Funerals at difficult events and everyone handles their grief in different ways. Most of the time a funeral or wake is a solemn time where family and friends father to share fond memories, comfort each other, and grieve. However, sometimes things don't always go according to plan.

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I've often thought that I may one day fake my death, just to see who would show up at my funeral, and just to see what they would say.

We all know that the true tea is spilled after one has stopped breathing. So many of us play a good game of nice when we're all in corporeal form, but once that heart ceases to beat, honey those knives are coming out.

I have been to funerals that could rival episodes of 'Dynasty.' The things we say at a funeral can only possibly be topped by truths we tell at a wedding. And it's all a mess.

Redditor u/harumin24 wanted to hear about the tea that is spilled when saying farewell to the dead by asking:

What's the worst thing you've heard someone say about the deceased at their funeral?
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Image by Carolyn Booth from Pixabay

People grieve in various ways after losing a loved one, and no one can tell them how to cope as they process their emotions.

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Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Death is scary. It brings the unknown of the great beyond, whether that's heaven, some other afterlife, or total nothingness, depending on what you believe.

But there is one perk that comes with death: total control of your funeral.

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Picturing your own funeral can be an eerie and depressing exercise.

For some, though, the freedom to subject all your friends and family to your own morbid humor is an exciting idea.

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