for only one person out of about 50. Can you guess who didn't get to eat?

Controlling Child

When i was in 7th grade my two younger brothers cornered me with a pair of safety scissors and basically tried to take my allowance. This caused me to yell "what the hell do you think you're doing?" I lost my computer privileges for a month.

Years later i came to visit home and my youngest brother, who was involved in the previous incident and was now in 7th grade himself, calls my dad and before my dad can say anything i hear my brother screaming "where the F-CK are you? I'm going to be late for pracice!" and my dad APOLOGIZED TO HIM.

Zero Follow Through

There was a magazine I used to read when I was about 9 or 10, and they had a competition where you could send in names for some mascots they had created. If your name was chosen, you won a cool Lego set.

I sent in a name for one of them, and in the next issue, they announced that I was one of the winners.

Not only did I not get the Lego set, but that mascot didn't appear at all for the rest of the magazine's print run.


My parents bought my brother a guitar for Christmas. He learned 2 chords over a few weeks, then when he realized it would take actual effort to learn, he quit and it went into a corner of his room and just started gathering dust.

A few years later, when I was about 9 years old, I decided I wanted to learn the guitar, so I borrowed it, re-strung it, and started learning. By an amazing coincidence, around the same time my Brother decided the guitar was now his prize possession... and by a further amazing coincidence, he only ever felt the urge to 'practice' whenever I wanted to use the guitar.

One day, I'd saved up my money for a couple of months and bought myself a Beatles Songbook. I got it home and went and grabbed the guitar. Of course, my Brother suddenly decides he needs to play a C chord over and over.

So, I protest to my parents. I'm using the guitar. He only wants it to stop me using it. He hadn't touched it in 3 years until I got interested. I was the one who paid to have the guitar set up and paid for the can they please just make him leave me alone for a freaking hour so I can try out some of the songs in my new songbook?

They tell me, no. That it's my Brother's guitar. It belongs to him, so I have to give it to him.

Now, this is the part I'm still really f-cking salty about.

I give the guitar to him, and he asks to borrow my new songbook. I tell him to piss right off. So he whines to my parents and they make me lend it to him... because 'after all, I can't do anything with it without a guitar.''s my brother's guitar, it belongs to him, so I have to give it to him. It's my song book, it belongs to me, but suddenly none of that counts and I should 'be reasonable'.

Part that makes me even saltier? I asked for my own guitar for Christmas and was told no because "We spent hundreds on one for your brother and he never learned it. We're not making that mistake again."

Why The Story?

A girl I was seeing faked leaving the country. When she 'returned', she informed me that she got back together with her ex boyfriend and never actually left.

Much Abrood About Nothing

My English teacher told me "brooding" isn't a word.

My sophomore year of high school we had to write poems and read them to the class. He stopped me in the middle of mine.

"Brooding? What's that?"

"Oh, to think darkly or unhappily. Kinda of menacing I guess?"

"I've never heard that before in my life. I don't think that's a word."

Classroom laughs at me.

Then people wonder why I'm so quiet and introverted.

I've brooded about this situation many times.


Built a website for my uncle under a very tight deadline and requirements.

We had agreed on a cut rate, family and friends discount. He was trying to get elected as a judge.

Put in ridiculous hours on it.

Met the deadline.

Asked to be paid...he ghosted me.

Couple years later he tries the same thing (lost the election BTW) for a start up venture. Gave him a ridiculously high rate and demanded full payment up front...ghosted me again.

When I see him which is rare he makes no mention of it.

He was also disbarred instead of going to jail because he got involved in a scheme.

NaCl all the way on this. Never liked him.

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