The Best Sitcom Characters Of All-Time

The Best Sitcom Characters Of All-Time
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There is little more comforting than lounging on the sofa, and binging your favorite sitcoms.

What ultimately makes sitcoms so comforting, in addition to the clever writing and improbably affordable apartments, are the characters.

Why Friends continues to gain a new legion of fans, even nearly 20 years after its finale, is the fact that those watching often want Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey and especially Phoebe to actually be their friends.

Or wish their own friends' dynamic was more like that iconic sextet.

Indeed, people would be much less hesitant to show up for work if they knew The Office's Jim or Pam would be waiting for them, or think that their school days might have been more pleasurable if taught by Abbot Elementary's Janine Teagues.

Characters who are so lovable, it almost breaks our hearts that they aren't real.

Redditor thierryadams was eager to hear who people considered the best sitcom character of all time, leading them to ask:
"Who is the best sitcom character of all time?"

The Dad We All Wish We Had

"Hal from 'Malcolm in the Middle'."- TerriblyAverage1

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Someone Get That Lady a Vodka Rocks... Or A Piece Of Toast...

"Lucille Bluth."

"She stole every scene she was in, which is both a testament to how well the character was written and Jessica Walter’s performance."- PobBrobert

"It's Always Sunny" When They're Around.

"Charlie Kelly!"- SuperDuperCatman

"Frank Reynolds."- Pumpkin-tits-NYC

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"But He Already Did Something Today"...

"Titus Andromedon from 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'."- cherry_blsm00

Especially When He Makes A "huge mistake"...

"Gob Bluth."- BrushGoodDar

Threatening Our Grasp On Reality


"Proof that less is more."

“'Somebody making soup?'”- AussieDuckMan

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The Boss Of Our Dreams

"Captain Holt"- Cabbiecar1001

If Only For His Hair!

"Maurice Moss, 'IT Crowd'."- SalsaYogurt

One Only Hopes Our Future Will Involve Him

"Bender B. Rodriguez."

"Remember that scene in Kill Bill where Bill says Clark Kent is Superman's impression of humans?"

"Clark had to act like all the other humans in order to blend into human society."

"Now apply that logic to Bender."

"He was made by humans to be able to function and relate to people in a human world."

"The humans made him in their own image and he's the most self-centered, amoral, insecure, emotional train wreck on Earth."

"He is what we secretly fear about our own nature."- blakethegr8

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One could say it's their questionable grasp of reality that makes sitcoms so enjoyable.

If Will Truman were a real-life New York attorney, there's no way he would have been chronically single for seven years.

Far-fetched as some of their premises may be, however, our favorite sitcom characters can almost be viewed as the friends who never disappoint us.

As they're always guaranteed to make us laugh and put a smile on our faces.

Even when they break our hearts.

Seriously, how could Nathan do that to Ted Lasso?!?!?!

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