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This hilarious video shows the moment a cop needed armed colleagues with a battering ram to break him out – of a locked station toilet.

The funny footage shows a cop being busted out of the bathroom with the heavy-duty ram after getting stuck.

The huge red enforcer - dubbed the big red key - is normally used to smash down the doors of hardened criminals.

The 30-second clip opens with an officer from an unidentified force striding into the toilet with the 35lb battering ram over his shoulder.

UK Cop Humour /

He then checks that his colleague is not behind the door, asking:

"Are your trousers up or what - are you ready to go?"

UK Cop Humour /

Given the go-ahead, the officer easily breaks into the bathroom with just one swing and frees the trapped man.

UK Cop Humour /

He then emerges to the laughter and cheers of his assembled colleagues - and appears to look a bit sheepish.

UK Cop Humour /

The video was filmed earlier this month.

The owner did not want to reveal which force was involved.

He joked:

"What is the cake fine for getting yourself locked in the bathroom and having to be saved by Firearms?"


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