People Reveal The Real Reasons They Sleep Naked
Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

So many people love to go natural.

Nudists have been trying to make us see their ways for decades.

For some, sleeping in the buff can be one of the best ways to sleep.

Sheets cool on the flesh is such a great feeling.

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People Who Accidentally Sent A Family Member A Nude Picture Describe The Aftermath

Why in this day and age are people still taking nudie pics without triple-checking the recipient?

Why take the gamble?

And half of the time we hit send, mistakes get made.

One minute you're feeling sexy, the next minute grandpa is having a stroke.

Be careful.

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Guy Scolded For Sleeping Naked With Girlfriend After Roommate’s Girlfriend Barges In On Them
Sustaining a strong relationship as a roommate can be difficult. But as long as everyone remains respectful of each other’s personal spaces, keep common areas clean, and above all else, respects each other’s privacy, it’s not too difficult to remain on good terms. However, things are bound to get a little more complicated when one […] More
Shirtless man on a hotel bed seeing a woman disrobing
We-Vibe Toys/Unsplash

It's interesting what people are initially attracted to about a person.

Some are drawn instantly by one's appearance based on a person's general attractiveness or how they dress and groom themselves.

Others seem to be turned on by one's attitude–like how a person presents themselves in public and how much confidence they exude without an air of pretentiousness.

If and when the object of one's affection is romantically obtained, the way in which the next step in the relationship progresses could be a sexy success or a total deal-breaker.

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In-Laws Upset After Accidentally Walking In On Daughter-In-Law Sleeping Topless In Her Apartment
Being a new parent takes a toll on your time. Every second is about attending to the baby. Or resting when you can. So one of the most important things for new moms is comfort and ease. How comfort and ease is found can turn others off though. Case in point… A deleted Redditor wanted […] More