Funerals at difficult events and everyone handles their grief in different ways. Most of the time a funeral or wake is a solemn time where family and friends father to share fond memories, comfort each other, and grieve. However, sometimes things don't always go according to plan.

We all know that one person who can't seem to grasp social protocol or one that perhaps just chooses not to. In this article, these often ended in after-the-fact laughter although at the moment no one exactly found it funny. Some of the worst this writer has seen are the pastor presiding being unwilling to say to the family of the deceased would make it to heaven cause they swore and didn't attend church and an uncle looking at one of the grandkids during a beloved grandmothers funeral and the only words he spoke were to his 20+ year old niece commenting on her tattoo by asking *during the wake* "why would you do that to your body!?" know, because that is the appropriate time.

Wanting to hear the worst things people have experienced at a funeral Redditor UniqueCreativeName asked the online community:

"What's the worst thing you heard or said at a funeral?"

Good try though...

​“'Don't worry, you'll be with him soon' - my sister to my grandma at my grandad's funeral. My grandma was crying, me and my family aren't openly emotional people so I still give her credit for trying.” amievenrealrightnow

TMI Grandpa...

​“My grandma died before my grandpa. Since my grandpa was a navy veteran (WWII and Pearl Harbor survivor), he got a free plot in a military cemetery. At this cemetery, they stack married couples one on top of the other.”

So, we are at the cemetery, and they are lowering my grandma down, and my grandpa asks, ‘so, if I had died first, they would have put me in first and put her on top of me?’”

“The cemetery worker said, ‘yep.’ My grandpa responded, ‘huh. We never tried it that way before.’” macbubs

Some good ol’ Team America.

Aunt passed away, wasnt really close with her. She was part of a church in upper state New York somewhere and a bunch of older folks I never saw before showed up (like 50 people over the age of 65). Me and my younger brother are sitting towards the back listening to one of the guys tell stories to everyone about her when he gets to a part that I will never forget.”

He tells a story about how after she was placed in an old folks home she ‘escaped’ and they couldnt find her for like 2 hours. They called the police and finally found her riding around in a golf cart at the local country club that was like 2 miles down the road from the old folks home.”

As he is telling this story and everyone is having a nice laugh he says "I wish she would send us a sign letting us know how much she loved us"...suddenly my younger brothers phone goes off. The song it was set to? ‘America F**k Ya’ but the part where it just starts singing ‘AMERRRRRICA, F**K YA!’”

The entire church looks at us and as I am trying to hold back my laughs my little brother says ‘Its a sign from Aunt Francese, she says thank you’. I was laughing so hard that I had to excuse myself from the room.” Gromby

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“My aunt talking about the foursome she was planning with another couple at the gravesite of my grandpa. My uncle went mental, probably the first time I've ever agreed with him."

“edit: No, sorry, not planning to do it on his gravesite, just discussing it on the funeral as we were waiting for the hearse." nyises

*stunned silence*

​“‘My father was married 4 times. I believe the two that he honestly loved the most were the first, my mother, and the last, his widow.’ Said by my uncle with all ex 3 wives in the audience.” skoolboyjew

“...the entire funeral party was looking on in horror.”

My aunt died. Her husband has Asperger's and didn't really know how to cope with social situations; that was always her job. She chose to be cremated and have her ashes incorporated into a reef ball.”

“So at the funeral I asked my uncle how long the reef ball would be around and after a few conversational rabbit holes we ended up talking about the percentage of my aunt that was in the atmosphere vs. the percentage that ended up in the reef ball (because of the cremation process).”

My uncle and I didn't realize this was weird, until my mom tapped me on the shoulder and we realized the entire funeral party was looking on in horror. My uncle is chill though, we still talk. My aunt didn't have a lot of money and regretted that she couldn't leave me anything, so after his business started doing better a few years later he bought me my first car in her honor.” Zouea

Strangest Things Seen In A Contract's Terms And Conditions | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Oh noooo...

​“My father's phone ringing during the middle of a eulogy. His ring tone is the stabby music from psycho. I was sitting right next to him doing the best I could to sink through the pew I was sitting in.” techniforus

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New meaning for dad jokes...

Didn't know my Dad's family. At the cemetery they're all off by themselves while we wait for the hearse with the ashes to show up. I walk over and say, ‘It's now 1:05. My father is late for his own funeral.’ No one said anything. They just moved slowly away.” bigtimejohnny

Way to crash a funeral...

“I couldn't make my grandmothers funeral but my brother told me this one. My cousin, who is like 15 at the time, gets up and makes a beautiful eulogy about grandma that couldn't be any sweeter. My estranged aunt had come to the funeral and in the middle of the eulogy of this 15 year old girl she loudly says, "am I in the right place? She surely isn't talking about my mom". It didn't go over .” Dirtybux

While many these responses were hilarious its best to try and be as respectful as possible of the dead.

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