People Break Down The Worst Part About Being Their Age
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No matter how much we express our gratitude for another trip around the sun, let's face it, there's nothing fabulous about getting old.

Once you hit the legal drinking age, there's not much to look forward to other than being handed the coveted AARP card, which rewards you with various benefits and discounts just for reaching 50. Whoop-dee-doo.

Before you know it, you wake up one day and your joints start to make all kinds of crackles and pops (and hopefully no snaps) as you get out of bed.

That doesn't mean the various stages of life in between have their own minor drawbacks.

Curious to hear about strangers and their experiences on this planet, blue_pookie asked:

"What sucks about being your age?"

Looks fade, but not unless we can help it.

Triple Threat

"I have acne, wrinkles, and grey hair at the same time."


​Undesirable Genetics

"I'm 21. I have hooded eyes, so I raise my eyebrows to be able to see and also look less angry. I didn't think the constant eyebrow raise would give me wrinkles for whatever reason. So now I have a deep wrinkle on my forehead that sucks all my foundation in and creases so it's more Visible. No matter how little I use or how diluted it is or how primed my skin is. Then I have acne too. And a lot of redness in my face. So if I wear foundation or concealer to cover that redness, I'm stuck embracing my wrinkle or smoothing my makeup every 5 minutes so my skin matches all over. It's a hassle. Paired with dark eye bags from insomnia and masculine features, genetics did not do me well as a woman."


When you're no longer in your twenties, these descriptions might be relatable.

Stubborn Aches

"Starting to realise some of the aches and pains I have now will be with me on the day I die."


Closer To Retirement

"Everything hurts. I'm a 55 year old firefighter. Closing in on retirement though!"


The Time Left

"The road ahead of me is shorter than the road behind. My brain still believes that my body can do certain things, but my body keeps on proving that my brain is living in the past. The damage that I inflicted on my body being a competitive athlete is coming back to haunt me."


Things unrealized before suddenly hit these Redditors like a semi-truck


"Every new famous person is younger than me and makes me feel like sh*t everytime."


"Relatable. When I was 16 I used to read about famous people who were around 21 and think I still have 5 years left. Now it's hard to accept that people younger than me are far more successful than I will ever be."


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Maintaining Friendships

"I've found I'm getting to the age that's hard to keep in touch with friends."


In A Blink of An Eye

"Being 41 and realizing this went really fast. Way too fast."


Applying Learned Lessons

"First i am realising i made a couple of mistakes in the past which led to my current situation. Then i also realise that its not to late to change my current situation since i have enough time left. THEN i realise i am too set in my thoughts to change."



"Watching the people around me become successful adults while I'm just sitting here, feeling like an absolute child."


Message For A Younger Generation

"50. Knowing my life is more than half over. Looking back at years that I squandered thinking there's always time. I stayed with a woman I shouldn't have. Boom! 7 years gone. After the divorce I drank away a few years. Messed my career up a bit. Stalled it and now, at 50 I'm struggling again while my friends are talking early retirement. I keep telling myself, 'I have three wonderful kids. I got remarried to a woman who stuck by me getting sober. I'm doing what I love.' But it haunts me. I feel like I'm just going to tread water until something kills me eventually."

"Young people here…don't waste your time. Life is short."


Although there is something to be said for acquiring wisdom through life experiences, the harsh reality is, you're that much closer to being six feet under.

It's a cruel fact of life, but it is also a reminder to be our fully realized selves while we're still partying on this planet.

Just remember that—while getting old sucks—that train already left the station, and we may as well enjoy the precious journey as we ramble on towards our inevitable last stop.

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