It is a universally acknowledged truth that kids are master minds of cruelty. They have a sixth sense which allows them to pinpoint the source of insecurity in another human, craft a statement that is as cruel as it is creative, and launch the insult with cold and distant absence of guilt whatsoever.

Unfortunately, Redditors remind us that other adults, even friends, can provide self-esteem battering statements just as bad. Years later, statements like these fork into two distinct paths: the humorous shade offered by hindsight or the profound snowball growing intensity.

Reddit was stocked with both.

TheCrowsNestTV asked, "What is the cruelest thing someone has said to you?"

A Deadpan Slam

"When I was a kid, my best friend was always kind of mean or standoffish with me at school but we hung out a lot just the two of us."

"At some point I confronted him and said, 'you keep doing this, are you embarrassed to be my friend?' He just said 'Yes.'"

-- Stalkachu

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Objectifying in the Other Direction

"It was a thing in my school where guys would go up to an 'unattractive' girl in a group, in front of everyone, and ask them on a date."

"Just when the girl would start to believe it was real and give a response, the guys would all start laughing and the one who asked would tell her it was just a joke and that, 'no one would ever wanna go out with something like you.'"

"And yes, they would say 'something,' not 'someone.' It hurts yeah."

-- fvck7h15

When the Kids are the Mature Ones

"My son had a liver transplant and has huge scars on his belly. He was playing at our local park where they shoot up water. Great summer fun for young kids. Another parent says, 'they should cover that kid up so we don't have to see it.'"

"Thankfully, another parent spoke up snd said, 'just because that kid's gone through a lot doesn't mean he has to hidden to make you feel comfortable.' I started to breathe evenly and smile."

"Funny thing is, when kids asked him about his scars, my son would just say, 'I had surgery.' Then they would continue playing. Adults were more cruel."

-- Italophilia27

Sociopathic Roasting

"The worst was probably in fifth grade, just after my dad died. The whole school knew, and everyone was being really nice to me except one girl. I believe the exact quote was, 'go suck your dads d*ck. Oh wait you can't, he's dead.'"

"It didn't even hurt my feelings, more of just bewildered me like who says something like that?"

-- Standard-Cost

A Most Certain Red Flag

"Ex-wife once told me that she wished my mom had died of the breast cancer that she beat when I was in 2nd grade. She's been in remission for 20+ years now and has always been a sweet, thoughtful and smart lady. I had to leave the house to calm down - and luckily i left the relationship eventually."

-- SandoMann


"'You are caring, smart, treat me well, have your sh!t together, and are great husband/father material, and are a wonderful man to be around. I wish you'd lose 20 lbs. so I could date you.'"

-- hired_g00n

"Dad, it's Boston Pizza. Also, that's Horrible."

"When I was 16 and looking to apply at Boston Pizza which had just opened up in our town, my dad said, 'don't you have to be pretty to be a waitress?'" -- laurieali

"Please don't say parents, for the real word is creeps." -- King_Pecca

A Backhanded Guestimation

"'Guys our age'...Dude was at least 20 years older then me. Yeah, honestly me and my partner had a laugh about it later. But at the time i died a little on the inside." -- anotherDutchdude

"He didn't think of you as older, he thinks of himself as younger." -- Hektikdt

Taking the Long Way to Attraction

"'Your freckles look like you stood behind a screen door and had sh*t flung on you.' This was a neighbor who was looking to hook up. It never happened and I quit talking to him." -- sukiintheshower

"Is this some kind of advanced ninja flirting technique I'm not aware of?" -- UHMWPE

An Out and Out PUNK

"7-year-old cousin: 'Hey derp, how old are you now?'"

"Me: 'I just turned 26.'"

"7-year old: 'You're not a man!'"

"WTF kid...."

-- derpado514

"I'm 21 and my niece is 8, but she considers us to be basically the same age. Makes me feel good when I get sad that my childhood is over." -- brearose

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Not Something You Can Just "Try Out'

"My mom said that her life would have been better if I never existed." -- earthling_probably

"To hopefully make you feel better, some people just should never have been parents. It's much more likely she's saying she just never should have had kids because she's not able to handle it." -- Not_A_RedditAccount


"My biological father came back into my life when I was 14 and had a girlfriend. Everything was great for a year until she made him choose between his new family, and me."

"I got a text message on Christmas Day saying 'Father and daughter relationship not working out, all the best for your future. Please dont call me, it will cause me problems.'"

-- SabrinaSpellman1

Suddenly, a Snob

"There were years I worked multiple jobs to help support us while my ex was working on her doctorate. Once she had herself a tenure track university position, she let me know I wasn't 'educated enough to be married to a professor' like herself."

"I have my bachelor's degree."

"Well, I found myself sleeping on the sofa for about a week, while looking for an apartment so I could move out. During that time, every morning as she'd greet me with the phrase 'Why haven't you killed yourself yet?'"

-- 2ndbreakfastfan

At Least an Insult is Attention at All

"Nothing. When my best friend of 20+ years ghosted me, that was the cruelest thing." -- MelissaMiranti

"Wow, that's terrible. I really hate when people don't even have the guts to say why or have an adult conversation instead of ghosting." -- Neilia_Moon

Abusive Control 101

"'No one will love you like I love you because you're uninteresting, boring, & annoying.'"

"Getting past it a day at a time, but I do occasionally find myself apologizing my husband for being 'boring/annoying.'"

-- c0untc*ntula

Severely Out of Touch

"I struggled with anxiety caused bulimia a few years back... One of my best friends (who has some self consciousness issues so she likes unhealthily skinny bodies.) told me after I recovered and gained my healthy weight back that I 'looked better when [I was] bulimic.'"

"....That made me feel so small and empty."

-- izzygirl123

The First 25 Minutes of "Grease"

"9th grade year I met a girl who moved on to my block the week summer break started, we spent almost every day together. We lost our virginity to each other."

"First day of school and she won't talk to me because I'm not on of the 'cool kids.'"

"Destroyed me."

-- rangoranger39

Experimental Snog

"The boy I had a crush on in high school had kissed me and I was pretty excited about possibly dating. When I asked him about it the next day he said he didn't like me in that way."

"I asked why he kissed me then, and he said, 'I needed to make sure I didn't like you.'"

-- Petunia_Fish

A Wild Escalation

"My stepson told me he was glad that my husband and I have fertility problems."

"He was 15 at the time, and pissed that he was in trouble after several of his teachers had contacted us to tell us he wasn't doing his homework or completing schoolwork and assignments."

-- KittikatB


"Asked a girl out and just got "ewwww" as a response. So that was cool. A no would've been fine."


"This happened to me too. That's rough bud." :(

-- Trekkimon

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Dearest Mother

My mother told me once that no one nice or decent would ever want me/be able to love me. Crazy how much stuff like this sticks on your relationships

Edit: you guys are amazing people to be willing to share your stories--I'm so sorry all of you have had to experience this nastiness. I hope you're all currently doing well and I appreciate all of you. <3

-- partisanmilkhotelx

The Crash

I crashed my motorcycle quite a few years ago now. I was being stupid and didn't have my gear on. So I have some very extensive scars on my arms and legs.

I'm super insecure about them. I've worn long sleeves since they've healed.

Last summer I was feeling good about myself and not caring. So I went to the beach in a bikini.

I was sitting there reading a book when a group of girls behind me starts talking about me.

There were several comments about my appearance but the one that really stuck was, "God, she should just kill herself so we don't have to look at her."

Yeah so much for self confidence that day.

-- littleredhoodlum


I was in a car accident, no harm to me at all. Told the story to a couple people. One literally said, and I quote "I wish you would have died in the accident." it was some idiot from middle school, he hated everyone with a burning passion. He said other things too, such as "your parents are what made the plane fliers on 9/11 do it."

-- Thatisjake

No Yours

I was about 16 and sat on the train next two two preteen girls. The song on my MP3 player switched and therefore i could hear them. One girl pointed at me and said "That is your new boyfriend." the other girl replied "Eeeeww, no yours!"

-- overbread

Can confirm. Girls go through a stage where they can never admit to other girls that they like boys (at least they did 30ish years ago when I was that age. Its weird.

-- audreyrosedriver

The Uncounted

Had a huge crush on a friend in high school and asked her to a dance, she said no which was fine. Nothing was weird.

Then about a week later she started telling me how upset she was that no one had asked her to the dance and when I brought up I had her response was:

You don't count.

Apparently she thought I had just asked her to be nice or something. When I told her that wasn't the case she still said no but apologized for saying it. Still really hurt though.

-- lonewolf210

He's Out

Not to me directly, but my mum once said "I don't like him anymore" to my sister when I was in clear earshot, so it was meant for me.

It's the context that got me, considering it was all over me not being comfortable enough to go back into school to get a Christmas pudding, and getting so mad at me over something so small overwhelmed me and made me feel like a failure, I guess. Was also through the worst time in my life, which she knew about.

-- Responsible-Coyote

"If I"

"If I were you I'd just freaking kill myself."

Good thing I wasn't suicidal in high school. Same guy ended up running away from home and dying his hair trying to hide from the cops that year, so yeah that dude had issues. We were sorta friends later, I don't know if he even remembers making the comment.

-- verminiusrex

Die Laughing

I was around 15 year old. I was hanging around with my friends and there was this guy who had recently started joining us every once in awhile. He was someone classmate but I don't think he was close to anyone and I thought it was weird that he was hanging out with us as it was hard to see him fit in, there was so little in common.

We rarely ever spoke to each other directly.

But then he once said pretty much out of the blue "If Horredu ever gets a girlfriend I will die by laughter".

Group of friends laughing, they can't help it and someone almost rolling on the floor. Someone agreed between the burst of laughs.

Affected my self-esteem a lot, probably more than I've understood earlier.

Being 26 year old now and still never been in a relationship, I sometimes think they were right.

-- horredu

Pray for your Soul

This will get buried but mine was hands down when a co-worker/decently close acquaintance told me to my face that maybe if I had prayed harder and put more faith in the lord my son wouldn't have died. Witch had worked with me since before I got pregnant, through the genetic dx while still pregnant, his birth, multiple surgeries etc. and knew damn well what the hell happened and still had the gall to say that crap. Mind you this was also like 6 years later and I'd already had two more children, countless hours of therapy, and with one statement she stabbed me in the heart all over.

scared season 1 GIF by The White PrincessGiphy

In a horrid twist of fate - the eldest of her two children was killed in a motorcycle accident about 18 months ago. My heart broke for her and I did reach out to offer my condolences, no parent should ever experience that kind of loss.

But I would a lying hag if I didn't admit that a hateful little voice inside me whispered to my soul 'maybe she shoulda prayed harder.'

-- LFF9002

But She Did

This wasn't really said to me, but it was said to my mom about me. I had admitted to my grandma that there was a girl that we both knew that I had a crush on (I'm a girl). I said it quick so I didn't think she'd catch it. But she did. A while later, she looked my mom dead in the eye and said something like, "It's such a shame. Your daughter WAS so pretty. Such a WASTE." So I'm a shame AND a waste... And if you think she ended there oh hoho!!! You're wrong!!!

She later called my sister EXTREMELY FAT in front of me (I went up against her for that one). And right after we shunned her from our family, I found out there was a chance that she was "watching" my big bro because he, "Reminds her of her dead husband." She did way WAY worse than that to my mom. Even calling my mom a parasite in the middle of a restaurant. I'm glad she left. We almost got kicked out of our home because of her screwed up lies.

-- RoseQuartz100501

Cutting Deep

"Your friend deserved to get stabbed." (Friend got a knife pulled on him in a fight at a party, stabbed him 7 times, critically wounded him and partially paralyzed him for life).

-- akaponokh

Births and Deaths

It wasn't too me, but about me. Everytime I'm around my mom and she has friends or family over she'd always being up how painful giving birth to me was. She said that she was considering giving me up for adoption because I was the most painful out of her 5 other births. (I'm the second oldest) I know she's probably trying to make a joke or something but it gets old when you 13 times a day. And. Sometimes I wish she had given me up for adoption.

-- minionthestupid


"You're awkward" - coworker to me in my nervous first few weeks at a new job.

It was small but confirmed my fears that I might not fit in, the anxiety to follow was crushing.

Ended up making plenty of friends at my new job, he isn't one of them.

-- kellogg888

My Sacrifices

My mom told me she was worried I would abuse her and my dad when they got old because I was abusive as a teenager. I agonized over that for a couple years before I finally convinced my parents to go to a therapy sessions with me, where I found out the teenage "abuse" she was referring to was, according to her, me pushing past her roughly once as a teenager and getting too many parking tickets.

I lived to please my parents for most of life, so hearing her accuse me of abuse when I'd sacrificed my own integrity for a long time to make them happy... that really hurt me.

-- hopelesslonging

You're not for us

Was approached by a modeling agency once in a shopping centre with my best friends. I was very shocked as I'm quite self conscious at 5ft 11" and very curvy, so it was extremely flattering. Didn't have enough confidence to do anything about it so just left it as a nice memory. My best friend was bragging on my behalf to a group of kids in school the next week and one girl just looked me up and down and said "Oh I didn't know the menswear department of 'Middle aged clothes shop' were looking for models?'... I was 15f and it killed my confidence for years...

-- galwaygirl_aus

Expired Lunch

In middle school a girl found out I had a crush on her and decided that best way to go about dealing with that was telling everyone at lunch how ugly she thought I was because I had acne at the time. Which really sucked. Because I was already super self conscious about it and kind of just a shy person in general.

Was made even worse because it was a small private school. So everyone knew everyone's business and there was no getting away from it. I stopped eating lunch in the lunchroom for all of that year.

It sucked and the whole thing honestly made me feel like crap for years.

As we got older and were in high school, I think she tried to get back on my good side. But she never actually apologized and honestly, that ship had already sailed for me. Too little and way too late.

On the last day of senior year I let all the air out of three of her tires.

-- Slowjams


"It's a good thing you can't have kids, you would make a terrible mother."


"You won't be a real woman until you have children."

-- SalemScout


While I was grieving my sister's passing, my mother told me "You need to suck it up because I have it worse than you. I had to bury my own daughter so you need to be helping me instead of focusing on yourself."

I didn't finally get the chance to grieve until I started dating my husband.

-- cjcmommy0123


It wasn't cruel in the way that it hurt me, but really bothered me. My mom had died a few years prior and was considering getting a tattoo in memory of her. She had always wanted a trinity knot on her shoulder blade and we had even discussed getting matching ones. I told a friend this and said "I can still get it, even though she can't get a matching one because she is dead". My friend responded "you could be close by putting her ashes in a vibrator!"

Like, what the freaking hell.

-- SaturnaliaSacrifice

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My Journey

"I'm so disappointed in you. It's like I don't even know you anymore."

-my mom, after she discovered I had online friends... who I had known for 4 years. God forbid I take a road trip to see them, I guess...

-- _Fengo

Just Be Happy

"Suck it up, other people have it worse."

One of the few times I reached out to talk about my depression with a friend and she said this to me. Took the wind out of my sails, and that was 7-8ish years ago. I haven't spoken to a single soul about my depression since and never will. I don't really talk about how I feel or what I go through. I wear the mask that everything is good.

-- Guerrin_TR

Try to Grow

When I was 12 my family and I went to a farmer's market. This couple was handing out samples and the husband said "Let the boys try some."

I said "I'm a girl."

The wife then yelled at me saying "Well grow some freaking boobs, then you'll look like a girl!!!!!"


-- cocoabean30

Why so Rude?

My ex-bf saw the stretch marks I have on my inner thighs and said it looked like I had been scratched by a bear, even though he perfectly knew how much I was insecure about my physical appearance. Also a girl I knew a year ago used to bully me because she thought it was funny when I got angry, then one day I started to snap back at her rude comments and she told me that I was a horrible person and that I had serious mental issues.

-- fanny_moonbeam

The Disgrace

You're a mistake and an embarrassment. You are a disgrace to this family. -My older brother in a restaurant with my parents watching. They said nothing to this but when I tried to tell him to just shut up I got yelled at. Yeah not only do I make better grades than him I also don't ever get in trouble anywhere except for at home unlike him who is the exact opposite.


You're Nodody

My paternal grandmother: "He looks nothing like his father. He looks like nobody in the family. We call him the (last name) that doesn't look like a (last name)."

Meanwhile I'm a spitting image of my father. At my dad's funeral a coworker drove seven hours to speak at his funeral. I'd never met him before and his first words to me were "you are a clone of your father." Grandma hated my mom so much that she took it out on me.

-- GialloGuy

Thanks for Nothing Ma

"You've always had some excuse for why you did poorly in school" - my dear old mother.

I'm 21 years old & only now getting diagnosed with ADHD because she never believed me. Thanks mom, almost getting kicked out of university was really great.

-- QueenCostco

In his handwriting.

I'm sure there's lots of things worse but this sticks so hard, mainly because I see this person daily at work and have to be polite.

My fiancé passed away this past July. I got a tattoo on my inner forearm of the message he wrote in the last Valentine's card I received from him. In his handwriting. It brings me much comfort. This guy at work, while I was still barely holding it together maybe 4 weeks after the funeral, saw it.

He grabbed my arm, pushed my sleeve up, read it, and announced in front of everyone in the room(50-60 people) "How stupid are you? He's dead. You can't hang onto him. You'll never get anyone to sleep you now. Nobody will want you with the reminder that you loved someone else!"

I immediately melted down, nuclear. A couple of kind souls took me into my office, I'm not sure what was said to him, but he swears to this day he has no idea why I won't speak to him unless I'm forced. Of course he's not brave enough to ask me either.

-- cpbaby1968

That's not True

I did poorly in grade school on language and math, but our grade school actually has a history and geography class and I was always good at them. There was one time that I was the only one that scored the bonus question because I paid attention during class (wasn't in the book).

The teacher gave my test back and we were asked to stay quiet while she hands them out, and I did. When I talked to her afterwards at question-time, I showed my test with the right answer to her and she said, "you wrote it after I handed you the test". And no I didn't, I really really didn't. And I still remember her like, 20 years later still.

-- IsaSilver

End Scene

"I hope that someday you'll hate someone as much as I hate you."

-- Wrong_Answer_Willie

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