So here we are. We are thirteen months past election night 2020.

There are new Senate members, new members of Congress. Nicole Kidman is Lucille Ball.

Adele has released her greatest work to date and Spiderman is back. A lot has happened and a lot has changed.

And yet so much is still tragically the same.

Covid is roaring with a new variant and people still think the election was rigged. The cycle is endless.

Some people have moved on and Qanon has been quiet lately, but all the drama lingers.

So who is playing the loop and who has moved on? Let's find out.

Redditor So-CalledClown wanted to hear from the people who had issues with the facts about Covid and the election.

They asked:

"People who believed Covid was a conspiracy against Trump and that it would disappear once Trump leaves; how do you feel about that conspiracy now?"

I'm biased—I'm going to get my third shot next week.

COVID isn't a conspiracy, it's real.

And deadly.

Keep Moving

"That was just another goalpost they moved. Covid would go away after Easter, then Summer, then the election, then the new year, etc etc." ~ TheMicMic


"deep state"

"Not that I'm going to claim any conspiracy theory as fact. But the way I saw it (if it were gonna be true) is that there seems to be a 'deep state' group that isn't just made up of people from one country. And there were funds to the lab in China to create this virus and it wasn't released on accident."

"And the vaccine is actually a form of population control. I don't have a link as proof or anything but I've had several different people tell me that Bill Gates is funding the vaccine and he said years ago that the easiest solution to population control would be a vaccine." ~ whyohwhy3465

Big Events

"Alright I'll be the one... so I didn't think it was against Trump I just thought it was the next big thing for the new president to solve, just like any other. There's either a war to start or a war to end or SOME big event that comes oddly enough just before elections so I did think this was going to blow over after the election, and now I can only honestly say that my life and any around me have not changed, not denying anything simply observing my reality."

"After the lock downs and crap were lifted I never saw a change and even during the lockdowns my daily life never changed. Still got up every morning and went to work (construction) and came home to my family. Feel free to comment I'm not here to argue just stating a point of view, and welcome any additions to that." ~ workbear66


"Some people think that COVID is now an excuse for the government to take power and limit liberty. The government is now requiring vaccines. What will they require next? If we (patriots) don't stand up to this, it might be too late to stand up to further encroachments on liberty."

"So, it might not exist (or might not be as serious as it's made out to be), but by emphasizing the seriousness of it, the liberals can use the crisis to remove our liberties. (I don't believe this, but I've heard similar things on conservative radio)." ~ egnowit


"I work at a library. Pretty sure I’ve seen books go out on the subject. They still believe. Some people think now that the Democrats created the virus to kill only Republicans. Truth is more republicans aren’t vaxxed." ~ iesharael


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Do we even have news channels anymore?

Or is everything just an opinion show?

The Set-Up

"It was more nuanced than that. It was the complete shut downs that they said were to make Trump look bad because it would tank the economy." ~ Eric_Partman


A's & B's...

"I genuinely wanna know like how corrupted American's news are that some doesn't even seem to believe the national news channel." ~ lip_tong

"Basically, different people have different biases and will believe the news station that caters to them. Because their new source say A, they wont believe the news source that says B. During the last presidency, the president and his party were contradicting medical experts. It was very messy, but people who were with the president stopped believing the medical experts." ~ So-CalledClown

Not about us!

"I can’t quite work out why so many people think it’s all about the US. It affects the whole world and many countries were affected before US. Neither the virus or the vaccine started in the US. Having said that, I don’t live there, so I don’t meet your 'interesting characters.'" ~ Significant_Return_2

No Logic Needed!!

"Likely they’ll double down and believe even harder. Seems to be how conspiracy theorists work. Logic and critical thoughts don’t seem to play much of a role. I mean, they went to Dallas earlier this year because they thought JFK, Jr was going to come back from the dead and appoint trump president. So, my guess is, in order to protect their beliefs they’ve already adjusted their conspiracy to allow for the discrepancy." ~ ByGrabthar


"The conspiracy I was hearing more about was COVID coming to an end if Trump remained in office but if Biden took the throne, then he or the administration would prolong it and keep it an ongoing process as it is right now. So that part still holds up." ~ rw032697


We got receipts...

"The goalposts have moved. Now it is a virus created by Fauci and China, funded by the Dems to kill conservatives. There's definitive proof that the red states are hit harder and more conservatives have died than libs, despite eating a tremendous amount of horse paste." ~ RedWindArt

The Business of it all...

"The myth that needs to be adjusted is businessmen being the most qualified public servants. It's a completely different skillset. A businessman is a salesman. He is especially good at convincing people they need what he has. Then he provides that at the most efficient way he can."

"To a businessman a functional and healthy labor force is an expense, not an asset. It is a cost that needs to be minimized. A public servant sees the need and is given limited resources to prioritize finding ways to meet those needs. Despite what anyone else says, in the US, the need is to channel resources into supporting commerce."

"A significant part of that is providing a qualified, healthy workforce to businesses. To the country at large that workforce is an asset that needs to be nurtured. Where Covid broke we had a businessman in charge when we needed a public servant."

"Somewhere along the line we became convinced that we were spending too much to support commerce, that that expense was a personal responsibility not a public one. We are still in the middle of that conflict, and Covid is an inconvenient reminder that there are definitely issues that are bigger than commerce." ~ forebill

Brain Dead

"They still think it is... If you really want to lose a few brain cells just look at any post in the conservatives subreddit." ~ geak78

keanu reeves woah face GIF Giphy

Rising Up

"They don’t care. They still protest in my town weekly. Well not this week because it’s raining. Just because masks = apartheid doesn’t mean they’re worth mild discomfort to get rid of, apparently… especially to people who definitely never said a word against actual apartheid." ~ 49thPercentile


"Things like this are why I'm been promoting the abolishment of political Governments for a long time. Governments should be science and fact based. The fact that politicians can promote dangerous falsehoods and hide behind 'freedom of speech' is such a big problem."

"Governments are responsible for the people they govern. Misinformation should never have been released from any government person or establishment. They should be held to higher regard and punishments should be much more severe when in a position of power/influence." ~ Rogaar


"This theory doesn’t make sense. During a time of crisis, the president usually receives stronger support, and 'operation warp speed' should have gained votes for whoever is in office when it became successful." ~ banditk77

"If he had had the capacity to go full on statesman and dealt with COVID like something resembling an adult, I am somewhat convinced he could have won the election. Scary as that might be." ~ bombmk

Gravy Lovers

"I don't think it was a conspiracy against Trump. But it's pretty clear a lot of politicians took advantage of it for their own purposes (for ex, 'stimulus bills' that fund their pet projects), so they don't want the gravy train to end." ~ IBeTrippin

After the election...

"I don't think most of them thought the virus would literally cease to exist, just that it would stop being a big deal and not get as much coverage after the election. And that if the 'two week' lockdown restrictions were lifted before the election, the economy would start to recover and help Trump win." ~ Simply_An_Owl

Trump was the issue...

"I find it funny that people would think that something that virtually started out across the world (giving their own country plenty of time to shield itself) was a conspiracy against them. If covid is a conspiracy, it'd be against China. If you ask me, i thought the conspiracy was Trump." ~ rainbow_beret

I can't believe that this is where we still are.

Here is to a better 2022!

Stay safe people.

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