People Confess What A Close Friend Did That Instantly Ruined The Relationship

Some friendships aren't meant to last. That's okay, though, as life sometimes has a way of separating two individuals for the better. A new job opportunity or starting a family are reasons enough to let a friend go. Savor the time you had, look at all the memories on Instagram, then wish them well as they go forth.

Then there's situations like these, where the other person did something so heinous and unforgivable the connection needed to be severed. Like a bad phone call, drop the whole friendship.

*The following article contains discussion of sexual assault.

Reddit user, Titansentinal, wanted to know the moment the split happened when they asked:

"What has a close friend done to you that instantly made you hate them?"

Drama is a thing that can follow a terrible person around like a dark storm cloud you can never dodge. No matter how far you run, it's always there with you, sucking you in.

Your Word Over Theirs

"i talked to her because she was new and people picked on her, we actually became really good friends really fast, she was secretly telling lies about me to my other friends to try and get them to hate me/pick her over me. Other friends didn’t believe her and told me about it, i confronted her, she flipped out and proceeded to go to the principle and told him i was bullying her/said all this rancid sh-t to her (i didn’t). proceeded to try and get me expelled, but luckily i’ve been going to school there for a few years and had a few of the teachers/other students vouch for me. i didn’t talk to her again after that. f-cking a--hole."


Getting You Caught Up In Their Web Of Lies

"Long story short I helped her out when she got out of jail with somewhere to stay only if she promised to help with rent. 3 months later the police came and arrested her only to find out she was using me to keep her baby’s dad from seeing the child after the court gave them split custody"

"...when she reached out to me about needing a place to stay I didn’t know they had a custody battle going previously but I knew they had drama going on in the relationship. She was also the awful person in the relationships as she was always abusing OTC medication while staying with me and leaving the baby alone at the place when I would go to work so she would mess around with other guys (that’s when I called CPS)"

"...The father was not at all the sh-tty person here, I could tell because when they arrested her he was happy he had his baby back and told me he’s been trying to get ahold of her but no response and gave me a teary hug"


Making A Good Impression On The New Co-Workers

"Helped her get a well paid job at the massive corporation I work at. She then made a group chat of all of our mutual friends and would send photos of me in the office to laugh at my posture/physical attributes etc. I only found out because she messaged the wrong group chat."


Trying To Make The Day All About You

"Stressed me out so badly on the morning of my wedding, that I had a 6 hour long anxiety attack. Ruined the day. Look like I'm internally screaming for help in all of our photos. Haven't spoken to her since."


Can we all agree to keep our hands off of each others romantic partners? Please?

Throwing Away Years For A Fling

"After being best friends from age 7 to our mid 20s I had to ghost this chick and our entire friend group, because she was trying to convince my husband to cheat on me with her. There had been several smaller things leading up to this, like telling me my husband was too attractive for me and would be better with her, but it blew my mind when he showed me the texts she sent, topless and telling him I'd never have to know. I ghosted her, then our friends started saying I should just forgive her, that I was choosing "some guy" over our 17yr friendship and that by not talking to her I was causing tension in our circle of friends, making them choose sides amongst themselves."

"So I said I didn't want to cause tension and I resolved the issue by removing myself from the entire circle of friends, they can have her. That was 17yrs ago and I still dont answer their calls and know I made the right decision. My husband and I would have celebrated our 20th last month (he died 5yrs ago tho)"


A Certain Way With Words

"He lovingly placed a baby in my wife while I was working."


"That's one way of putting it"


At Least You Can Say They're Dedicated?

"Drove 17 hours to have sex with my fiance & mother of my child while I was in the hospital for a brain injury."

"They got engaged and he stole my family from me. 6 years later to this very day they ignore me and I barely see my daughter. She loves me though and I know she will want to see me when she has a choice."


Weaseling Their Way In

"This girl I became really close with would always hangout with me and my then-boyfriend to the point where the 3 of us were inseparable. I have pretty bad trust issues and have trouble opening up to people in general, so when I found that I was comfortable enough to open up to her I was happy to finally have someone to confide in."

"Come to find out she would tell my then-bf everything I told her in confidence behind my back. Anytime I would have doubts or relationship fears or just needed to vent she would be very welcoming and then immediately tell him everything behind my back, which caused a lot of fights and tension."

"She loved to start sh-t under the guise of “being a good friend”, and after we broke up she bought him a box of condoms as a “joke”, and even told his mom he deserves someone like her."


At Least Own Up To Your Awful Behavior

"Sleep with the guy I was in love with and then lie about it"


You know the classic saying, "With friends like these, who needs enemies?"

These are those "friends."

At Least Wait Until You're Not Around?

"Talked sh-t abt me behind my back WHILE I was staying the night at his house and when I confronted him about it he acted as if he did nothing wrong. To be fair he had a pattern of doing this with a lot of people so I should not have been surprised."


No Need To Go THERE

"We got into an argument, over something so stupid I can’t even remember what it was about. Mid argument she tells me, “no wonder your mother hates you and yells at you, this is why”. Haven’t talked to her in over 4 years."


Can You Just Be Happy For Me?

"Was applying to jobs to leave a toxic work environment and had found one I was really excited about. Of course I told her, and she told me I wasn’t good enough to get the new job and me not being good enough was why I hadn’t gotten a new job already and why I was stuck at that job."

"Got the job, turns out that friendship was much more toxic."


Trying To Save Some Money...? Or Is Just A Huge Jerk.

"Drugged me at a rave (without my consent) and left me to die in a parking lot while he stole my laptop, some of my parents’ jewelry, and money from my home."


Only Able To See The Negatives

"Had a close friend who had wealthy parents. He knew mine was financially struggling"

"Everytime we had a disagreement abour something, he would start saying things like, "At least my family is not f*cking poor" as well as insults about not being able to afford certain things."


Can Only Speak In Lies

"Kept making up stories about herself. They were all somewhat believable in themselves (got pickpocketed at the mall, had a rude encounter with a clerk, tiny stuff like that) but weird sh-t just kept happening to her like she was in a sketch comedy which made me very suspicious in the long run."

"Then in the end she refused to come to a concert with me and then broke into a long song and dance for it:"

"They were crossing a busy boulevard and all of a sudden a guy high on weed rammed into them. Her friend bravely pushed her out of the way but got the full hit. With Godlike reflexes, she managed to take a clear picture of this guy's plates (in like 2006. might have been a flip phone) before heroically carrying her friend to the hospital nearby in her arms. The girl had to have one of her lungs removed and the nurses were too busy to care for her friend to like feed her and bathe her so she HAD to stay in the hospital with her."

"B-tch please. If you don't wanna come to a concert with me, just f-cking say so. Pathological liars are the f-cking worst."


Bad. Friend.

"Sexually assaulted his now (thankfully) ex and then broke my hand when I took her side over it instead of defending my friend of 8 years."


Don't feel bad for cutting someone loose if you don't think there's any chance of forgiveness or betterment. Do what's best for you.

When did you have to cut a friend loose? Tell us about it in the comments.

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