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Women tend to be more compassionate than men. And whenever they see a guy in distress or conflicted about something, women might be inclined to say they understand what they're going through.

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Just because something is marketed for a specific gender doesn't mean the consumer has to comport with the manufacturer's recommendation.

Unless the product is specifically tailored to a gender's physique, does it really matter which deodorant stick or razors labeled as "women's" and "men's" to buy?
Maybe it depends on the individual, but some people have found using products designed for a different gender yielded better results, and it had nothing to do with how they identified their own gender.
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Society places a lot of expectations on us based on our perceived gender, and those expectations can be a major burden. Guys who like pink or want to be nurturing fathers, women who like sports, gaming, or working out, all are often ridiculed or deemed suspicious by society. Nonbinary folks are often not acknowledged at all, and are expected to rigidly adhere to the role predetermined by their sex assigned at birth.

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We don't have to look very far to spot hypocricy.

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The internet, as dark is it often becomes, can be a wonderful place to retrieve information.

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