Women Share The Biggest Downsides To Having Breasts
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The worst part of having breasts is Florida.

I didn't even say large breasts. Just breasts, any breasts. Florida and breasts are mortal enemies sworn to battle one another into oblivion until the end of days.

In other states, you and your ladies can live a more peaceful life. Here in Florida, it's A Song of Sweat And Fire Ants.

Ever get tiny little jellyfish stuck under your side-boob? Happens here all the time.

Bikinis should come with a "Sand Lice, Your Titty Crease, And You" informational pamphlet.

Wanna jog? Hope you accounted for the fact that the air is soup and will chafe and cauterize your nipples.

Know what limits your field of vision, making you more likely to accidentally step on a snake and/or gator? Boobs.

Know what slows you down as you try to escape the angry reptile from the above paragraph? Also boobs.

Reddit user Saibotnl1 asked:

"What's the most negative thing about having boobs?"

Now take all this stuff they said sucked, and then put it inside of a steam oven filled with mosquitos. That's Florida.

And Florida is incompatibile with breasts.

Cardio Is Hardio


"I love them but running can be a nuisance even in a good sports bra."

- [Reddit]

"When I go to work, there is a woman that usually runs on the shoulder of the road. I gasp at how much her boobs bounce. Isn't that doing damage to tissue? Painful?"

- notanotherbreach

"Yes! I literally always hold mine when going up/down stairs so they dont bounce. Running is uncomfortable even with a good bra :/ "

- k_g94

"If it's a sports bra that holds you, it's so tight that it's impossible to get into or out of without a whole team of people like a pit crew."

"If you can comfortably get into it, it won't hold the girls for long."

"Cardio is just not worth all this."


"As a kid I wasn't fit enough for jump rope, but now that I'm older and have the big boobies it feels even more impossible to ever indulge in."

- PoiLethe

Literally In The Way

"They get in the way!!"

"Lately I've been getting frustrated with exercise. My personal trainer will say to hold something a certain way and I'll try but it's so uncomfortable because my boobs are completely in the way."

"She has small boobs so she doesn't account for them being in that space right in front of your chest."

- J09Lynn

"My English teacher in 10th grade was drinking water one day when a few drops landed on his shirt. He then complained about getting older and how he never stuck out far enough to get his shirt wet."

"I just sighed."

"4th grade. 4th grade is when I stuck out too much to avoid drips."

- wheredMyArmourGo

"So very much this."

"I refuse to do mountain climbers when my trainer suggests it, she started to get mad saying it's a great exercise. My retort was that I'd really rather not knee myself in the breasts as part of my workout."

"The lady has small boobs and replied that she had never thought of that!"

- Pauliester

Growing Pains

"Probably growing them."

"It hurts, and if you get big boobs young and quickly, it’s both physical and social agony."

"It hurts to grow them, first of all, your chest aches and bumping them against anything really hurts - and since they’re a sudden, large addition to your body, you’re ALWAYS bumping them on stuff."

"But the social aspect is worse."

"Your female family members comment on them slyly and smirk at your response."

"Your male friends look at you weird and you have to realize they see you as more sexual than girls with smaller chests, even though you literally cannot control this."

"Other girls can be nasty and jealous."

"Eventually I learned to manage all this and I like having breasts now; but from like 11-16 I was so frustrated and upset that I had developed them at all."

- Individual_Ad_7523

Two Volcanos

rachael ray boob sweat GIF by First We Feast: Hot OnesGiphy

"The sweat and itch!"

"Also that they're like two volcanos, which isn't especially practical during summers or when you're a constantly hot temperatured person anyway."

- Queen-of-meme

"No matter what I try, the skin under my boobs never cools down!"

- Local_Masterpiece_

"Boob sweat is the bane of my existence when it's even a little bit hot outside - and sometimes even when it's not lol..."

- PleasuredMeatStick

"I hate the feeling of sweat on my boobs. I just put tissue between and underneath my boobs to hopefully absorb the sweat so it won’t start to itch and drip."

- LuckyBugHarley

Technological Advancements

"I STILL am not able to remove them after a long day. Why?!"

"Why can't I just set em aside for the night, all done. Why hasn't technology advanced to this possibility yet??"

- IAmNotLookingatYou

"Absolutely they would. The relief we would get ... oh my god it sounds divine."

"Maybe I wouldn’t be so b*tchy."

- Object_Prize

"I’d honestly probably only wear them for ren faire, and leave them at home the rest of the year."

- AbbyNormalKnits

Double Trouble

"The double standard of girls with small chests and big chests."

"If you have a big chest no matter what you wear or do it's sexual. But for girls with smaller chests they can get away with crop tops or v necks or even swim suits."

- BigBunsLittleBunbun

"Lol the bigger girls who spent their entire grade school years getting sent to the principal's office for breaking dress code will agree with you."

"Loose shirts will tent and billow up in the wind as you walk-- dress coded."

"Tight shirts that don't tent but cling to your chest-- dress coded."

"And don't even think about anything but a crew neckline, or you'll be dress coded again."

- cryptic-coyote


"I always got in trouble for wearing dresses in school, but skinny Minnie wearing something even worse gets by no problem just because she doesn't fill it out the way I do."

- APD2269


Happy Music Video GIF by DJ MustardGiphy

"They're expensive."

"Bras are expensive and you need regular bras, sports bras, probably something special like a strapless or low back if you have a special occasion or something."

"And don't even get me started on women's healthcare ..."

- SailorSpoon11

"Stage 4 breast cancer patient here, and it costs me about an extra $5000/yr to stay alive if everything goes well."

- insertcaffeine

"I just stopped breastfeeding and none of my bras fit anymore."

"I’ve just been wearing sports bras every day because I don’t even know what cup size I am anymore and I don’t want to spend a fortune replacing all of my bras."

- kaytay3000

"Plus if you choose not to wear bras for any number of reasons, you’re treated as deviant or an acceptable target of inappropriate attentions."

- letsjumpintheocean

Getting Comfortable

"Laying on your stomach can be tricky."

- ChadweenaThundervag

"Laying on your back can be tricky as well."

"And on your side."

"Just laying in general with big boobs is a hassle."

- Skkaj225

"Am guy."

"However women in my life have found it difficult to get a decent back massage because of this. I've seen plenty of massage tables with head holes, but none with boob support..."

- DeluxeWafer

"Semi-suffocating yourself on the beach while trying to get some sun on your back is fun."

- Miikami

Either Or

"The fact that I look like a walking refrigerator if I wear a loose fitting top, as it billows shapelessly around my body in an odd fabric rectangle."

"But if I wear something form fitting, I look like a lady of the night and am treated as such."

- batchofbetterbutter

"OMG this !!"

"I feel like all my girlfriends around me have such a fashion sense and can wear things with such grace but I always look as you’ve described. Like either I look like a couch pillow or Jessica Rabbit."

"Sometimes I just want to cut them off honestly."

- octokisu

"Yeah I’ve been wanting a reduction since a was a teen because of the back pain and catcalling, and many people I know with a bigger chest feel the same way."

- didithedragon

"I had no idea women hated their boobs so much! It honestly is shining a light on an idea I have never thought of."

- Peter_the_pear

Attempted Murder

Black Woman Breast Cancer Awareness GIF by Know Your GirlsGiphy

"They might try to kill me."

"Breast cancer runs in my family and I have to have my first mammogram this year at 36."

"My mom was negative for both BRCA genes but there are 6 others they’ve discovered since she had cancer that we haven’t been tested for."

"Insurance won’t cover me to test unless she tests positive for one."

- Outrageous-Proof4630

"Fun fun fun."

"My mom died from breast cancer at 46. I started getting mammograms at 34."

"Luckily, I took the BRCA test and was negative."

- lil_ho_on_da_prairie

It's Constant

"Constantly being sexualized."

"I’m the least sexual person but people assume I’m super sexual because of my body. And I hate it"

- Plus_Bison_7091

"Yup, I'm ace and I honestly just want them chopped off to be rid of the constant sexualization of my body."

"It makes me really uncomfortable."

- zapsquad

"My friend in elementary school had a condition where she went into puberty super early and had large breasts by 3rd grade."

"We would walk together to elementary school every morning and get cat called a lot, but we were too afraid to tell our parents because we thought they wouldn't let us walk together anymore."

"She would have teachers make comments about them."

"When we were older she talked about how insanely awful and alienating it made her feel growing up. Her younger sister had the same condition, but went on puberty blockers for it."

- gentlybeepingheart


"These pendulous bags of hell have destroyed my back."

"Even a decade after a reduction surgery, I remain in daily pain. And now as an added bonus they get to be misshapen, scarred horribly, and completely useless for raising a baby."

- Originalluff

"I didn’t realize how heavy they are until I got together with girl with big boobs and woooooow they are heavy!"

- I_love_pillows

"I got C cups in fifth grade and those f*ckers went all the way to G by senior year."

"My posture was/is awful and I've felt like an old woman since I was a teenager. I don't even want babies, so they're never actually gonna be useful either."

- Rozeline

See what I mean?

They're kind of awful once they hit a certain size, and that size is pretty much ANY size if you're in Florida.

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