Seemingly Random Things That Reveal A Lot About A Person's Character
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As Jane Austen's classic novel Pride and Prejudice so memorably taught us, we should never make absolute assumptions on someone's character based solely on a first impression.

People have a way of surprising us, for better or for worse.

Sometimes, it's not exactly the things people say or do which are indicative of their character, but rather smaller, more unexpected things.

Indeed, it's the small, subtle things people say or do which might truly reveal what they're like as a person.

Often deciding whether or not we want to be associated with them.

Redditor Poutcheki was curious to hear the clues people look for in others to determine what they're actually like, leading them to ask:
"What is a random thing that reveals a lot about a person?"

Own it, Or Deny It?

"How they react to being told they're wrong or have made a mistake."- 80085ntits

A Little Kindness Goes A Very Long Way...

"How they treat people they’ll probably never see again."- Jakesnake_42

The Environment Is A Shared Space!

"If they throw trash on the ground or in a proper receptacle."- juicy-jayna

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Thinking About Anything Other Than Themselves

"Whether they will do something that will help something else without directly benefiting them."

"This can be everything from returning the trolley, to picking up trash they walk past, or helping out a stranger."

"I think it shows real character."- BlueRaven_01

"Under Pressure..."

"How they act when things don't go their way, flat tire, etc."

"It shows you how they problem solve."- Young_Old_Grandma

"Self - control."- smallduckenergy0

Keeping Parking Lots Safe...

"Whether they return shopping trolleys in parking lots."- ZaryssThesia

No One Likes A Gossip...

"What they say about others when that person isn't around."

"Say something nice or don't say anything at all."- Maximum_Passion1865

No One Likes A Know-It-All... Or A Charlatan!

"How they respond to a question they don't know the answer to."- CoolPotatoTomato·

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There's Always Something...

"What they complain about."- butterflysixxteen

Even people who make every effort to keep themselves a closed book by keeping to themselves and saying as little as they can still can't hide from everyone

Sometimes it's not what people say or do which shows who they truly are, but rather what they don't say or do.