Childish Gifts People Would Love To Receive But No One Ever Thinks To Give Them

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As we get older, people begin to treat us differently.

Some of those changes are welcome, but others...

Take gifts for example. All of a sudden gifts aren't fun anymore, they're practical.

And while practical is great, sometimes you crave the silly, fun gifts you used to receive.

Redditor devious_egg asked:

"Adults, what is something you'd love receiving as a gift but no one even considers giving you because you're an adult?"

It's the simple things...

"All I want for Christmas is a small stocking full of chocolate coins and a superhero comic."

"Long gone are those days..."

- Reddit

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Art Supplies

"Really REALLY nice colored pencils."

- Nervous-Error-6728

"I want a giant box of crayons and a Mickey Mouse coloring book."

- Purple-Yak8572

Kid's Story Books

"Kid’s story books. Especially the hardcovers, the vintage ones and the fancy interactive ones."

"I’m an adult who enjoys non-fiction the most but these books tend to give me the escapism I have a hard time getting from normal novels."

"Most times when I go into a comic book store, I’d leave with at least a copy of a kid’s superhero story book. And last Christmas when my friend bought me a Peppa Pig book (with a built-in music box) as a joke, I ended up actually loving it so much."

"And even now, I’ve kept all the children's books I read even when I started reading and just go through them when I’m bored."

"This is probably why I make free illustrations in my free time for school textbooks and storybooks in local libraries in every town I used to live in. Going back to see the kids reading them is also a really wholesome feeling."

- Reddit

book GIFGiphy


"I always wanted a surprise birthday party."

- BeachBookBeer

Marching In

"I want an ANT FARM."

- Individual_Page_1546

ant farm GIFGiphy

Piece of Cake


"Someone get me a LEGIT Carvel Cookie Puss Ice cream cake."

"No, I'm not lying."

"Mom bought me one for my birthday every year until we moved to Pennsylvania and they didn't have a Carvel store in sight."

"This is going to be my 20th birthday without Mom. I think I would 'ugly cry' if someone bought me Cookie Puss!"

- BeckyAnn6879

Cookie Puss GIF



"A kite."

"I would love a well made, really colourful kite."

- No-Shelter-4208

"Nerf guns."

"Not gonna lie, I’m probably to old for this stuff, but I love screwing around with my friends and just having a great time flinging foam."

- Save-The-Defaults

Nerf gun GIFGiphy

"Lego, that’s all I ever wanted, Lego."

- jsloan8

We all deserve to be kids on Christmas...

"I always buy toys for the adults at Christmas and mark them from Santa. A tradition my mother carried on for us kids until her passing saying, 'We all deserve to be kids on Christmas'."

"My girlfriend thought it was silly when I first did it for her family at their Christmas Eve gathering. I picked up nerf guns for all the guys and polly pockets for the gals."

"It was hilarious to see confused looks on their faces when they opened them, some thinking they were mistakes, actually meant for the children."

"But before long there were men from 18-70 running around the house shooting nerf bullets at each other like little kids while grandmothers and granddaughters played with tiny dollhouses."

"The most confused in the place were the actual children. I always manage to find a theme toy that involves everyone from tiny RC cars or hot wheels to Barbie Dolls and brings out the kid in all."

"I highly recommend this tradition to anyone who wants to liven up family get togethers that can too often be stressful."

- socket_error

Growing older is inevitable.

But growing up is voluntary.

So what childish gift would you want? Let us know in the comments below.

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