The All-Time Best Episodes Of 'The Simpsons'

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The endurance of The Simpsons is incredible.

Who knew a cartoon family that never ages could live forever?

This show has been a cultural cornerstone.

And it doesn't seem like it's slowing down anytime soon.

Redditor butter00pecan wanted hear about everyone's favorite Simpson moments. So they asked the audience to share:

"What is the best episode ever of The Simpsons?"

I love anything involving Mr. Burns.

He's my favorite.

So Many...

Homer Simpson Call Mr Plow Thats My Name That Name Again Is Mr Plow GIFGiphy

"Mr. Plow is up there. I also love the Beer baron episode. Guatemalan Insanity Peppers and King-sized Homer were he gains weight to get on disability are great also. Too many to choose. Homer goes to clown college, medicinal marijuana. I could keep going."


We Do!

"'Who controls the British pound?'"

"'Who keeps the metrics system down?'"

"'We do! We do!'"


"I was a Freemason at the time this came out. Watching this together with my lodge, including a bunch of seniors who had never seen an episode before, was wonderfully surreal."


"Who keeps Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the Martians under wraps? We do! We do!"



"Homer at the Bat will never be surpassed. 'I thought I told you to trim those sideburns!'"


"It's a perfect episode. I'm not an American. I've never watched baseball. Therefore I don't know any of the athletes in this episode. But the writing, the flow, the jokes etc. are just phenomenal."


"This episode is special. It truly feels like there's one hour of joke content and yet it's the same length as any other episode. It's non-stop pure comedy."



"Hank Scorpio."


"'You Only Move Twice.' The absolute GOAT. 'Homer, if you could kill a few people on your way out, it would really help me.'"


"Bart and Lisa's new school in that episode had the website The entire premise of the joke was that the school was fancy enough to have its own website."



The Simpsons GIF by FOX TVGiphy

"My personal favorite episode is the one where the plant goes on strike lol Lisa needs braces, dental plan!!"


"So we'll march day and night by the big cooling tower, they have the plant but we have the power!"


Oh Lisa, she's always a hoot.

The Simpsons Hearts GIFGiphy

"The Valentine’s day episode where Ralph gets his heart broken, Bart does a Nixon impression. with his butt, I Choo Choo choose this one."


Burns Origin

"The X-Files one where Homer sees an alien that turns out to be Mr. Burns."


"This one is my vote, because if not for that episode, I would never have been allowed to watch the Simpsons! My mom was staunchly against it, but she loved X-Files and Star Trek."

"An episode that not only had Mulder and Scully but also Leonard Nemoy was too much for her to resist! And once she finally sat down and watched an episode, she realized it really wasn't that bad, and the ban was forever lifted."


All Thumbs

"I love the episode when the meteor is coming towards Springfield. The bit when the family are sat on the roof and Homer says, 'While the unprepared are still sitting around twiddling their thumbs going do do do do do do' is one of my favourite Simpsons scenes. And also, 'You should all be ashamed of yourselves, especially his CHILDREN!'"


Non-stop gold...

The one where Bart sells his soul to Millhouse. Every time I try to use an automatic faucet or door that doesn't work, I think of that episode."


"This is my vote. The jokes are just non stop. The dino sponges, the street sweeper, the ET fumigation parody, Alf pogs, everything about Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag (hm, sounds good), the fact that comic store guy actually bought and sold said soul... list goes on. It's just non stop gold."



Plotting The Simpsons GIFGiphy

"Who Shot Mr. Burns Pt. 1 because we spent the whole summer guessing."

"The Twisted World of Marge Simpson where Marge gets the pretzel franchise is an episode that I love. Jack Lemmon is great and some classic Homer and Fat Tony. 'You mean the mob only did me a favor to get something in return? Shame on you Fat Tony.'"


The Simpson's will never not be classic.

What are some of your favorite episodes that we missed? We know there's plenty. Sound off in the comment section.

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