Americans Explain What The Rest Of The World Isn't Ready To Hear Yet
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America is in the know about a few things.

I know it seems we're crazy and hostile.

That doesn't mean clueless or blind.

Say what you will but the one thing we're not is naive.

We're blunt. Just roll with it.

Redditor Tell_me_why- wanted everyone to sit down, take a deep breath and listen to some hard truths. They asked:

"Americans, what is the rest of the world not ready to hear?"

Why do humans hide our heads in the sand? You can't ignore reality. At least not for too long.

400 What?!?!

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"That someone personally spent over $400 million on a replica of Noah’s ark in Kentucky. Like actually. I’m not even kidding. It’s several football fields long."



"Twitter/Reddit are probably the worst representation of American culture possible. Life outside these two platforms are completely different no matter what way you spin it. Reason being, extremist opinions are the ones that get the most fake internet points, so thats all you will ever see."



"Most New Yorkers aren't psychopaths... all of us are."


"I find this so weird - I've been to NYC twice. Everyone was super friendly. Like way more friendly than I expect other Scottish people to be."

"At one point we were standing (to the side, we're not animals) trying to work out how to get somewhere and a nice man in a business suit stopped and helped us without asking? Admittedly, NYC was less friendly than the less of the US, but still way friendlier than I'm used to at home. Folks in shops would talk to you, folks on the bus would hear our accent and want to talk to us, it was honestly exhausting."


"American pizza"

"I went to Italy and there was a restaurant selling 'American pizza' which was pizza with french fries hot dogs and more ranch than pizza. He said it's authentic American pizza and it's how everyone eats pizza over there. I told him I'm from America and I've never once seen anyone eat that. He told me i was wrong and it's how all Americas eat pizza y'all are crazy too."


The Coolest

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"Henry Winkler gets even cooler after happy days."


"Met him at a comic con. Nicest guy, let anyone take pictures with him and giving hugs to everybody."


Oh the Fonze. Who knew he'd get a second wind?


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"KFC will have a new seasoning on the chicken sandwiches."


No Laughs

"M*A*S*H is better without the laugh track."


"I just listened to a podcast that mentioned this today (Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend) - apparently there was a rule that they could never use a laugh track while they were in the operating room. The guest of the episode (Stephen Merchant) explained how he thought MASH was great in the UK, then saw it in the US with the laugh track and thought 'My god, Hawkeye’s an a-hole!'"


Sunshine State People

"The only reason 'Florida Man' exists is because of Florida's laws about the accessibility of crime documentation, which makes it a goldmine for tabloid journalism."


Bad America

"America isn’t the best by far, but as an African American I know the racism in other big countries is way more overt, I’ve experienced it and sadly realized America is one of the few places I can live in somewhat peace."


"No doubt. The racism in America can be very subtle at times but in other countries when they’re racist, holy crap, they’re freaking racist! Like mimic a monkey, throw a banana at you racist. It was wild to experience."


Still Important

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"The use of the Metric system is way more prevalent than you think."


It's time to face realities. We can't ignore facts or life. Move along.

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