Amateur Daredevils Reveal Life's Most Dangerous Minigames


Amateur Daredevils Reveal Life's Most Dangerous Minigames

They say fortune favors the bold, but they didn't say how bold. Think about it, most of us make some seriously dangerous decisions every single day. We're regular daredevils! One reddit user asked:

Similar to 'resting your eyes' after shutting off your alarm, what are some of life's most dangerous mini-games?

Listen, the people who responded clearly do not have their sh!t together. It's a group of procrastinating, food-sniffing, rogue poopers.

**I love them. **

Game Time Bubble Guts

Eating that food that you know might f* up your stomach before any type of performance or sport.

Ignore It And It'll Go Away

"How Long Can I Ignore My Bank Account Balance/That Weird Noise My Car is Making/That Weird Random Pain Without Going to the Doc."

Allergy Testing

"Am I still allergic to this food?"

Paper Status

Pooing in public toilet without checking the toilet paper status.


"I'll go to bed in 30 minutes."

"Oh s* it's 4:36am. Well, gotta wait till 5am now."

Time Traveling

Laying down and looking at my phone.

Whoops, there goes 2 hours.

Balancing The Budget

If you're in college: I can afford to go out to eat today as long as I don't need to drive tomorrow.

Squat In The Ditch

"I can hold it until I get home." Then you hit the backed up construction zone and find yourself pulling over to squat in the ditch.

Time To Write Your Paper

Paper due at 23:59, waiting until 22:00 to begin

Hello, procrastination, my old friend

You're Full

Ignoring that voice telling you that you probably don't want to eat that last slice of pizza or taco.

The Layover

Plane in arrives at 4:00, plane out leaves at 4:30


Not using the bathroom before the drive home from work.

Making Dreams A Reality

Peeing in a dream.

Due Tomorrow? Do Tomorrow

Yeah I'll do my homework before i sleep or in the morning.

How Much Of A Warning Do We Actually Get?

Riding the fuel warning light.

The Shortcut

Taking an unknown shortcut because you're late.

What Did You Just Say?

Making an under-the-breath comment during an argument with your significant other.

Chef Danger

Starting to cook a meal without checking if you have all the ingredients

Sleep Math

Let me calculate what time it is and how many shows I can watch before I get the minimum amount of sleep I need to survive tomorrow.

Write It Down

"I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it"

H/T: Reddit

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