Amy Schumer is tackling football to show her support for the campaign against racism and police brutality emboldened by the efforts of ousted NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

When Rihanna declined her participation in the half-time show in solidarity with the take-a-knee movement, an impressed Schumer suggested that pop band Maroon 5 should to do the same.

"I wonder why more white players aren't kneeling," she wrote on Instagram.

"Once you witness the truly deep inequality and endless racism people of color face in our country, not to mention the police brutality and murders. Why not kneel next to your brothers?"

Schumer once appeared in a political-themed Super Bowl ad for Bud Light, "Raise One to Right Now," with Seth Rogen in 2016.

This year she is not making herself available and is aligning herself with Kaepernick.

The I Feel Pretty actress is asking others to follow suit in taking a knee, especially white NFL players, "Otherwise how are you not complicit?," she asked.

But her insistence is not just limited to players on the field.

"I think it would be cool if @maroon5 backed out of super bowl like @badgalriri Did," she wrote on Instagram, referring to the Adam Levine-led band.

"I personally told my reps I wouldn't do a Super Bowl commercial this year. I know it must sound like a privilege ass sacrifice but it's all i got."

The comedian's brothers and sisters of all colors stood by her in gratitude for her bold Instagram post.

Rihanna turned down the opportunity to headline the coveted half time performance, allegedly because of the NFL's treatment of Kaepernick.

The former quarterback, who has been out of the league for two years, filed a collusion lawsuit against the NFL citing that he was forbidden to play due to his personal political stances.

H/T - Instagram, Deadline, Mashable, dailyherald

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