Our postal people are going through it right now and they need our help. However.... in hindsight, I don't think we've ever really appreciated how hard our postal peeps work. They work through all kinds of weather, go into neighborhoods, deal with enraged Karens on the daily and yet... they persist. The postal service is a sacred institution that we have long taken for granted. It's high time we show some appreciation to it's staff. Its the decent human thing to do.

Redditor u/carrot_maniac want to know how we can best assist our mail folk, their days are long and arduous, let's see how we can be a spot of hope... they asked.... Postal Workers of Reddit: What do you need right now? How can we brighten your day when we see you on our routes?

Give a Fan

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Keep in mind the mail carriers don't have air conditioning in their vehicles. There was one that got baked alive in California last year. The collection drivers don't have A/C as well, but they don't hit the residential areas for the most part.


Much Obliged....

Cold water on a hot day, being patient with us if there are delays, somebody actually being home to take the next day 1pm delivery parcel you ordered, agree on a safe place for any parcels you get so your postie doesn't have to spend extra time writing out a card.


In a Missive....

I leave chocolate, granola bars, cough drops, hand/feet warmers, trail mix, travel sized Kleenex and sometimes a gift card to Dunkin' Donuts in a ziplock bag in the mailbox. I include a note that says : "It's super cold out, thank you for your hard work. Hope you're not diabetic or allergic to peanuts, please enjoy!" He typically replies and says he's not allergic or diabetic and gives thanks. Makes my day as it makes his. I do this for holidays and in summer I also leave out cold drinks in a cooler on our steps.



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Husband delivers mail and he loves just about anything people do. From pictures drawn from kids along the route to thank you letters to cold water and ding dongs. He is appreciative of it all!!


Covid Days....

I've been keeping a cooler full of drinks on my porch since Covid began for all delivery peeps. Seems to need refilling every 2 weeks. Glad to know it was helpful. Early on a neighbor had talked to our USPS reg carrier and she said with so many businesses closed, it was hard to find a drink or bathroom to use on her long shifts. :/


A quick howdy....

My father has been a postal worker for decades. What makes him smile the most is when people just reach out and be nice and friendly. He would always tell us stories about the people who would put a smile on his face. Notes/cards go a long way. But also just say hi and ask them how their day is going.


clothes on....

Carrier here! All I ask is for the love of God PLEASE WEAR PANTS WHEN ANSWERING THE DOOR!... I've had straight up naked dudes sign for there package without batting a eye... oh the stories of awkwardness I could tell you guys... oh also smiles and friendliness is appreciated πŸ˜ƒ ...but with clothes on.....


keep giving.....

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Former mail carrier here, #1 get a bigger mail box lol. Water and treats are nice, but a box they don't have to get out at to deliver things is the gift that keeps on giving.


For the Nuts

My dad was a mail carrier for decades too. Retired a few years back. He was the least social person EVER and would run away from houses where people were trying to be friendly.

He may have been the weirdest man ever to deliver their mail, but all those houses (plus others) always got him nice gifts for Christmas. His favorite was tins of nuts.

Edit to add: He got tons of cards and gifts every year for Christmas. Most of the gifts were food, some were weird. The weirdest gift I remember was one decorative Russian spoon. He is not Russian. Neither were they.


Park Responsibly....

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Stop blocking the mailbox when you park on the street.


And for the LOVE OF GOD....

I forwarded this question to a relative that is a postal worker, here is their response:

"Put numbers on your damn mailbox/house. Send cards/legit letters to people. Tear down your POS lockbox that nothing fits into and get an actual mailbox.

Say hello but don't hold me up for a half-hour bc I don't have time to lose. Buy stamps. If you see the mailman struggling with your giant ass refrigerator box, help, don't just watch from your porch.



dogs go woof!!

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Okay... I know the whole joke about "ahhh dogs hate mailmans dogs go brrrrrr" but please do keep your dogs inside... it scares the mail. :(


Jimmie Johnson

I'm a big Jimmie Johnson fan the Nascar driver, today I opened a box and there was a signed Jimmie Johnson hat with a note saying it was for me. That has brightened my whole week, but water or Gatorade, snacks always appreciated. However I would recommend writing a note saying it's for the mailman as a lot of times items are left in a box and we are unsure, one Christmas I totally thought a gift was for me and it wasn't. 😬



I'm a carrier and I can tell you the cutest thing I see with the men in my office is the pure joy on their face when they reveal all the drinks/snacks they were given on their routes. They are so excited to take their treasures home to show the family. They even take pictures and post them on Facebook. As for me I love being squirted with a hose. A garden hose that is!


Give Energy

Not a postal worker, but I'm good friends with the one on my route,

He has helped me through some tough times (just a nice guy to talk to).

I often offer him a cold gallon of water or a energy drink, he seems to really enjoy. He is a real down to earth guy.



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I put two large googley eyes on the front of my mailbox. I like to think that the post people got a smile or two out of that.


the cool off....

I keep water bottles in my freezer. Every day, about an hour before I know the mail carrier is due to come around, I pop one in the mail box and put the flag up. It's still (mostly) frozen when the carrier gets there, and if s/he doesn't need it right then, it will still be cold for a bit.

I'll change it up when (if) it cools off.


Everybody is Important!

You know its nice that the USPS is getting some love but all i ever see Reddit hyping up is Mail Carriers. Like you know Theres so many more people in the post office right?πŸ˜… Square up we in the back are important too.


The Notes....

When the quarantine was just getting started, a few of my customers left me a note in their mailbox. Just a friendly thanks and reminder that I am appreciated being out there during these hard times, making sure people get their mail and packages. I'd say this small kindness would be much appreciated again with all of this political nonsense interfering with my career. ✌🏼


Get out of the way!!

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Stop parking in front on your mailbox.

Stop putting your garbage in front of your mailbox.

Maybe put a number on your mailbox? Or at least your house? Anywhere, really?

Not get pissy at us for things out of our control, which is virtually everything causing your mail to be potentially delayed.

Maybe don't come up and start talking/shouting/coughing directly in my face, I don't really need to get sick.


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