The Worst Things About Being 'Skinny'

Who hasn't on one occasion or another looked at someone with a svelte physique and become green with envy?

Wishing that we looked like them, and compelling us to hit the gym and lose a few pounds.

As such, we often roll our eyes when skinny folk complain about their weight and/or appearance.

But should we be throwing them the cold shoulder or offering a shoulder to cry on instead?

As maybe being skinny, by choice or simply genetics, might not be as easy or glamorous as it appears.

Redditor Nmalacane25 was curious to hear the downsides, if any, of being paper thin, leading them to ask:
"What is the worst thing about being skinny?"

Lack Of Padding For Your Bones

"Its so easy to hit your pelvic bone on the side into things, and it hurts so much."- Lord_Botond

"My partner and I are both skinny."

"When we are intimate it often happens that it's just bone on bone which is not comfortable."

"Like this morning we where spooning. "

"I was the little spoon."

"And he had his arm resting on my hip."

"That's all it takes."

"There is just no soft cushion between us."- SnowdropWorks

Treated Like A Doll On A Shelf...

"People feel the need to just pick you up all the time."

"Put me down!"

"I don't care how strong you are!"- JBroms

Carrying Pick Up GIF by The Only Way is EssexGiphy

More Noticeable Changes in Appearance

"People noticing every fluctuation in weight."- Own-Discussion5137

Cuddling Impaired

"Lap isn’t as comfy for dog to sit on."- DontStopMe_

"Do You Have This In My Size?"

"Finding pants that fit."- Vigothedudepathian

Golden Girls Pants GIF by TV LandGiphy

Unfair Assumptions...

"People assuming you have an eating disorder."- Sirens-Song69

We Can Squeeze You In

"As someone who was underweight in my childhood up to my early 20’s, and suddenly obese in my 30’, It doesn’t matter what weight you are, people will always have something to say about it."

"But one thing I HATED about being skinny, was always being the one to have to sit in the middle seat in the car."- Wild-Bee-7415

No Seatbelt Strong Enough

"It's easier to be tossed around in a fight."- meitz88

Shook Star Trek Voyager GIF by Star TrekGiphy

Always Needing To Bring A Cushion

"Going to an amusement park and realizing that no one else thinks the seats on the rides are too hard."

"I was in pain."- tiredfoodlover

As the saying goes, "the grass is always greener in someone else's yard."

Next time you're seated next to someone who doesn't seem to have an ounce of fat on their body, think twice before letting jealousy or judgement get the better of you.

Instead, maybe consider how lucky you are that the hard chair or bench you're sitting on is far more uncomfortable for them...

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