People Reveal Which Celebrity Conspiracy Theories They Believe Are 100% True

Conspiracy theories are fun. What if Nicolas Cage is part of the illuminati?? What if Beyoncé is from the moon????

But some conspiracy theories have to be true. There must be some basis in truth for these rumors to exist at all, so naturally, just by probability, one of them has to be true. But which is it?

u/millypilly83 asked:

What celebrity conspiracy theory do you absolutely, 100%, believe is true?

Here were some of those answers.



Britney Spears was having issues managing her life and fame, but they were exacerbated and encouraged by the people around her to push her into one huge public meltdown they could use to gain control over her. I remember reading stories about her assistant and manager messing with her, hiding her phone then calling it, all while telling her it wasn't ringing, until she broke down crying. They would mess with her things then tell her she did it in some kind of fit. I remember reading something about them deliberately confusing her in public so she would look disoriented, and them pushing the drugs and alcohol on her. The ultimate diagnosis was a sham to make sure they could keep her drugged to the gills and compliant.

Then again, this year, she checked into a mental heath facility, and they claim she became distraught over her father's health problems. I say they forced her in because she was starting to ask for more and more independence, and not listening when they said no, so they shoved her in there to remind her who's in charge. I also don't think it's a coincidence that right around the same time, the attorney who managed the financial aspect of her conservatorship asked for a big raise then suddenly resigned.

Britney has recently taken to court to ask for it to be lifted, or at least minimized. Her mother is also suing for access to Britney's medical and treatment records.



We know for certain Harvey Weinstein blacklisted Mira Sorvino and Ashely Judd after they rebuffed his advances (as Peter Jackson confirmed). It is very likely he blacklisted Rose McGowan and Annabella Sciorra after he assaulted them.

I believe that there are others he blacklisted who are not public (or even for sure known by the actresses and some (completely understandably) gave in to his advances and were allowed to work.


The Poltergeist Curse

Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken, and Natalie Wood were all on Wagner's yacht "Splendor" off the coast of Catalina. They had a huge fight (the reason for which is the subject of debate) but afterwards somehow Natalie ended up in the water. Wagner knew she had a life long fear of water and couldn't swim but in a drunken rage he allowed her to drown. Death was ruled accidental.


A Wild Sojourn

That Adam Sandler only makes movies as an excuse to go on holiday. I mean think about it; The movie Just Go With It has him and a fake family or something like that take a trip to Hawaii. Blended has him and his family and another family go to Africa for a holiday. Grown Ups is really just them on summer vacation.


The Layers Of Deception

Jang Ja-Yeon did not commit suicide and was murdered for trying to expose the dark side of the Korean entertainment industry. The allegations included her company and the industry feeding her drugs and alcohol and forcing sexual encounters for her career.

She had written a long paper, identifying several influential individuals, and had each page essentially "notarized" (she had signed each page and stamped her fingerprint on them).

They called this a suicide note but was more of a document exposing things. She had this written and completed days before her "suicide", prior to her sending the document to the press. The police didn't fully investigate the situation closely either.

Now Ji-Oh Yoon, who used to work with her, is continually testifying of the things she saw with Jang and trying to find resolution. Shortly after she started testifying, she's had two major car incidents within a short period of time: her brakes appeared to have been tampered and caused her to have an accident driving high speeds (I think her car spun out on a high speed road) and someone hit her car with enough force that it seemed intentional.


Two Conspiracy Theories For The Price Of One

That JFK and RFK were both hits actually from Joe Dimaggio. Dimaggio loved Marylyn Monroe till the day he died and when she was killed by the Kennedys he reached out to his mob connections and put a hit on both of them.


Yikes McGikes

That Usher accidentally slept with his half-sister. The story is Usher's real father is Ben Vareen. He grew up thinking Vareen was a close family friend, and the adults kept it quiet until Usher was in his teens, and they realized he and Vareen's daughter were secretly dating.


Gay People Have Always Existed Yo

Vivien Leigh and Myrna Loy had a short but intense lesbian love affair in the spring and summer of '36 during the shooting of Loy's film "After the Thin Man." Her costar, Bill Powell, had made a comment in one of the local entertainment rags about Leigh's frequent visits to Loy's dressing room during the filming. Leigh, of course, had no legitimate business associated with that picture, so it certainly was suspicious. I know I raised an eyebrow when I read it, anyway.


Out Of The Public Eye

A customer once told me (after the supposed death of Prince) that all the celebrities who died, aren't actually dead, but are on an island that is off the grid. Being famous can get pretty boring.


In Too Deep


Hollywood religious trends are means of networking. Hollywood Scientologists thought they were following another trend du jour and now can't get out. There are very few, if any, Hollywood Scientologist who are their legitimately.

Why did so many people get into Kabbalah in the early 00's? Because some producer/producers wife/somebody powerful (it doesn't really matter who) was into it at the time and it proved a great place to get inns with the movers and shakers of the industry.

Same with Scientology. In the mid to late 00's a lot of celebrities joined Scientology, but I believe they were never in it for religious reasons, but saw it as a networking opportunity. The reason why so many have since left and many more are still involved but secretive about it is that they got in over their head.


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