It's nice to know what your good qualities are.

And even better, it's nice to be reminded of what they are and why they work for you. Everybody has something attractive about them. It's important to remember what you already bring to the table so that you can work to become a more well-rounded human.

Why do you think people are attracted to you?

u/cupcakelimao asked:

Why are people attracted to you?

Here were some of the answers.

The Best Medicine


Girls say it's because I make them laugh a lot, always know how to calm them down or cheer them up when they're falling on hard times and cause "you know so many things".

As far as looks go only one girl once said I had nice eyes.


Feeling And Being

I pretended to be confident (but not arrogant! BIG difference!) about the few things I have going for me for so long that people started telling me they really liked my confidence. That made me feel ACTUALLY confident, which helped me get better at dealing with other people in a more relaxed manner. It also made me feel better about going to the gym, even though I'm in terrible shape, and going to the gym while cooking my own meals helped me BE a more attractive person.

Now I'm married and I feel FANTASTIC.


Can A Smile Melt The Heart?

People compliment my smile and dimples.

Side note, as a young kid someone insulted my smile by saying it looks weird like my lips were just spread wide and stretched flat. Went home, practiced in a mirror, fixed weird smile in less than an hour, now it's my natural default smile, just took a bit of practice. Next day that same kid complimented me on smiling differently.


Nom Nom Nom

I have a weird sense of humour and am not really afraid to laugh at myself. Also apparently I'm a good kisser, but I can't really be my own judge on that, and that isn't really something that is immediately noticeable.


Can Someone Teach Me Those Social Skills

  1. Stopped saying I'm unattractive and self-pitying.
  2. Practiced normal social skills in front of a mirror.
  3. Began to like learning about other people.

The Facade

Because at first, I'm charming, bubbly, open to conversation and hella funny.

But that's my social gatherings face. It takes a lot of effort to be that way. Cracking jokes is in my nature, but I crank it up for an audience. And everything else is hard work. I've had people be drawn to me, only to realise the real me is a piss poor shadow of the person they thought I was. Depressed, afraid of any real connection and exhausted by social interaction.

So yeah, they're attracted to the face I put on, I suppose.


Betrayed By Da Booty

I started squatting 150 times a night 6 ish years ago. I did this because my ex boyfriend left me for a girl who wasn't "flat as a board". So people started to become attracted to me for my bigger butt. I think people are attracted to me still because of that but now mainly for the confidence I now carry myself with.

Him leaving me crushed me and my self esteem. Through squatting and seeing the difference I was making really made me proud of myself and I think it shows with how I carry myself now. Not trying to brag but I'm proud how I turned a negative thing into a positive aspect of myself. I know no one will probably read this but this post kind of made me discover how much growth I've had over the past few years.



I love an opportunity for positivity so I'm going to think of as many as I can real quick:

My excitement for life, my sense of humor, my independence, my ambition, my charisma/charm, how comfortable I am with other people, the fact that I love love, I celebrate things easily and make things fun and exciting even when they're ordinary, that I have so much passion, especially when it comes to seeing the good in others

Other than that: my high sex drive/interest in sex, high interest in kink. My lips, my eyes and my butt.


It Takes Darkness To Know Light

I listen, I learn about people and what matters to them, and I do my best to never take something about somebody for granted before I know better. I make comfortable eye contact, keep my hands to myself, offer to help people when it's something that I can do. I emphasize having fun together over winning when I play games with people, and I'm a good teacher. I take care of my hair, I have an easy grin, I like to sing, I stopped drinking over four years ago, I've recovered from living with a lot of shame and judgment in my heart for myself and others, and I'm pretty graceful and comfortable with my body from a background in dance and martial arts.

I care about my thoughts and about other people's thoughts, and give those thoughts and those people my attention and take the time to understand them and articulate them. I love people from the bottom of my heart. That's why they're attracted to me.


When Empathy Strikes


I have a tendency to feel other people's emotions as strongly as though they were my own, which apparently translates to many people as me being sweet, caring, and understanding. Honestly though, I don't really see it that way. I'm just trying to get through my day - it's merely circumstantial that other people's feelings affect me as strongly as mine.