Does it ever feel like life is getting harder and our bodies are aching in places that never hurt before?

Let's face it. Getting old sucks.

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Growing into middle and old age is a gradual process that occurs over the course of many years. Youth burns bright and fades slowly. Those youngest years depart at a churning pace, relentless and constant.

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Looking back at the past can be super cringeworthy. Some things just need to be left in the past. Other things, though, continue to stay strong, and are still relevant. Here are just a few things that have aged well, according to the people of Reddit.

u/alrightyaphrodite asked: What is something that has aged well?

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It is considered impolite to ask a woman's age.

But chivalry didn't apply when Kristen Bell was the one who did the asking.

The Good Place actress just turned 39 and indulged in a guessing game with her two young daughters, Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4, whom she shares with her husband, actor Dax Shepard.

She asked for it.

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When we think about people or certain groups of people I truly believe that everyday, EVERYDAY one of our main private thoughts in all of our inner dialogues has got to be... "Why in the world are these people allowed to breed?!" And this new generation of selfie obsessed, Kardashian addicted youngins just gives me the shivers. You have to get a license to just about anything, to fish even... why not be tested for approval for child rearing?! I want to that initiative on the ballot box.

Redditor u/EvisGamer posed an important question to us all... How would you feel about a law that requires anyone under the age of 25 to pass a specialized test in order to have children?

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