People Break Down The Things That Are So Addictive They Should Be Considered A Drug

People Break Down The Things That Are So Addictive They Should Be Considered A Drug
Myriam Zilles on Unsplash

Many of us have a tendency to obsess over things, whether they're behavioral or tangible. You know the feeling. You just can't stop thinking about them.

But if our fixations get to the point where we are letting them interfere with our lives, are the detriments something to be concerned about or should we trust our ability to control ourselves?

Curious to hear about the things we love so much, it's almost criminal, Redditor mred6453 asked:

"What's not a drug but is so addictive that it could be classified as one?"

Our social engagement is an extension of who we are. And that's a problem.

That Device

"Phones :( i really hate taking a dump without it."

– Apozero

Our Current Activity

"Scrolling reddit posts."

– razeronion

"This is more true than people realize. Scrolling works very similarly in the brain as actual drugs and can cause very real negative side effects such as addiction and feeling more anxiety and depression in general."

"The theory is that if you use too much of anything that causes an instant surge of dopamine the balance in the brain shifts so that what used to cause the 'high' becomes the new normal and the old normal feels like something's missing. All of a sudden it will be impossible to wait five minutes for the train without looking at you phone several times while you slowly start to show signs of depression and anxiety in your life."

– the_monkey_of_lies

The Usual Suspects

"gambling, video games, internet, social media."

– nutcrackr

These aren't drugs, but they sure taste good.

The Treat That Keeps On Giving

"Chips and salsa"

– CrumbledTheCookies

"I eat this every day. I’ve gone to the store just because I’m out of salsa, and then I have to come up with other stuff to buy to justify the trip. It’s crazy."

– emthejedichic

What's Not To Love?


– KitKatCrunchie

Soft Drink, Hard To Quit

"Not being flippant, I can not for life, health, or wealth give up Coca-Cola. I've tried for 30 years and withdrawal is not something I can manage to get through. I go back every time."

"EDIT TO ADD: It isn't physical, I don't get headaches or other bodily symptoms. It's psychological withdrawal issues."

– misslilytoyou

This'll Make You Smile


– hollywhyareyouhere

"Someone on the Internet once said cheese is heroin but for people with jobs."

– Tthelaundryman

White Powder


– 94H_Civ_Equiv

"Came here to say this. In the lives of those who abuse sugar, it usually fits a good part of the definition of addiction: 'continued use in the face of harm.' As it says in The Book of The Subgenius, 'If sugar was discovered today, it would be a controlled substance. Sure, cocaine is pretty damn bad for you, but at least it’s not half your kid’s diet!'”

– SantaRosaJazz

Some people tend to engage in these behaviors too often.

Delay, Delay, Delay


– Superfruitdrastic

"Wasn’t there a thing called revenge bedtime procrastination? Like you delay your bedtime so you can keep the next day further away?"

– obiwantogooutside

Importance Of We


– Zer0Summoner

"That's exactly what I was going to say! You're smart, and probably also attractive!"

– tarlton

Questionable Payoff

"Academic validation. I made myself miserable for years so I could become valedictorian. For what?"

– Its_Me_again21

"I look back at those years now and realize I missed out on some basic experiences: concerts, school dances (prom), camping trips with friends, pizza/movie/game nights…"

"I will never get them back. Sure, I can host and/or attend them now, but it’s different during those formative years."

– jimbolic

I'm shamelessly addicted to coffee.

The aroma alone puts me in a happy place.

I probably drink too much of it, however, as I've become numb to the effects of caffeine.

Some people drink tea at night, I have two cups of coffee to get me to bed. Maybe that's bad, but if the powers that be ever bans coffee, hold my espresso.

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