People Share The Best Responses To The Question, 'Do You Know Who I Am?'
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"Do you know who I am?"

A question which often comes from an exasperated individual, who believes they are entitled to VIP treatment everywhere they go.

Occasionally, these people are indeed household names whom most everyone would likely recognize.

More often than not, however, people might need some reminding as to how or why said individual should be recognized.

Each and every time, though, the arrogant question is never justified, and is often greeted with an appropriate response.

Redditor brotherbrother99 was eager to know the best clap backs to this notorious question, leading them to ask:

"What is the best response to "'Do you know who I am?'"

That's starting to get old.

"I bet you use that line a lot."- michaelochurch.

Right back atcha!


"I AM!"- itskavia.

Need a reminder?

"Did you forget?"- Virtue-Killer-2.

Who Am I GIFGiphy

You tell me.

"No, who do you think you are?"- Random_puns.

I'll have to ask someone else.

“'Hey Brian, I’ve got a guy here who doesn’t know who he is!'"

"'Do you know who he might be?'”- llovejoy1234.

customer service call center GIFGiphy

I'll take a guess

"Ronnie Pickering."- Shadow_0852.

I'm getting a sense...

"I know who you think you are."- automoth.

I'll help you figure it out.

"My husband was working in construction."

"A guy came onto the job site giving the workers a hard time about something or other."

"When he started yelling at my husband for whatever, my husband basically ignored him."

"The guy goes, 'do you know who I am?'”

"My husband yelled across the site to his foreman, 'Joe! Call an ambulance, this guy doesn’t know who he is!'”- Littlepaintbrush0814.


"Yes, and I've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty."- ShadyMyLady.

Rightfully put in their place.

"There is the old joke about the British Prime Minister eating out during the war time and asking for extra butter with his bread, the waiter refused to which the PM, rather annoyed, asked "'do you know who I am?'"

"To which the waiter replied, 'yes, I do, but rather importantly you have forgot who I am, I am the man who responsible for the rations of the butter'."- ScholarImpossible121


Of course, when people do dare to ask "do you know who I am", they never realize that the people they ask this immediately discover the answer.

Which is someone absolutely no one wants to be around.

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