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Prison Guards Reveal Which Inmate Left The Biggest Mark On Their Lives

Prison Guards Reveal Which Inmate Left The Biggest Mark On Their Lives

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There are just some jobs in this world that take a special kind of patience... heck a special kind of person. Most people dream of working somewhere were at the very least our lives are not constantly in peril. I would consider that one of the little things in life. But a job is a job because we all have to make a living. One career in particular seems especially challenging, prison guard. On TV and in the movies it's always an uber ominous, mostly volatile situation. But in life we can walk away with the most unexpected lessons and memories from "unorthodox" scenarios.

Redditor _ZteveBond reached out to the prison guards of the world to ask... Prison Guards of Reddit, which prisoner has left the biggest impact on your life wether positive or negative? This is surprisingly 50/50....


One guy wrote a request slip and gave it to me, policy is we have to read it. So i read it. Maximum security prison that has cats running around the compound. The request reads "Hi can i talk to mister NAME in charge of the cats, i like to pet cats and maybe can play with them too. i like the cats"

24 year old guy mentally ill in for the rest of his life for butchering a mom.


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Had one black guy murder some kid when he was 10/12 years old in Alabama in the 1970s, he's been in prison since the day he was arrested. If you saw him you would crap your pants, 380lbs of muscle and 6ft9in. But if you mention women he will burst out crying for minutes because he's never touched a woman and sees it on tv.

I was conflicted until the first two weeks of working there, when you see guys throw a fit/assault your friends and partners. It becomes an every day battle. You see on interviews of soldiers they say that they become brothers with their team. You don't understand until you get jumped from behind and can't call a signal on your radio but 1 of your 2 other officers, vs 300 offenders, hears a commotion and you look up to see him sprinting down a cell house range toward you.


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Used to work in a county jail in a small county, relatively speaking, but was fairly large for the region. One day, a local prominent, fairly successful attorney was lodged for driving under the influence of drugs. Turns out he had a major addiction and this was just the beginning of a long slide. He got a light sentence but reoffended while on probation, missed some court dates, and violated his bond. When the dust settled, he was sentenced to a year in our facility. He was an affable guy and easy to talk to. I would talk with him when I was assigned to yard detail and his block was out and learned a lot about his past. There were no red flags in his history. He was just a guy who had everything going for him. He just couldn't shake the addiction. When he finally got out, he folded up his practice and left town. I heard a month or two later that he moved to Chicago and died of an overdose.

Out of all the crazy things I saw, that one stuck in my mind over everything else. It just struck me how drug addiction doesn't care how rich or poor, smart or stupid, successful or incompetent a person is. Any of us could fall down that rabbit hole given the right circumstances and a single lapse of judgement.


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My grandad was the captain of the guard at the prison he worked at for 20+ years, retiring shortly after I was born. He had a very strong stance on inmates: "I don't like you, and if I were to ever catch you with my daughter I'd probably kill you. But you are human and deserved to be treated as such." He demanded that the men under his command not act like a-holes to the inmates and was as fair as could be possible in the prison system at the time.

When he died of cancer when I was 8, the inmates went into voluntary lockdown as a sign of respect for my grandpa so that as many guards as possible could attend the funeral. This has left a lasting impression on how to treat people, and the problems with the American prison system in general.


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Worked parking authority with a guy who only did 1 shift a week. He was a prison guard and i kid you not, every dam time i walked with him, different former inmates would run up to him, ask how he is, and never were afraid to ask for numbers or resources.

At the time he told me he needed a retirement job, everyones theory at work was he needed to check in with them.

Some good people in corrections.


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Basically, I worked in the front office and took care of the inmate's personal money (receiving it in, making sure it hit their account, making sure they got paid, getting money orders out for them, making sure their money left with them when they left, etc.)

One day I'm going through the facility and an officer calls me over because an inmate has a question about his money. He's in the segregation unit, which I had never been in, so it was a bit odd, but no big deal.

It was an older guy (at least to me), quiet & respectful, which was nice. We talk a little bit about his money and the processes for it, nothing major.

I was curious after I got back to my office and looked the guy up and it turns out the guy's name is John Edward Robinson, and he's locally famous serial killer in the Kansas City region.

It's not a world shattering impact on my life, but it occasionally hits me that I've had a conversation with a true, honest to god serial killer. It's a little trippy.


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Wow! I can answer this.

I was in the job for 2 years. I was having a TERRIBLE time. Hated the entire experience. Not fights or finding drugs but the whole sadness of it.

Then on one of my last days an inmate tried to burn himself to death. I went with him in the ambulance and held his hand as he lay dying. He looked up at me and said _"How're you doing son?" I started crying and told him i couldn't do it anymore and he smiled and said _"You can leave."

As far as I know i was the last man he talked to as he was put into an induced coma as soon as he got to hospital.

His last thoughts and words were concern for me. I left soon after due to getting nearly killed by another inmate.


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Worked at a women's prison and there was one inmate who would constantly brag about what she did ( killed and tortured her step daughter). I looked up what she did to confirm the story and it was way worse than I could have imagined. I never looked anyone up again. Although that person will be in prison for life it has really made me think twice about the death penalty, and how I truly believe some people just shouldn't be alive.


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Work in the setting, people adjust to it pretty easily when they know they are stuck for 20+ yrs. I've worked with some individuals that would rather stay then leave because of the ease the system provides. As a prisoner you can still experience happiness you just gauge it differently, much like I imagine a kid in say a tribal village experiences happiness when if I were there I'd be lost without my PS4 and HDTV... if that makes sense.


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Nurse/paramedic here. Jail prisoner had a 75 mcg per hour fentanyl patch applied to his skin by the jail nurse. 15 minutes later, the guards find him unconscious and barely breathing. EMS called. They find the fentanyl patch in his mouth when managing his airway. He peeled the patch off and chewed on it, releasing 5.4 grams of fentanyl in seconds. All the Narcan in the world couldn't bring him back.


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Buddy of mine was a corrections officer until an inmate broke his back about 6 years ago. Apparently Michigan has some rough facilities. Worst story he ever told me was about an inmate that was generally a "good guy" never causing any problems. They were closing down for the evening and this guy wasn't going back to his cell. Was just leaning over the railing like he was in pain. When my buddy went up to him to see what was up, he just looked up and said,"I think I messed up, boss" then (to hear my buddy tell it) he pooped out the entirety of his insides.

If they ever found out the cause, they never told my buddy. Guy lived but lost a lot of his intestines and was on a bag for the rest of his life.


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I don't work in a prison but a county jail as a correctional deputy. For me, it was the guy that I had to tell that his daughter had died spontaneously in her sleep. She just stopped breathing and they couldn't bring her back. I will never forget the pain and loss in his cries. He was only in jail on a probation violation. I ran in to him a couple years after and he told me that his daughter had saved many other kids with her donated organs. He was a kind soul, just had a substance problem. I hope he is doing good.


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I was an IT tech for a county sheriff's department while in college. Most of my work was in stations or admin buildings, but I did get tickets for work in one of our 8 or so jails somewhat regularly. The biggest take away was that I never want to end up in jail. It was sometimes kind of scary in there, even though I was separate from the inmates and always had a guard escort.

However, the most memorable job was the one time I had to go to the women's prison. It was a very open layout, minimum security prison, so there was a lot of visibility. Everywhere I went in there, every inmate stopped whatever they were doing and stared at me until I was out of sight. I got used to inmates in the other prisons shouting obscenities and threats when I walk by, but being the focus of attention for that many women at once was pretty unnerving as an awkward 22 year old nerd.


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I work at a juvenile prison. Most of the kids I work with are gangsters and violent offenders. All of my clients have made a big impact on me, but more impactful than individual clients have been the moments I get to see of them as a group, just being kids. A few weeks ago I walked onto my unit and initially thought there was a fight, because I heard a lot of noise and yelling. When I opened the door, I saw 10 or so teenage boys singing the cha cha slide at the top of their lungs and dancing like fools. They were from different hoods, some didn't even like each other on the unit, but they came together for the cha cha slide. I don't think I've ever smiled so much. Moments like these are more impactful for me than individual youth, because it reminds me of the simple ways in which all humans are the same. Everyone wants to dance. Everyone just wants to have fun.


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I worked as a CO roughly 4 years for a Max security unit in Texas. Wild times. I can think of tons of stories and conversations with inmates but one always stands out. I was 19 years old at the time and I got assigned to be one of 3 officers in food service for about 6 months. Laid back gig, working nights supervising the inmates as they cooked the 3am breakfast meal. I had a pretty good crew. One night I was making rounds around the kitchen and two of the newer guys assigned to my crew started to try and ask personal questions as a way to "run game" as we call it. Or as a way to try and find out how much they can get away with.

I asked them to return back to their work and don't ask me any more questions personal in nature. They tried to argue and ask why I didn't want to be homeboys with them etc etc etc. I told them to leave me alone and return to work. I went back to walking around and one of my older cooks on shift told me that he had overheard that conversation. He told me"Ya know, I been here a long time and seen officers come and go." I looked at him kind of confused. He told me he was sorry that I wouldn't be able to stick around a long time because the way I handled the situation with other other 2 guys. That kinda made me uncomfortable and I asked him what made him say that. He told me that every day I came to work I didn't come in wanting to start trouble, or harass anybody and that I never talked down to any of my officers or inmates. " Good officers don't make it out here, the bad ones make the job a nightmare for people who want to be professional." And I learned that to be true. I enjoyed my time there for the most part. I learned a lot and what he told me was true. I know you will never see this, but I apologize for not taking you seriously at the time, Fish. Hope you're well.

People Describe The All-Time Worst Dates They've Ever Been On

Reddit user sweet_chick283 asked: 'What's the worst date you've ever been on?'

Closeup of two coffee-filled mugs held by a dating couple.
Jonathan J. Castellon/Unsplash

Finally going out on a date with the person you've been chatting with online is a very exciting yet nerve-wracking first step.

But when you finally meet the person with whom you've developed romantic chemistry online, one of two things can happen–Fireworks or bombs.

In other words, being face-to-face with a prospective love interest for the first time can either confirm your hopes or suspicions about the person whom you know very little about online.

Curious to hear nightmare stories about dating life, Redditor sweet_chick283 asked:

"What's the worst date you've ever been on?"

People and their obsession with their electronic devices is getting out of hand.

Mr. Invisible

"Sat for 15 minutes to hear him talk about himself, work and his future plans, and then as he asked me 'what about you?" his hand went to reach his phone and he starts scrolling. I can't stress this enough, his hand reaches his phone at the same time those words left his mouth. It felt to me like he already decided whatever I am going to say was going to be boring so might as well multitask as I talk."

– dracarysthemdown

Self-Incriminating Date

"Went on a date with a chick that took my phone and put a picture of her on my Snapchat, I got 20 messages almost instantly from chicks that knew her and told me to stay away. She was 2 months pregnant, didn’t tell me till my friends did. That was a wild date for sure. She was very upset."

– ThatBrenon131

The Salesperson

"Tinder date. She pulled out her Ipad and started introducing me various insurance plans she is selling."

– IndigoldWeM

"Oooooh god that's almost as bad as trying to recruit a first date into your MLM line..."

– OP

"I had a date that tried to sell me whole life insurance. She told me before the date to meet her at her office. It was downtown so I thought nothing of it. Then she walks me to her desk and tells me to sign some papers."

– Pissedtuna

Sometimes, dates turn out to be disastrous through no fault of participants.

Things Went Downhill

"I thought I would be a little more adventurous and suggest that we go skiing for a first date. At the time, I lived in the south where the closest ski mountain was 2.5 hours away and it was opening day. It became clear that we probably didn’t click on the drive up, but I figured we’d still have a fun day of skiing. On the first run, maybe 100 yards in, she falls hard and tears her acl, lcl, and mcl. It was a very long and awkward car ride back, and I ended up staying with her for several days after to help care for her since she lived alone and was new to the area. She was a very nice woman, but that was just a lot for a first date."

– houston_g

People were forced to make a run for it.

The Great Escape

"So many bad dates over the years. One of the worst was this guy I met on a dating site. We agreed to go to dinner at a nearby restaurant. Turned out his profile picture really was of himself but it was just a 'few' years old. BS! In person, he straight up looked like Santa Claus on vacation complete with the Hawaiian shirt. I was a little unhappy about that but it wasn’t the end of the world. I thought well maybe he is jolly and fun. That turned out to be a big NO."

"So we ordered dinner and he started talking about ex wife #1. She was a b*tch and crazy. Ex wife #2 was also a b*tch and crazy. Ex wife #3 was a psycho crazy b*tch from hell. He told me ex #3 hit him in the face with a frying pan. He seemed to enjoy my horrified reaction. That was, until I asked what he did he do to her to make her smack him upside the head with said frying pan. Personally, I thought it was an awful date and I couldn’t wait to go home. He ordered dessert. :/"

"mentioned getting home soon and he said We can discuss that later as he was paying for my meal and we were going to enjoy our time together. I waited for a few minutes and politely excused myself to the ladies room. He stood up and watched me go in and was watching me when I came back to the table. It was as if he knew I wanted to bolt out the door. I got my chance when he finally went to the men’s room. I handed the waitress money for my food plus tip and told her I was on a very bad date. I left the restaurant just before he came back from the men’s room. He saw me through the front windows and started screaming like a lunatic. I don’t know what he was saying but I ran to my car!"

– SassyDiva13

Tasks First, Eat Later

"Went out with a guy from POF who lived an hour away from me. (I live in the sticks so this is normal.) I texted him to let him know I was on my way and this dipsh*t proceeded to text me every few minutes to ask me if I was still coming. So much so that I finally had to call him and tell him to stop because I can't text and drive at the same time. In hindsight, I should have turned around and went home right then."

"Finally I get to the place we were meeting. It was a store parking lot. Since we were meeting there and going somewhere else right away, I texted him and said I was there, where are you and he replies insisting I come into the store. He absolutely would NOT come outside to meet me. So I had to spend the first hour of this date following him around an auto parts store while he pawed through every display and bin, not talking to me very much at all."

"Finally he was ready to leave the store and I thought we were going to eat, as we had originally planned. I was starving but he said no, I gotta go return my work uniforms to my old job first. Uhh, okay I guess."

"So we drove in his car to this factory where he parks and says hop out so I can lock my car up. It was cold and rainy so of course he expected me to stand out in it? After like 15 minutes I was like f'k this and I went in the lobby of this place to get out of the rain. For some reason it took this guy 45 more minutes to return his uniforms so I was glad I went into the building to get warm. But apparently this was a huge no-no to him because when he came back out from wherever he went to return this stuff he glared at me like I just dropped trou and took a sh*t in his lap and asked me why I didn't just wait outside. In the cold rain. For almost an hour."

"At last he decided it was time to go to the restaurant. I sat there trying to keep a poker face while he talked to the waitress like he was addressing a toddler, messily stuffed his face and chewed with his mouth open wide and kept glancing around every 30 seconds like he was scared someone was going to see him out with a woman in public."

"Plus he kept asking me invasive and crude sex questions the whole time too. Lovely."

"I quickly inhaled a salad and managed to pay for it at the front without him seeing me, I told him I needed to go to the little girl's room and bounced. Luckily this restaurant was across the highway from the store where I had left my car so I crossed it real quick and blocked him everywhere before I even got the car warmed up."

"I'll betcha a million bucks and a house salad that a**hole was married."

– produkt921

It's unfortunate that people on dating apps aren't always forthright about themselves.

Older Woman

"I wouldn’t say it was the worst but it was the most interesting. Met a lady on a dating app. A Beautiful woman who claimed to be 38 which is my age. I suspected through the pictures she might be in her early 40s. Her profile said she had 3 kids. We talked and she seemed cool. We then met for dinner a week into talking. I could tell she was older but looked younger than she should because of Botox. Within 15 minutes she said she had to tell me the truth because she really likes me. She does not have 3 kids but 6! She is not 38 but 48!"

– bobismymother

The Date That Wasn't A Date But Actually Was A Date

"I didn't even know it was a date."

"Girl I worked with was talking up a breakfast place in a nearby town, and I was like 'that sounds great, let's go this weekend!'"

"We went, I had a great time, the pancakes were amazing, and I had fun hanging out with a work friend outside of work. I thought she had a good time too, she was laughing and fully engaged with the conversation just like normal."

"Like three weeks later, I was talking to another coworker when it all came out that she'd been telling people we went on a terrible date, how I didn't even make a move or flirt or do anything that guys she goes on dates with normally do, and how I even talked about a date with another girl at one point."

"I was flabbergasted, my fat a** genuinely thought we were just a couple of friends getting pancakes."

– SadlyReturndRS

If you're no longer in the dating pool because you found your person, congrats.

There's no doubt you have kissed some frogs along the way to finding true love.

Because if it weren't for all those "horrible dates," you might not be able to appreciate what you've got when the right person comes along.

Hercules statue

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A bad@ss is defined as:

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The term is attributed to North America, dating back to 1809. But use remained fairly minimal throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

The term really took off at the beginning of the 21st century and continued a swift upward trajectory until the present.

Even though the widespread use of the term is relatively recent, the attitude and attributes of a bad@ss goes back to the beginning of human existence.

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Some agencies were created to address new security measures then placed under Homeland Security. Among the new agencies created post 9/11 was the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

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When I was a little girl, I adored the American Girl books. These were books about girls in different historical periods of time in America. They weren't just books, however. There was a lot of American Girl merchandise, including dolls.

I adored the doll I had of Felicity Merriman, my favorite American Girl. A few years ago, I started reading the American Girl books to my cousin. She had her own favorite character, Samantha, and I decided it would be nice to get her a Samantha doll for her birthday. I went to order one only to find out they had archived the dolls of the four original American Girls, including Felicity and Samantha.

Eventually, new versions of the dolls were re-released, but they looked completely different from the characters from the books, which the original dolls captured. These dolls are just one thing that existed in my childhood that no longer exists.

I'm not the only one who has experienced these. Redditors have identified plenty of things from their childhood that no longer exist and are eager to share.

It all started when Redditor lil-gatorwrangler asked:

"What is something from your childhood that no longer exists now?"

Breakfast Gifts

"Cool spoons from cereal boxes!!! i miss the color changing and straw ones."

– pompomcinnamon

"Nothing like only buying a box of cereal because of the cool lil gift inside. 🥹"

– lil-gatorwrangler

"This reminds me I haven't seen my Taz spoon in a while. It makes Taz noises when you dip it in milk."

– TransformerTanooki

Family Phones


– Jfonzy

"Adjacent: “Get off the internet! I have to make a phone call!”"


"The ring tone was......the phone."



"Nickelodeon game shows. I miss Legends of the Hidden Temple and Guts."

– ShawshankException

"Every time I have to take a headrest out and put it back in my car seat, I pretend I am completing a mission from LotHT."

– ReineDePlatine

Ah, The Book Fairs

"Do you remember filling out book orders when it was time for your school's book fair? :'("

– sn0wballa

"Omg yes!!! And just say dreaming about all the books I could have, if I could afford it lol."

– FlannelPajamas123

"Oh my god the happiest days of my school year."

– clover219

​Cell Phone Plans

"I remember when cell phones were newish and scheduling your calls to after 7 on weekdays and anytime on weekends because nights and weekends were free and didn't count toward your monthly allotment of minutes. You also only had a limited amount of texts per month included in your plan."


The Old Food Options

"Wendy's salad bar."

– SirBlack_

"Wendy’s 4 for $4. Rip 🥲"

– lil-gatorwrangler

Toy Stores

"KB toys."

– AcademicSavings634

"It always felt so cramped and jam packed full of stuff that every time you went you felt like an explorer."

– MrMojoFomo

"I worked at KB Toys throughout college. Can confirm that cramming stuff in there was a corporate policy, maybe for exactly this reason."

"Had to be careful going exploring though— more than once I found a dirty diaper someone had hidden behind a bunch of Barbies. I feel like everyone should work retail for at least a little while, so they can get a taste for what monsters people really are."

– Engelbettie

"Toys-R-Us. I miss that place. I remember my dad taking me and I’d just wonder through the aisles amazed at all the toys. I got one of my childhood favorite Barbie dream houses there."

– FrostQueen05

A Thousand Words

"Photo Albums. My mother has been cataloging some of the old photos she never got around to putting in albums recently. It is a different experience than looking through someone's phone at curated pictures. You would get the pictures back and 90% of them would go in the album. No editing, no my hair looks like crap. You would find photos of yourself years later that you never knew existed. When your grandparents die and you start looking through albums for their memorial and can reminisce. It is so nice."

– HighFiveYourFace

Christmas Was Never The Same

"I recall hearing about a concept mentioned in movies known as a 'Christmas bonus.'"

– mockhouse

"I actually worked at a place where I got to see the idea of a Christmas bonus die."

"They had, for years, given out a Christmas bonus the 2nd week of December that was a cash bonus equivalent to about 1 week's pay. It wasn't huge but it was just that little extra for people already living paycheck to paycheck to have something to buy the wife and kids some Christmas presents."

"Then one year some dude in management came up with this really awesome idea: Instead of giving each employee a couple hundred dollars in cash we should totally give them a frozen turkey."

"It will be great! everyone needs a frozen turkey for Christmas dinner and we can order a whole semi truck trailer full of of them for a great bulk discount so they only cost like $20 each... employees win and we save money!"

"So that is what the company did."

"Only they did't tell anyone that was what was going to happen until the truck backed into the loading dock and happy managers started handing out frozen chunks of discount birds to people who had been budgeting their entire Christmas shopping on getting the cash instead."

"Christmas morning the owner of the company woke up to find hundreds of rotting turkeys on their front lawn."

"We never got a Christmas bonus again at that company - cash or cold turkey."

– varthalon

MY Personal Info

"Privacy. Mostly in the sense that we didn’t have big Meta mining our data/location/listening."

– ilike2makemoney

Weekend Mornings

"Saturday morning cartoons. Nothing beat the joy of waking up early in Saturday morning to watch five hours of your favorite cartoons, most of which were only on at that time on that day."

– nijaxi4567

"I know what you mean. There are cartoons on Saturday morning but with cable and YouTube and streaming and because those run 24-7, it isn’t an event."

"Few things beat running downstairs, pouring yourself a huge bowl of sugary cereal, and flipping on a full hour of Ninja Turtles, Garfield, Ghostbusters, and topping it off with Saved By the Bell all while your parents slept in."

– vmikey

Movie Night

"Blockbuster movie rental."

– lordharliquin

"Oh. My favorite thing we used to do is we would go to the video store and blindfold one of us and pick out a movie and just watch something random. It was so fun fun!"

– darforce

"I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS!! Those are some of the best memories from my childhood! So much better than Netflix!"

– betaflc

No Streaming

"Yelling "IT'S OOOOOOOON" as your siblings hurtled themselves back into the living room and across the couch after the ad break. That 'will I make it' few minutes of just not knowing if you had time to both pee and ALSO get kitchen snacks, were andrenaline-inducing."

– wildgoats2345

That was me and my brother as we watched Avatar: The Last Airbender. Sometimes, I really miss those days!