The Craziest Reasons Teachers Have Ever Sent A Student To The Principal's Office

Teachers have to deal with unruly students on a daily basis.

When stern words and warnings prove to be insufficient, they are often left with no other choice than to send them to the principal's office.

Usually, the reasons for sending them there are relatively minor, such as talking during class, passing notes, or causing a disruption.

Other times it's a bit more serious, such as bullying a classmate or making mean, insensitive remarks.

Then there are the times that can only be described as bizarre.

Redditor DarkPonyAssassin was curious to hear about the wildest reasons teachers found themselves sending students to the principal's office, leading them to ask:
"Teachers of reddit, what is the craziest reason you have had to send a student to the office?"

Must Have Been One Epic Backpack...

"I’m a middle school teacher."

"I had a student sneak a gas cooker and his moms pork chops into school in a large backpack."

"He cooked pork chops for his friends at lunchtime, he was sent to the office for unsafe behavior, his mom was PISSED he took her pork chops she was preparing for dinner."- swanathonjon

At Least She Wasn't Faking It...

"I didn't send the student; she was from another room, but this really happened where I taught over 25 years ago."

"A girl was sick and the office phone was handed to her to tell her parents to come and get her."

"At least she was honest...because she puked right onto the phone, and it zapped the entire school's PA system somehow."

"This was using, of course, a land line."

"I can't tell you why the secretary didn't just do the talking for her."

"This was in around 1997, and I'm assuming the phone was even older than that, could've been from the '80s."

"The phone was a push-button model, so probably not older than that."

"You used that phone to access the PA, so I'm guessing the stomach acid fried some wires in there."


"My room was across the hall from the office, and yes, we could definitely smell the vomit."

"Couldn't close the door fast enough."- 1989DiscGolfer

張敬軒 Vomit GIFGiphy

So, So, Gross...

"A grade 1 student came up to me on the playground telling me another student was making her sick."

"She pointed to another student about 10 metres away, looked at me, and projectile puked on the blacktop."

"Went to the other student."

"He had found rabbit turds on the ground and stuck them in his mouth and was chasing kids around."

"I then puked."

"I didn't go to the office."

"But rabbit turd kid did."- mollymuppet78

Who Knew Teachers Had To Put Up With So Much Vomit?

"A student repeatedly getting on tables and singing Gucci Gang in the middle of class."

"Every. Day. For. Weeks."

"I have since left the profession."- CorieMcP

How Did He Even Get It?

"Kid was selling drugs."

"13 yrs old."

"Cops were involved."

"Had to go to court."

"Was a massive headache all around."- James_Is_Raging

One At Least Hopes She Cooked It?

"When my sister was a substitute teacher a kid ate the dead class fish."

"It was Monday so it might’ve been dead all weekend."- natsugrayerza

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One Way Of Handling It...

"A new male student, year 4, gets mistaken by his classmates for being female (he had long shiny hair)."

"I’m guessing this wasn’t the first time this has happened, as he immediately jumped to the top of his desk, pulled out his junk, waved them out to everyone, yelling, ‘what the f*ck is this! I’m a boy, I’m a boy!'."- joelwhite313

Oh, The Innocence Of Children...

"A kid handed me a whole string of condoms in front of the class the day before spring break bc I was getting married over spring break."- m0992104

People Need To Think About Their Lies More Carefully

"It was the second day of my first year teaching (5th grade)."

"A student refused to do a writing assignment because she said she forgot how to write in English."

"When I asked what language she knew how to write in, she said, 'I only know Japanese'."

"Listen, it is plausible a student at my school would be proficient in writing in Japanese."

"HOWEVER, I had already seen her files."

"The likelihood that she knew was fluent in Japanese was a bit far-fetched."

"She eventually told me she also speaks Japanese, so I called her out by asking her to say, 'I don't want to come to school today' using her newfound foreign language skills."

"This 11 year old LITERALLY responded with, 'Ching chang chong!'"

"I sent her to the dean's office for refusing to work and man, OH MAN, did it work out perfectly."

"She sat down with the dean who tried to pry more information from this student."

"Only for the dean to explain to the student she herself is half Japanese and attended school in Japan."

"I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the student heard the dean speaking ACTUAL Japanese to test the students' knowledge of the language."

"The student eventually said she only knew a few Japanese words, which devolved into her admitting the entire story was a lie to get out of doing an assignment."

"On the second day of school."

"And lies like this went on allllllllllll year long."

"So many hilarious, yet equally sad, stories from that year that I still laugh at eight years later."- 8MCM1

Schitts Creek What GIF by CBCGiphy

Going To The Principal's Office Isn't Always A Bad Thing...

"Not a teacher, but my dad was a bus driver, and one day, this kid gets on the bus, sprinting, and nearly knocks himself out on the chair."

"When my dad goes over to see what's happened, he realizes the kid had no pants on."

"The mother, who drove off in her car extremely quickly, had literally sent this poor kid to school with no pants on."

"My dad got a student he knew really well to sit next to this kid and comfort him, and also make sure everyone else wasn't a**holes."

"My dad, when he finally got to the school, walked this kid into the office and asked for a spare pair of pants."

"Poor kid."

"That mother was an a**hole."- bananaboy65

6th Grade?!

"We were doing sketch comedy in 6th grade a few years back and seeing as it was a nice day we went outside to practice."

"From across the field I see one of my students very clearly and aggressively trying to put his junk on a prone classmate."

"When I asked him, he said it was for his sketch and he was playing a character named 'the iron teabag'."

"The best was the follow up text from my boss saying 'I had to Google what teabagging was before I met with the kid'."- Beirsed1985

Misguided Chivalry

"Kid shows up to class 10-15 minutes late to a 40-minute period."

"7th grade."

"Shawn: 'Sorry Ms. G I was in a bad mood and I didn’t want to bring it to class'.”

"Me: 'Hi Shawn, I will still have to count you tardy. You’re extremely late and I need to know where you are for safety reasons. In the future there’s a counselor request form on my GoogleClassroom page you can fill out'.”

"Shawn: 'Okay thanks'."

"Things went normally for about 10 minutes, until another student shot a rubber band."

"It didn’t hit anyone but Shawn decided to take justice into his own hands."

"In the middle of me giving instruction he gets up, walks slowly across the room (I assumed for a tissue) and smacks the other student across the face."- Pretend_Dog_2253

In truth, being sent to the principal's office is fairly easily avoided.

So much so, that in some of these cases, one almost wants to give them props for creativity.

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