People Share The Worst Thing Their Parents Ever Caught Them Doing As A Kid

People Share The Worst Thing Their Parents Ever Caught Them Doing As A Kid
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You likely drove your parents a little crazy.

Admit it.

We're all guilty of it. But what's the worst thing you've ever done? We'll give you a moment to think about that.

In the meantime, take some inspiration from redditfool_12, who asked the online community:

"What's the worst thing your parents caught you doing as a kid?"

(Chances are... you weren't all that bad.)

"When we were about 6 years old..."

When we were about 6 years old me and a friend were having a contest seeing who could pee the furthest out the third story window. Some nosy lady from across the street ratted us out to his parents... I still think I won but we didn't get a chance to check who peed the furthest.


How embarrassing. And maybe you did win!

"My mom got 5 year old me..."

My mom got 5 year old me one of those giant novelty suckers that came with a pretty sturdy wooden handle. I decided to test the strength of the stick by pushing it against my bedroom wall as hard as possible. Such a STRONG stick!!!

Dad walked in just as I poked a 6 inch hole in the drywall. My little sister had fallen asleep with her sucker the day before and got the whole thing stuck in her hair.

No more giant suckers.


"Two memories..."

Two memories come to mind.

The first one was when I was 6 or so. I was a fairly curious child and one day I took a giant poop. After I cleaned up, I decided to get a pair of gloves and dissect my poop to see what all was in it. My mom caught me and gave me hell about it all the way through adulthood.

The second was when I had my first serious boyfriend over. I was 16 and my sister was 3 or 4. Being a little kid, she always wanted to come into my room. My curious little sister was the only reason I was allowed to close my bedroom door when he was over. My boyfriend and I decided to fool around and pushed my beanbag in front of the door to slow down any intruders. Well, I wind up on my knees and lo and behold here comes my Mom opening the door. She couldn't get the door opened all the way, but she saw enough. The next morning when she was driving me to school she said very awkwardly, "honey, please don't put your beanbag in front of the door anymore."


"Our younger brother..."

Mopping/painting the garage floor with oil and destroying a waterbed with steak knives. My brother and I were both under the age of 5 when these things happened. He's older than me by about a year and a half and made other horrendous messes before I could start participating in them including opening all the kool aid packets on to the kitchen floor and emptying an entire can of crisco onto the bottom few steps in the house. He was bad.

Our younger bother is 6 years younger than me and was way worse in the mess department. He threw all my bottles of nail polish all over my room and destroyed most of my stuff so I wasn't allowed to have any more. He cut up most of our pictures from when we were kids. Remember when you could refill your own ink cartridges at home with a kit? He sprayed a whole pack of that stuff all over the living room including the ceiling. Ruined the carpet completely.


"Big trouble for me."


Told my mom I was going into the woods to "build a fort." I went into the woods but brought my Game Boy which I was grounded from and a supply of batteries. Played Pokemon out there for several hours next to a tree until my mom came out into the woods and found me. Big trouble for me.


You rascal! So how far did you get in your Pokemon game? What did you catch?

Sending dirty emails to a stranger I met on omegle. I was like 12, pretending to be 16 (I thought that was Mature). I only got grounded for like two weeks.


Two weeks? Sounds like you got off very easy.

"We found..."

Not me, but my best friend growing up. We found some porno mags in a field behind his house that he took home. When he would take a shower, he would cut out images of the girls, stick them to the inside of the shower and do the deed, then flush the pic. Eventually he had a porno mag consisting of all men, with the women all cut out. Needless to say, his dad found them and thought he was gay for a few years before talking with him about it.


"One time my mother..."

One time my mother walked in on my girlfriend and I having sex, to tell me that my father cut his finger off, and that they were going to hospital.

There was a lot to unpack in that moment.


No doubt. Hopefully your father was okay!

"I can't remember..."

I can't remember how old I was, but I was playing with an arrow (no tip on it) and I had the bright idea to walk up behind my dad while he was working on the mower and crack him in the back of his head with it.


"Neighbor girl..."

Neighbor girl convinced me to play doctor. Seemed like a good idea at the time.



So at the age of two my big brother invited me to pee on the floor. My parents heard that and prohibited doing so. Later they found out I had pooped on the floor. With zero drops of pee.


"Watching shows..."

Watching shows that were designed for people younger than me. It sounds innocuous, I know, but in their eyes it was a horrible thing to do and it made me a "little baby."


"My mom caught me..."

My mom caught me stealing Monopoly money and Legos from people's houses because I thought I could cash them in for quick cash.


"I was trying to play dentist..."

I was trying to play dentist when I was about 5 or 6 and was trying to extract one of my brother's teeth.


"I was 8 or 9..."

I was 8 or 9 and I was shooting out my bedroom window at hubcaps on cars with my brand new BB gun. It was making a cool sound and it was really fun to shoot at moving targets.


Hopefully all of these kids lived down these experiences -- and that their parents don't bring them up at every large family gathering.

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