Relationships don't always last, and hurt and feelings of abandonment can be the price we pay for love.

Situations can feel all the more painful once you realize you've been putting in more effort into a relationship than the other party––your "friends" might not really be your friends.

It's disappointing and believe it or not, you're not alone. Far from it.

We heard people's stories after Redditor ACSFeisonYT asked the online community,

"What made you realise, “This person isn’t really my friend"?"
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People Confess What A Close Friend Did That Instantly Ruined The Relationship
Photo by Obie Fernandez on Unsplash

Some friendships aren't meant to last. That's okay, though, as life has a way of separating two individuals for the better. A new job opportunity or the starting of a family are reasons enough to let a friend go sometimes. Savor the time you had, then wish them well as they go forth.

Then there's tales like these, where the other person did something so heinous and unforgivable that the connection needed to be severed. Like a bad phone call, drop it.

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People Explain What They Truly Need That They Don't Yet Have
Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

Life is all about searching for that one thing that'll make it all worthwhile.

While this sounds like some motivational meme you might see on a health gurus Instagram page in Brush Script font, it's a fact we can all admit to ourselves. There's something we're searching for, striving for, and always on the hunt to lock down. Could be something tangible, that we can hold in our hands, or it could be something metaphysical, unable to be grasped but able to be felt.

Whatever it is, it varies from person to person.

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People Share The Real Reason They Cut All Ties With A Friend
Thomas Park on Unsplash

The gradual dissolution of friendships is a common and unfortunate part of growing up.

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People Break Down Why They Genuinely Lost All Respect For Someone
jurien huggins on Unsplash

You think you know someone. Until they open their mouths and spew negative nonsense.

We may have plenty of mutual interests that make us gravitate towards certain individuals, but it only takes one objectionable opinion for us to move on from those with whom we thought were friends.
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