People Break Down The Absolute Worst Time To Break Up With Somebody

If you think about it, planning a breakup isn't all that different than planning a proposal.

In both cases, you need to find a perfect time appropriate for the moment.

Of course, the biggest difference between the two is the outcome.

Even if there is a small chance both parties will leave a proposal unhappy, both parties leaving a breakup on the emotional side is all but guaranteed.

Making it all the more important to carefully choose where and when you want to tell your partner you are ending things.

Redditor echo0o0o0o0 was curious to hear the absolute worst scenarios for a break-up, leading them to ask:
"When is the worst time to break up with somebody?"

At Their Highest Or Their Lowest...

"After having sex or when they‘re grieving a tragic event."- realstareyes

Then Again, What If It Was Bad?...

"Just after having sex with them."- Sir-Poopenheimer

No One Deserves Grief On Top Of Grief...

"After somebody in their family has died."- wetlettuce42

Especially If You're The Father!

"At hospital while she's giving birth."- gpharaoh87

birth GIFGiphy

I Mean, Have a Heart!

"My stepmom just divorced my dad while he’s going through treatment for brain cancer."

"That was really sh*tty."- CarsoniousRex

It Doesn't Have To Be Cheating...

"After cheating on them."

"Do it before."

"A memoir to my ex."-iamskript

Just Plain Cruel

"On their birthday."

"Right before Christmas."- ChaoticCherryblossom

Happy Birthday GIF by NickelodeonGiphy

Always Do It In Person. Always

"I tried to break up with my gf for 2 days and she wouldn't let me talk long enough to do it so I left her a voicemail when she was in class lmao."- s1ayerzer0

At Least Not At The Altar...

"Probably the day of your wedding."- Try_Human

...Gonna Need Some Details On This One...

"3:15pm."- pete_forester

hey arnold nicksplat GIFGiphy

Unless You Want Them To Fail... Stil Tacky...

"Before dealing with an exam."

"Personal experience."- ladanyilatz

Let Them Get Some Good News Before More Bad News

"When they're diagnosed with a terminal, potentially terminal, or bad chronic illness."- FelTheWorgal

Probably Worrying About Being Dumped

"When they are having a nervous breakdown."- Mindless-Ad9783

A Lump Of Coal Would Be Less Cruel

"Say merry Christmas to them, hand them an empty present, then give em the news!"- Trullydidit22

sad tori anderson GIF by Hallmark Movies & MysteriesGiphy

Not The Surprise They Were Hoping For

"On their birthday through their answering machine while their apartment is full of their friends throwing a surprise party."- Efficient_Ad2249

Truth be told, there will never be a "good" time to end a relationship.

But there are indeed some times which are much worse than others.

Choose carefully, and wisely.

Do you have any bad breakup stories? Let us know in the comments below.

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