People Share Their Absolute Favorite Non-Sexual Feelings
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Life is chaotic and difficult.

Most things are out of our control, plenty of those things are tragic and stressful, and everybody else is facing the same uphill battle, so receiving regular support isn't always a sure thing.

But there are moments where all that chaos seems to subside. These stolen slices of comfort are unfortunately all too brief. You may strike on one every couple days at most.

And so many of these simple pleasures involve physical sensation. The stress of life can leave us in the realm of thought full time if we're not careful.

These brief encounters with pleasure, however, remind that we are human beings and we live in a concrete world that we can touch.

Voltaire1778 asked, "What are some of the best non sexual feelings?"

Just a Good Day

"For somebody who struggle with social anxiety it's that moment right after meeting when you are heading home..."

"...kind of relief mixed with happiness that you had glimpse of normal social life and you know you've done well."

-- SpartaGoose

Dry and Warm 

"Changing into pajamas and dry socks after you come home soaked with rain." -- LucyVialli

"Yes. I often come home in soaking wet muddy PPE after work, putting those soft trackies and a hoodie on is bliss. Bonus points if the wife has lit the fire." -- ac07682

"Especially if they have been warned up on the radiator first, semi orgasmic bliss." -- kerrangutan

Open the Flood Gates

"Taking a piss after holding it in way too long" -- alpengeist19

"I raise you... Pooping after holding it in for way too long." -- nappythenfappy

"Best is when it's 5 am and you slide back into bed." -- kahoots

"A beer and a dart go together like a piss and a fart." -- gerbil_juice52


"Drinking water when you're very dehydrated." -- cyainanotherlifebro

"In that moment you know you are truly a sl*t for water, daddy water is just never enough and you can never be without H2Ohhhhh." -- Deus-system-failed

"2am ice cold water better than any food I've ever tasted..." -- minecraftspiderweb

A Wave Washes Over

"Do you know the feeling when something really hurts you and the pain subsides? Your body suddenly relaxes and you could just lie down and sleep." -- Daniel_85

"like being on an injured ankle all day and then propping it up on a pillow after getting home?" -- lambofgun

"When period pains subside! It feels like such a blessing when that happens!!" -- chaipattee

Palpable Love

"When you mum cooks your favourite meal without telling you and you find your plate ready" -- psychotictornado

"Your in your room doing hw or playing half life, and out of no where. 'DINNER' you come down and see a plate of jambalaya. Best feeling ever." -- bisexualflame

Encountered Comfort 

"Petting a kitten and hearing it purr." -- Billbapawpaw

"My cat doesn't purr, he does that thing where he rubs his paws on my leg and doesn't realize it hurts." -- Sammy6appless

"When your grumpy cat who doesn't like sitting on laps, comes to sit on your lap. You are the chosen one!" -- teuchterK

Rubbing and Scratching 

"Head scratches and backrubs" -- Woah_thereSatan

"Who let a dog have Reddit" -- FIROEDA

"Back scratches and head rubs?" -- tjsearles

"Belly rubs" -- jrwhill

The Joy of Stepping Off Two Metal Blades

"You ever ice skate for hours then switch back to regular shoes? 🤤" -- lei-ra

"See also: ski boots and high heels" -- stonegallows

"I'm a hockey player, i've played for 3 years now and i can confirm." -- Redditor101354

Chills All Down Your Neck 

"When the music just hits" -- GorgeousGamer99

"I love it when I find a new song that just hits something directly in my soul."

"And then I proceed to replay that song 400 times over the next two weeks until any and all emotion has been beaten out of it." -- Dahhhkness

A Few Favorites

"Taking off your clothes after working on a hot day especially if you work in a kitchen"

"Listening to someones heart beat while cuddling"

"Having someone play with your hair or tickle your neck"

-- Calvin1228

60 to 0

"The feeling of an adrenaline surge subsiding the instant after the fear passes."

"Like right after you narrowly miss getting hit by a car. Or when you're bouldering and your foot slips but you catch yourself in time and save yourself from plummeting to the earth."

"That sh!t feels amazing."

-- DetectiveNickStone

Sound Everywhere

"Ever been to an airshow. The feeling in your gut when a fighter jet (or plane with similar engines) flies past."

"Sooo much power! Feels good man."

-- ant_exe

Autumn's Best Elements

"Crisp fall morning, Leather jacket, seeing your breath vaporize in the cold air. Fall colors. The feeling of the leather jacket against leather seats the the car."

"I don't know why, but all of that is euphoric."

-- StanYelnats3

The Ominous Moments

"For me it's always been waking in the early dawn at about 4am, and just laying in bed listening to the blackbirds singing while half asleep and feeling at peace with the world."

"Also, there are certain sounds like a motorbike or a train passing by in the distance that always evoke a sort of weird, existential empty feeling for me. Specifically at dusk/night time. It's a bit hard to describe but I like it."

-- LottietheMoomin

Nothing But Potential

"The 15 minutes after the final bell on the last day of school before summer vacation as a child. Just hanging out in the playground waiting for your mom to come pick you up (or the school bus)..."

"...and the pure, total freedom of weeks and weeks and weeks of summer ahead and nothing to do but play with your friends outdoors every day."

-- fromthenorth79

Respites from Discomfort

"These are two weird ones but for some reason I like them."

"That great feeling in your stomach after you throw up and hopping in the shower when you're sick hits different."

-- BeesechurgerJoe

In Good Hands

"When somebody trusts you enough to fall asleep while you're driving."

"Legit the best feeling I have ever experienced, knowing that they feel safe enough to fall asleep while their life is in my hands."

-- SaltlessLemons

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