People Break Down Which TV Shows Aged Poorly
Francisco Andreotti/Unsplash

There are many TV shows with compelling themes and interesting character developments that impressed both critics and audiences alike back in the day.

But some of the shows that once captivated audiences have not aged well, and there are many elements in them that are outdated by today's standards.

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People Break Down Which Things Were Attractive 10 Years Ago That Are Lame Today

It's always interesting what ages well and what doesn't.

And, for that matter, how quickly something ages.

How often do we find ourselves sitting down to watch a film or TV show from only ten years ago to see how poorly it holds up?

Or, for that matter, how ten years ago we thought something would be the next big craze or trend, and instead see it become obsolete with each passing year.

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People Break Down How Attractive They Believe They Are


We all want to attain it.

Some people dedicate their lives to having it.

But who can say what is and is not attractive?

The older you get, the more serious and realistic you get with the topic.

And grapple with whether it really matters.

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