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Seemingly Random Things That Reveal A Lot About A Person's Character
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As Jane Austen's classic novel Pride and Prejudice so memorably taught us, we should never make absolute assumptions on someone's character based solely on a first impression.

People have a way of surprising us, for better or for worse.

Sometimes, it's not exactly the things people say or do which are indicative of their character, but rather smaller, more unexpected things.

Indeed, it's the small, subtle things people say or do which might truly reveal what they're like as a person.

Often deciding whether or not we want to be associated with them.

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The mark of a good piece of fiction is when one feels as if they actually know the characters.

Be it a film, television series or novel, there are some beloved characters we wish were actually our friends in real life, or whom we feel as if we've actually known all our lives.

As a result, when one of these characters dies, we sometimes feel as if we've actually lost a loved one.

Sometimes finding ourselves in a state of literal grieving.

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People Confess Which Types Of People They've Lost All Respect For

Humans fall in and out of grace with one another constantly.

At first, you can really like someone.

Enjoy their company.

Spend tons of quality time with them.

Then one day, they drop the facade of their character and show you some true colors.

Then respect goes out the window.

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Most people look at their leaders and think "if only..."

No matter how admired they are, leaders are real people complete with all the frailties and failures of humanity. They can't be perfect.

But what if you could pick an unreal ideal leader?

Who would you choose?

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People Share Their Funniest 'I'm Embarrassed To Even Know You' Experiences
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We'd like to think that we're a good judge of character evidenced by the good friendships we all have.

But when a friend or even a family member does or says something that proves us wrong about our opinion of them, it can make us embarrassed just knowing them.
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