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I can't count how many times I've come across amount where nothing makes sense and it feels like it's by design. Like, politics... WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA?!! There are pratfalls ready to take us all down at every turn and they are built into the everyday moments of life. Very cheeky God. Well played.

Redditor u/NiceCasualRedditGuy wanted to compare notes about what part of the ordinary we all feel is playing tricks on everyone by asking...

Why do snakes exist? Seriously, or alligators. Someone explain it truthfully. Because what science tells us, I believe is a farce. There had to better ways to catch and take down rodents and... humans. Who thought creepy beasts that could take you out with poison or a hundred teeth sounded like fun?


hacked computer virus GIF Giphy

Mcafee antivirus.


Man that thing is a virus. makes a new computer feel like a 7 year old computer.


be selfish...

The "Share" button on porn sites.


LOL!!! Has anyone ever pressed one besides that government guy a few years back? Can't remember his name. Oh and asking for a friend.


Hang Up

Robocalls about your car's extended warranty.


I started messing with the callers. Acting like I'm hard of hearing, speaking broken English, getting confused and having things repeated are great time wasters. Then they take me off the list because I'm an a-hole they don't want to deal with.



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Mosquitos. Wasn't even that long ago that a study proved that you could wipe them all out and it would not actually negatively impact ecosystems as much as previously thought and there is now a real effort to exterminate every last one of the bloodsucking fools.


Not the X

The ads that have the X inside the ad, so that when you click to close it, it takes you to the linked site.


Honestly wtf do they think will happen "I wasn't going to download your crappy mobile game with an ad that has nothing to do with gameplay but wow you tricked me into going to your website, I think I will give it a try."


See there? Now that is what I'm saying. How do any of those things add to the greater experience of life? At least in a positive way. It all seems unnecessary unless it's about driving people crazy. Let's see what else is keeping us up at night.

lacking wisdom...

I know they weren't meant to and once had a reason to exist, but by now: Wisdom teeth.


I don't have a single wisdom tooth. My dentist said he could count on one hand how many times he came across that.

Edit: This is now my top comment. I tried replying to everyone but I just couldn't do it. I'm sorry for every one that does have complications with their wisdom teeth.

There are some real horror stories in these comments. /u/Satures was completely right saying that they do mess with us now. I have to point out /u/anarrogantbastard because this person has 8 wisdom teeth and room for all of them. Can you believe that?! There was an unfortnate soul how had 4 sets (yes 4 sets) of wisdom teeth. And finally thank you /u/dcp0002 for the award.


Stay Awake

Bedbugs. They have no ecological benefit; and target only humans, almost exclusively just when the human hosts are sleeping, armed with natural anticoagulants and painkillers for enhanced, stealthy blood-sucking. Did I mention that bedbugs normally strike only in darkness, they're nearly invisible when young, they've mastered the art of hiding, they're immune to common insecticides, and they'll wait months (more than a year in some cases) without any nourishment while patiently waiting for feeding opportunities? Doomguy has never faced an enemy with such exceptional clandestine tactics.


Shrimp Instead...

clam GIF Giphy

Clamshell packaging. Forget that crap.


It's doubly annoying when the item that you just bought is a pair of scissors.

Why would you package something in such a way that needs the actual same item to open it?





Seriously. It's not something foreign, like an animal or poorly made printers. It's the own body's system completely loosing control of cell management. Our tech and advancements in science has only touched what a cure might look like. Cancer is the only answer here.

RIP Mama.


Butt Issues

homer simpson episode 6 GIF Giphy

Single ply toilet paper.


Might as well wipe your butt with your bare hand, TBH.


And why are there so many buttons on cars and planes that do nothing? If there is a button that has no use, lose it, it's only a distraction. And while driving and FLYING... no one should never be distracted. I forgot about those two. Food for thought.

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