People Break Down What Was Meant For One Gender But Is Actually More Useful For The Other

People Break Down What Was Meant For One Gender But Is Actually More Useful For The Other
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Just because something is marketed for a specific gender doesn't mean the consumer has to comport with the manufacturer's recommendation.

Unless the product is specifically tailored to a gender's physique, does it really matter which deodorant stick or razors labeled as "women's" and "men's" to buy?
Maybe it depends on the individual, but some people have found using products designed for a different gender yielded better results, and it had nothing to do with how they identified their own gender.

Redditor kushnair asked:

"What was supposed to be used by one gender, but is far more useful to the other?"

When it comes to clothing, it's all about comfort.

Holy Crop

"crop tops were initially made for men, that's why you see a lot of 70s rock artists sporting one."

– AcceptableFunction43

Who's Sweater?

"I have an awesome teal sweater that I realized was a women's when the receipt read 'boyfriend sweater.'"

– allaflhollows

"That's you. You're the boyfriend."

– fake_zack

What The Fluff?

"I usually buy men's sweatshirts that have the 'fluffy' inside. Women's fluffy sweatshirts have the fluff on the hood but never on the inside, the material is so thin, and they are usually more expensive or the same price."

– zeelzemoth

What matters here is how comfortable you feel.

Pain-Free Ride

"Ladies' bicycles - no nut-busting bar."

– DanThaBoy

If The Shoe Fits

"Men's casual footwear for women with large feet."

– Senzokai

Cosplay Convenience

"I'm on the opposite side of this. I'm a smaller guy who likes to cosplay, and boots for men are expensive. I've got a couple of pairs of women's size 10 boots that I use for my Link (from Legend of Zelda) and steampunk cosplays."

– High_Stream

Stepping Into Historical Context

"High heels were invented for men, specifically cavalry, as it helped stay in stirrups more easily."


– I_Bin_Painting

And when it comes to certain products found in drug stores, both genders have no problem swapping.

Cuts Both Ways

"I don't know if it's universal, but several women I've known, prefer men's razors."

– Proper_Lunch_3640

Fabulous Hair, Don't Care

"I get way more compliments on my hair when I use generic or lady shampoo / conditioner. Most men's are 2-1s or 3-1s that are most equivalent to dish soap."

– ElectrolyticPlatypus

Meant For Black Men

"Magic Shaving Powder was created for black men, but I understand a lot of women use it for removing their pubic hair."

– LevelPerception4

Makes Scents

"Women's deodorant works better for me if that counts."

– Whirling_

"Womens deo smells way better! Hate the teenage sports boys locker room scents or old man cigar strong flavor stuff."

– NXC160

Durable AND Useful

"As a woman I find both men's (unscented) deodorant and razors to be more durable and useful! I love to read of men doing this with women's products!"

– LovingMap

I don't like feeling constricted in the nether regions, which is why I say the Scots had it right all along with wearing kilts.

My high school marching band uniform was a kilt, since we were known as the mighty Scots. There was an unspoken tradition that first-time marchers had to go free-ballin' underneath and be prepared for the kilt to be "lifted" at any given time. Let's just say, the freedom I felt wearing the kilt "authentically" was wonderful.

Sure, skirts are "meant" for women, but they should be just as fitting for men as well.

We've just become socialized to think otherwise.

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