When we walk by someone on the street with a completely different style than our own, it might be difficult not to pass some internal judgment. But in moments like that, we must remind ourselves that everyone’s choice of clothing and cosmetic style is unique, and the only opinion that should matter is their own. […] More
Guys Break Down The Worst Parts About Being A Man

Being a man has its advantages.

For example, most men have the luxury of standing and peeing.

The embarrassment of being called up by the teacher to solve a math equation on the blackboard during a "peak" time as an adolescent male is very inconvenient.

Or so I've heard...

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One would like to think that expectations around gender and gender roles have changed. Than women are no longer expected to dress only in pink and play with dolls and be interested in sewing and dancing, while boys should only play with trucks and be interested in sports hunting. But there are far too many […] More
Every family is different, and that includes not only who “qualifies” as family, but also how that family dynamic works, from how they express love to how involved they are in each other’s lives. But while we can understand that, seeing how differently a family can operate can still be startling, admitted the “Am I the […] More
Even in this progressive, modern age, far too many men continue to have antiquated views regarding women. Some men still expect their wives and girlfriends, even wives to be dainty, beautiful creatures they can show off to their male friends and colleagues. As a result, these men make no secrets of their expectations of how […] More