There's a line between showing someone how you feel and just being plain creepy. Here, 21 guys share what they think makes a girl err on the side of creepiness.

1/21. My friend was dating a girl for a couple of months when she told him that she was pregnant and he was the father. He broke up with her after that because...they had never had sex.


2/21. I once dated a girl who, after about six months of dating, mentioned marriage. That would have been fine if it weren't for this little doozy... "We've been together for like two years". At first I thought she just misspoke. But after some more discussion she was entirely sure we had been dating for two years. I had only been in that country for eight months and met her shortly thereafter...


3/21. I had a buddy, his ex tried to poison him by putting windshield wiper fluid in his ice cubes. He was a day laborer and drank tons of water. He started to put it together when the water tasted funny all the time and he kept getting bad headaches.


4/21. Talking about the size of the dicks of the guys they've been with. As if thats somehow going to impress me or make me competitive. This has happened to me twice.


5/21. When she keeps looking at your dick while you're having a conversation. Hey lady, my eyes are up here.


6/21. Randomly meowing like a cat. Had a girl do this all the time and I never knew how to respond.


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7/21. I can fix you - first date.


8/21. I met a girl at a bar one night and she gave me her number. I called the next day and we made plans for the weekend. We went to dinner and had a few drinks while listening to the band. The night was getting on and we decided to head back to her place. Things got quiet during the car ride when out of nowhere she turned to me and said in a deep voice, " Your mother's name is Dorothy and you are the antichrist". I immediately asked, "What?" Her reply was, "Oh sometimes I just say weird things".


9/21. If they use that quote, If you can't handle me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best", I can guarantee you they're a f*cking whack job.


10/21. Waiting until everyone's asleep, and then talking to herself in multiple voices, giggling sporadically.

Freaked my friend right the hell out.


11/21. Sends you bizarre messages on Facebook using various aliases every six months even though you haven't seen her in a decade or so. The most recent one was about two weeks ago sent at 4:30am.


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12/21. Girls that look to add you to their collection

"Oh, I've never been with a tall guy/black guy/uber driver before".

I had someone try to sleep with me strictly because she had slept with my twin brother, and "wanted to complete the set."


13/21. When she keeps texting you every 5 minutes if don't answer right away. Stage 5 clinger.


14/21. I know one girl who still checked her ex-boyfriend's email 4 years after they broke up. I guess he never changed his password.


15/21. Horse posters. Stay away from the ones with horse posters.


16/21. A girl I dated once broke into my pad when I wasn't there and touched a bunch of my shit and went through things. She tried to make up some excuse about forgetting her key, but she failed to acknowledge I had locked the doors. Turns out she stole my house key, made a copy of her own, then came around to chill when I wasn't there.


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17/21. Breaks up, marries some creepo, then calls you up saying she made a mistake and wants to be with you without getting divorced first.


18/21. Talking about kid names at week two. NOPE....


19/21. Showing up places uninvited. Acting (and talking) like you're further along in the relationship than you are. Actions or conversation designed to show ownership over you.


20/21. Crazy eyes. I'm talking about you can see her entire iris and it looks like she's trying to keep her eyes open as wide as possible. Something about it just makes them seem dead inside


21/21. Creeping through your phone/FB inbox. With my wife, I'm an open book; she knows my passwords and has access to all of that stuff. But she never goes through it because she's not an insecure mess.

My ex on the other hand....I never gave her any of my passwords because I didn't trust her. She creeped through my computer a few times when I was asleep. There's no need for that even though I have nothing to hide. Just let me have some privacy, and trust me.



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