Moments People Genuinely Wondered 'What The Hell Am I Doing With My Life?'

We all reach points where we wonder if our choices were correct.

How can we not look back and try to figure out the road map that got us where we are?

It's an exhausting experience.

And sometimes the idea of self-reflection catches us by surprise.

But it can be an essential ask.

Redditor WielderOfTheSpear wanted to hear from people rethinking it all. So they asked everyone:

"What's one moment you found yourself asking yourself 'What the hell am I doing with my life?'"

I wonder about my life choices everyday.

Tell me I'm not alone.


kyle mooney trash GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy

"When i had to move several bags of trash out of my shower so i could clean myself, only there wasn’t really any space to put them because... more trash bags. granted i was living in a really tiny space, but this was the moment i stopped and really had to think for a moment. started on antidepressants a couple months later."


"When I pawned my wedding ring to buy more pain pills. That particular incident actually got me to go get help. Been clean 11 years now and got my ring back a few months later. As sh*tty as that incident was, I needed that, and it probably saved my life. Addiction sucks so bad."



"I was working nights, going to college days, and socializing and sleeping at... ummm... huh. Got so exhausted I was hallucinating while driving. Finally snapped when I realized I had to go to work again and hadn't slept since the last time I had to go to work and was breaking down physically and mentally."

"F**k this, went to bed and slept 2 days. And since 2 no-call no-shows was a fireable offence, I was now blissfully unemployed."



"Ordered 2 large pizzas and ate through both while sitting in bed. Literally no dopamine hit from any bite. Decided that food no longer gave me pleasure and from there I lost 115lbs."

"I also wanna paint a picture of how pathetic this was. I brought both pizzas to bed. Not slices, no plates. I ate them straight outta the box. And no bite tasted good. It was just an empty feeling of sadness. And I stained my sheets."



"When i realized i am the only one complaining about life and regrets to my friends. I feel that I have been in the same place for a long time and still expect things to be the same way as they were long ago."

"I think i tricked myself into believing that everything in life will fall into place at the right time whereas nothing even remotely similar to this has ever happened."

"I am afraid of being known as the guy who never left his parent's house. Who always lived in the shadow of other people just to survive."


Oh life, full of the drama.

Travel Issues


"I cried in an airport because my flight home got cancelled. Had a traveling job where I was gone at least 1 week a month and it was making me depressed and anxious."

"A nice lady gave me a hug and thought a family member died or something. Then she told me to quit my job."



"A former colleague of mine left the company and is making at least 50% more pay, along with equity and a full WFH situation. We had both been with the company about the same amount of time at that point, but I have six more years of experience. I'm looking for a job now."

"But, to be fair, my income is well above average already. It's just that I'm in a very high-demand career in which you don't even have to be the best of the best of the best (sir!) to command high salaries."


Most of my Life

"It’s most days honestly but most recently when looking into buying a house. The advice was to make sure you are good with being there at least five years before wanting to move or it’s a bad decision and it got me thinking about my job and social situation and all that. Basically it came down to I don’t even want to be here tomorrow but I’m sort of ok with it and I realized that describes most of my life, I don’t really like it but I can put up with it."


August 2021...

"When my boyfriend at the time was in the kitchen arguing with the woman whom he was currently cheating on me with... I was literally in between them as they were about to physically attack one another."

"This happened in August 2021, 3 days before my birthday. That same day he kicked me out of our home because I 'brought problems to the house' with just the clothes on my back."

"I lived in my car for about 2 weeks because I was too proud and embarrassed to go to my parents. Eventually, I went back to mom and dad's and 2 months later I got my own place and had it furnished with a stool and my bed."

"By August 2022, my apartment is fully furnished, I had gotten a promotion with better pay and hours, I traveled, saw some pretty awesome concerts, but most importantly I learned to love myself again and learned how to live w/o the anxiety of putting someone before me and worrying if I was doing too much or not enough."




"Now, as I'm struggling to finish my PhD. The mental health burden and burnout is so bad that I've cried while doing my tasks more times than I can count, it doesn't really increase my employability... honestly I don't know why I'm doing this."


Life will be what we make of it.

Choose wisely. And it's okay to choose another path upon reflection!

Do you have similar experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

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