People Explain How Corporate Propaganda Has Been Completely Normalized By Society
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Few topics get me as riled up as unpaid internships. They can take up the time of a full time job, making it difficult for some students who may need additional sources of income.

At the end of the day an intern is doing work for a company and they deserve to be paid for their labor.

But it's crazy to think about how much companies have normalized this practice. How many students do you know who are or were burned out by the stress of their internship, their actual job, and the need to keep up with their assignments?

Companies have normalized a lot, by the way, thanks to having the resources to produce enough propaganda.

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People Break Down Which Corporations Are More Evil Than Anyone Realizes
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Loyal customers who patronize a variety of businesses tend to look the other way if they sense something about the company is up to no good.

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People Break Down The Most Evil Corporations In The World
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As the years go on, we start to find out more and more terrible things big corporations have done to their workers, their consumers and the environment.

University of Virginia Law professor Brandon Garrett wrote a book called Too Big to Jail. He told Vox prosecutors haven't been following through with the prosecution, only stopping at fines. As much as the fines have gone up in amounts, they have expressed leniency with corporations in hopes they stop breaking laws.

That hasn't seemed to have happened.

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People Describe The Most Stereotypically 'Evil' Companies They Know
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Why is money more important than human life? So many of these big companies and corporations seem to relish in taking advantage of us, the little people.

It isn't new you know? They destroy resources, deplete opportunities and suck up all the financial gain.

So what if kids drink poisoned water? Who cares if people are getting cancer from what you put in the air? And never mind what the staff is being paid.

As long as you stay a Fortune 500 powerhouse.

It's vile and we need to take them down.

Redditor nikenotnikey wanted to discuss the corporations that need to be taken down a peg or two, by asking:

What are some stereotypically "evil" companies?
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People Break Down The Worst Business Practices They've Ever Witnessed
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Businesses have been known to cut corners and abuse their employees to make a buck. It's a trick as old as the institution of employment itself.

But it does come back to bite them... eventually. Every once in a while a business owner feels the effect of the pain they have caused on other people.

Either way, we now talk to each other about these exploitive and abusive practices.

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