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Sketches of the human anatomy
Annie Spratt /Unsplash

We all know that the human body is very complex.

But even with all the recorded and available science, there are certain things about our bodies that continue to elude us, and medical experts can still get stumped about how the human form reacts unpredictably.

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Stacks of documents
Wesley Tingey/Unsplash

While many classified documents of disturbing cases are now accessible to the public, there are some things that have happened throughout history that are better left unknown.

Still, there will always be curious minds wanting to know the details of some of the most disturbing cases that were once strictly confidential information.

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man in black jacket and black pants standing beside red car during night time
Donny Jiang on Unsplash

An age old classic beginning to any horror movie is a car breaking down in an inopportune location.

In search of help, the car's passengers might find themselves asking to use the phone of a haunted house, in a town inhabited solely by demonic children, or in the woods where a monster lurks.

With this trope ingrained in our brains, finding ourselves with a flat tire or overheated engine is enough to put us on high alert no matter where we’re stuck.

But finding ourselves stranded in a place which isn’t so different from the settings of those classic horror movies will no doubt make our pulses raise and our teeth chatter a little bit harder…

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People Describe The Creepiest Thing That's Ever Happened To Them While Home Alone
Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Why is it that some of the most unsettling things happen when we're alone at home?

Could it be that our minds are playing tricks on us and we're imagining things that aren't there?

Probably, at least that's the hope.

Because someone with a burlap sack over their head with two eye holes cut out and attempting a home invasion would be an undesirable situation.

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People Describe The Creepiest Thing They've Ever Experienced In Their Life
Image by Veronica Bosley from Pixabay

Skeptics may believe there is a logical explanation for everything.

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