People Explain What Conspiracy Theorists Were Actually Right About All Along

Life is really at a crazy point.

I mean every day you watch the news and wonder if it's written by "The Onion" or if we're living in SNL sketches.

Or even worse, our dystopian books of yesteryear were correct all along.

Conspiracy theorists. We laughed at them.

Mocked them. And as it turns out... they were the actual prophets.

I'm exaggerating, but not by light-years.

RedditorSpecificallyNerdwanted to hear about what so called "unreal bonkers" idea turned out to be true. They asked:

"What were the conspiracy theorists right about?"

I figure that conspiracy theories are like gossip magazines, there is a morsel of truth somewhere.

Oh Norma Jean...

marilyn monroe hello GIFGiphy

"Marilyn Monroe was being spied on by... everyone. Seriously. When another owner of her former residence decided to renovate, the number of wires and bugging they found was astounding."


What's Due

"Propaganda Due: Propaganda Due, an Italian masonic lodge that included many high profile people like Berlusconi, the house of Savoy pretender to the throne, heads of secret services, bankers, religious figures etc."

"The stuff they were up to is insane, and also resulted in the government of Italy passing a law prohibiting secret societies. They were behind journalist murders, press takeover, government policy, bombings etc. They had an organized plan to effectively take over Italy and rewrite the constitution."



"There were, in fact, incidents where 'undesirables' (certain races, disabled people, etc) were sterilized without their consent, going back as far as the 1800s. And there are still allegations of this happening, today."


We See You

"PRISM :- Turns out the government was spying on you. There is a deluge of information from millions of people so while the government may have your data there isn't someone actively looking at it. Should you get yourself noticed by the government however, I'm sure they can filter through that trash very quickly."


"ECHELON was public knowledge for decades, people are just too lazy to read and too stupid to understand that spy agencies are paid to spy."



Looking Back Britney Spears GIFGiphy

"They were right about Britney..."


"Ms. Spears posted weird videos on instagram, seemingly normal at first glance but extremely creepy and weird the more you watch them. Some people said she was calling for help."


God Bless Ms. Spears. We did it! She's free!

News Everywhere...

daily news GIF by CLGiphy

"Operation Mockingbird. The 'news' is the same everywhere even the local news."


"I remember seeing a compilation of different news stations with the EXACT same speech, the video would cut from anchor to anchor but the monologue was seamless."



"The FBI did want Martin Luther King Jr dead . They may not have put a gun in James Earl Ray's hands, but they were happy with the outcome."


"I had a professor who worked on that FBI team. Told us lots of stories of the phone calls that they had tapped, the notes/threats they sent MLK, things they sent to MLK's wife, etc."


"I've had a longstanding theory that the government has been involved in the death of almost every civil rights advocate in American history, including MLK Jr., JFK, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, and Eazy-E."


In the paperwork...

"Pretty much everything in the Panama Papers was part of one conspiracy theory or another and they were all proved pretty much right."


"The point is that the Panama Papers pulled the wool back even further to show how the ultra wealthy is robbing the rest of us blind through tax evasion. People around the globe unnecessarily live in misery and even die because some morons don't want to be a tad less rich by paying their taxes. This is very tangible harm, it's immoral, and in most cases blatantly illegal."

"Meanwhile, people get distracted by finger-pointing about the occasional strange sighting of something zipping around in the atmosphere. This is worthy of more investigation, but it should not take priority over the thievery of the masses that causes pain and suffering. The elites love it when people focus on UFOs instead of issues that actually impact us all."



"Not officially confirmed as far as I know, but I think Gary Webb was likely correct about the CIA flooding black neighborhoods with crack in the 1980s to fund thier ops in Nicaragua. This was covered in his book series 'Dark Alliance.' He was later found with two gunshots to his head and his death was ruled a suicide."


They Knew

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"The 1960 weed-smoking hippies complaining about the rising police state and the federal surveillance programs? We owe them a whopper of an apology."


Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

"Effective lies require repetition. Repeat a lie enough times, from multiple sources. From trusted sources. People will start to believe it is true."


"This isn't always true, sometimes you need to support effective lies with false criticisms that actually support the original thesis. That's another way to subtly repeat the lie, but also make it seem critical, and through that repetition, from multiple sources, including falsely critical sources, people will start to believe it's true."


Not for me...

"Remember: it isn't a left vs right issue. It is a top vs bottom issue."

"Edit: What I mean is it is those in power (top) vs those not in power (bottom). It is completely off balance with the majority of us being on the bottom and subject to those up top. 'Rules for three, but not for me.' Divided we fall. Whatever division we choose to quarrel about doesn't help the top vs bottom problem."


In Cahoots

"MKUltra like someone above said, the FBI seeking out mentally disturbed people to help them plan attacks so they can arrest them right before they carry it out, COINTELPRO, Operation Northwoods and literally everything the CIA dabbles in. I also believe most people don't realize the government has worked directly with media companies since at least WW2."

"In an effort to sway public opinion in their favor. Add on the theater of left/right politics, 24hr talk shows posing as news and an executive order allowing the US people to openly be bombarded with harmful propaganda."



eavesdropping bel powley GIF by Carrie Pilby The MovieGiphy

"Our phones listening to everything."



"There were no WMDs. The US government used that lie as an excuse to invade Iraq in the early 2000s."


"Google 'Project for a New American Century' if you want to understand why they invaded. They weren't after Iraq's oil, it was a stupid plan to 'democratize' the region and make it friendly and safe for US business and military presence."

"Hell, it's not even a conspiracy theory, it's just an example of how clueless Americans can be. They had a website spelling it all out, and the day of 9-11, most of the signatories were in the Bush admin or involved with it."


Deep Deep

"That Tor the program that allows access to the Deep Web was owned by the CIA."


"This isn’t really a conspiracy lol the deep web was literally created by the military then they realized they need to let the public have it so people won’t know when the government is doing stuff."


"Honestly, I assume all encryption services are developed/infiltrated by feds."


World Domination

"This isn't even a conspiracy but BlackRock trying to own the world. It's too much to talk about here but I suggest looking into it."


"BlackRock was able to get loans from The Fed at zero percent interest (overnight loans) which they used to buy up real estate everywhere."


"BlackRock: the company that owns everything and you've probably never heard of it."


Stay Still

Media Nick Splat GIF by Hey ArnoldGiphy

"The mainstream media has an agenda to keep the status quo in power."


Destroying Generations

"The CIA put crack in black communities. As a black person you just kind of grow up knowing this. Imagine my surprise when I grew up and found out that this actually happened just like they said. No conspiracy to it. There are tv shows about it now."


She Knew

"Sinead O’Connor was right about the Catholic Church."


"Could not agree more. She deserves an apology for how she was treated for calling them out. She was RIGHT."


Well there you have it. The truth is out.

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