the simpsons

Lego minis of The Simpsons cast of characters
Photo by Stefan Grage on Unsplash

The endurance of The Simpsons is incredible.

Who knew a cartoon family that never ages could live forever?

This show has been a cultural cornerstone.

And it doesn't seem like it's slowing down anytime soon.

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People Share The Coping Mechanisms They Had To Un-Learn After Leaving A Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships can have an affect on a person for ages - even after they are no longer in that situation. People learn survival techniques based on what's likely to earn them the smallest amount of scorn or abuse possible. Those coping mechanisms may be what we have to do in toxic situations, but when it's time to enter the world of healthy relationships those same coping mechanisms can be the proverbial iceberg to our Titanic.

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Redditor gonewild9676 has found himself in quite the predicament. His wife had a few ideas regarding their marriage and now he's a bit perplexed, to say the least.Take a listen...

My (46m) wife (41f) recently filed for divorce after shunning me for the last year but just told a mutual friend she really doesn't want one.

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Not having to earn a living through work is quite the luxury. You've only ever done small, non-demanding jobs and now yuo need a serious one. That can be quite the life shift. One Redditor Orbmave has had to face this experience and she needs help dealing. She wrote... Hey, Sorry if this is rambling and weird, Im having a rough time.

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The passing of time is both beautiful, and kind of tragic. There are things that we will never be able to experience. Species are lost, environments are lost, civilizations are lost, recipes are lost. All of that knowledge is gone. That's pretty sad, but with the advent of the internet people who have these little bits of knowledge can share them with the world.

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