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There are creepers in our midst. Sometimes, they are the most unassuming types.

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The internet is a weird and haunted place full of moments that make you go

"What was that all about?"

Or worse

"Oh god I hope that's fake."

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A small town creates good conditions for myths, legends, and long-remembered tragedies.

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Stevica Mrdja / EyeEm / GettyImages

It seems like just about every town, no matter how big or small, has that one story. For a lot of people that story can be brushed off as a local urban legend - but not for the people in this article.

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Oh the things in life we can never unsee; or did we really see them? Whoever thought that the traumas and horrors that leave a lasting imprint and are emotionally inescapable could be unreal... as in, a hallucination. When you are living in a moment and that moment feels like a horror movie, the mind can be a weary warrior. Of course for so of us it would help to cut back on the drugs. Just a thought.

Redditor u/Sheo_of_Isles wanted to hear from everyone about a few tricks vision has played on them and left a scar by asking.... People who had hallucinations, what was the creepiest thing you have seen?

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