The Worst Movies People Have Ever Watched
Image by Sam Williams from Pixabay

Who doesn't love movies?

Movies take us places we long to go.

They give us the freedom to dream and believe.

That's why it so aggravating when some movies suck.

Like, really, really bad.

And with the price of admission going up and up, sometimes it feels like being robbed.

There are some films that just leave you floored by the fact it was even made.

People shared their thoughts on what pieces of cinema should avoided after iamjeyrob asked everyone:

"Which was the 'Worst film' you ever watched?"

My list of bad movies is too long. I'll be depressed if I list them.

I hate myself...

turn me out music video GIFGiphy

"Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2."


"I hate myself for knowing what the hell you are talking about."


Barely Finished...

"BIRDEMIC. Though, it was still a good time with friends, but man. Movie sucks. XD."


"One time I was visiting a friend and we watched The Room 12 times in 14 days. Somewhere in the middle we decided to watch Birdemic… we barely finished it."


"Birdemic is way funnier if you’ve lived in Silicon Valley. The main character is like a parody of what every SV startup founder thinks of themselves. His company just got bought out by Facebook and he’s dating a model."


I'm Sorry

"Actual worst film, no contest, Manos, the Hands of Fate. And I say this with a caveat that some people set out to make a mediocre movie and don't care that much how it turns out because it'll at least break even. Some people try to make a decent movie but it doesn't turn out that great but there's still something watchable in it. Manos is neither of those."

"Manos was made by a guy trying to prove how easy it was to make a horror movie. Which means he really tried to make a good movie, or at least a good horror movie. Turns out, it's not that easy. It fails on every metric of quality for filmmaking. The vast majority of people who know if it now know of it because of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which ran it as one of the bad movies they force the main character to watch."

"Manos is so bad, it's the only movie the mad scientists ever apologized for making him watch. It's hard enough for the MST3K audience to watch, even WITH the very funny commentary from the MST cast. Without that commentary, it's torture. Without a doubt, it is the worst film ever made."


No Judgements...

"God’s Not Dead. I thought it would be a so-bad-it’s-great kind of watch. But it was honestly the most aggravating 90 minutes I’ve ever watched."

"I won’t judge you for believing in God. I will judge the hell out of you for thinking this is a good movie."


"I seriously hate how they killed the atheist professor at the end. Rather than come to a conclusion or an agree-to-disagree ceasefire, they just have the so labeled 'villain' hit by a car and then force religion on him in the last vulnerable and painful moments of his life. And then the MC celebrates at a concert. The apathy and laziness is so freaking disgusting."


Not a Meow

Cat Meow GIF by Cats MovieGiphy

"Cats. We heard it was bad, but thought it would be 'ha ha funny bad', not 'turn off after 30 minutes despite alcohol consumption' bad."


Oh Cats... well that is a moment in life where you wonder about your choices.


The Internet Emoji GIF by OriginalsGiphy

"The Emoji Movie stole a piece of my soul."


"Dragged to it with my kids. That was a $70.00 nap."


"You factor out all the movies made with less than a $10 million dollar budget and emoji movie is clearly the worst. Unwatchable."



"The live action Dragon Ball movie was also horrendous. LOL."


"Thankfully, it was so bad that it directly lead to the resurrection of F the Dragon Ball franchise. At the time of its release, it was the last piece of Dragon Ball media planned."

"After series creator Akira Toriyama saw how bad it was, he returned to the series to create the film Battle of the Gods, which was received so well that it was followed by Resurrection F, and an anime continuation, and a manga continuation of the anime that is still going today."


“so bad it’s good”

"Not a film but the Star Wars Holiday Special truly is as awful as everyone says. Truly. Now that the shock value is gone I’m not sure I can enjoy it even if it’s given the MST treatment. I quit twice before finally making it through the whole thing riffing it with my husband."

"And even THEN we almost quit halfway through when we realized grandpa wookie got a personal vr porn machine for Life Day."

"But if you make it to Bea Arthur’s musical number, congratulations. That actually was a 'so bad it’s good' moment and you’re also in the home stretch."


How did this happen?

"Mulan live-action remake. I honestly just can't fathom how this was made."

"'Hey, I've got a great idea guys! Let's remake Mulan, but... now hear me out here... let's remove every single thing that makes the original great! How could we possibly go wrong with this absolute genius?'"


"The Lion King live action was also terrible. Objectively worse movie in every single way. It's just so sad they took such amazing pieces of art and turned them into such garbage for a cash grab."


V-Day Issues

"Winter's Tale. My girlfriend at the time loved it. We saw it on Valentine's Day, and it's still the worst Valentine's Day I've ever had, single or with someone else."


Oh John why?

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"Battlefield Earth."


"The very first time I went to a movie theater by myself, I saw that since none of my friends would go with me. That day I learned maybe all of my friends are smarter than me."


Yeah. I've seen none of these and never will. Thank you.

Do you have a box office bomb to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.