A day rarely goes by when people who work at a job that they don't exactly love wish they could be doing or going absolutely anywhere else.

Though some might have slightly more specific daydreams.

Maybe jet setting off to the Caribbean, enjoying a long, deep tissue massage, or seeing friends and family they haven't seen in years, and giving them a big ole hug.

While others just dream of finally achieving or obtaining something that's always been missing in their life, and would thus improve the mundane lives they're living.

Redditor Brutal_Rain was curious to hear what the Reddit community desperately wanted immediately, more than anything, leading them to ask:

"What do you desperately want right now?"


"Two weeks off work without having to come back to a trainwreck."- GnowledgedGnome

One last outing...

"One last holiday with Julian one of my closest friends."

"Passed back in September."

"I miss that dude so damn much..."- theory515


"A friend." - User Deleted

season 6 friends GIFGiphy

Financial stability

"To know what it’s like to NOT worry about money."- rachlynnv

"To not be in debt."

"To have a job I don't hate."- Epic854

Pay Me Make It Rain GIF by GIPHY CAMGiphy

Comfort and relief from pain.

"For my wife to be cured of her auto-immune disease."- Kid_supreme

"For my back pain to end."- dakkadakkapewpewboom

A dream home.

"To get approved for the apartment I recently applied for."- explorador_esteban


Just to blend in with everyone else

"To be normal."

" I have a brain injury and it is incredibly frustrating to not be able to function normally."- User Deleted

Snap out of it!

"To stop overthinking."- itsmelinlin

Very few people make it through a day completely content, and not wishing they could have or do something, far fetched or easily attained.

And even though not all of these wishes are possible, sometimes holding on to that wish is all it takes to make a day go by more easily.

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