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Unfortunately, a friendship could really end at any point in life.

Friends grow apart, but also, sometimes, it's just necessary to say goodbye to your relationship with a friend.

Maybe they aren't the right type of friend for you anymore, or maybe something has happened in their lives to make them self-destructive and toxic.

The reasons are many, and they are all sad.

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Moment of honesty: some connections are just NOT worth it.

Friends are in your life for 'a reason, a season, or a time' ... and some of you should have called time a whiiiiiile ago.

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Good friendships are hard to come by. So when we have a loyal and trustworthy friend, we want to hold on to them as best we can.

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Weddings are known for inducing so much stress. The planning and arrangements can take their toll on anyone. But Redditor MadMOH2710 isn’t sure if everything that happens under the stress of planning a wedding is justifiable. The original poster (OP) gets into a fight with her best friend and isn’t sure if she overreacted. So […] More
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This article is an ode to the "friend-dump" and the power of growth. Boundaries are awesome, dear readers. Growth and development are awesome.

Some of these friendships, though... not awesome.

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