Woman Documents Her Hilarious Attempt To Escape Her Home After Amazon Package Traps Her Inside


What's more frustrating than getting a "sorry we missed you" slip instead of a package on your doorstep?

One woman found out when she was literally trapped in her house by an Amazon box.


TikTok user @izzybrooke had her day ruined thanks to an Amazon delivery.

Prepared to have a relaxing day at the nail salon, the woman quickly found out that leaving her house wasn't an option.

In the series of videos, @izzybrooke narrated her ordeal.

"When all you want is to go get your nails done, but you can't because Amazon put a package outside your door and you can't get out."

She began trying different methods to open the door.

"Im gonna try to get myself out because Amazon locked me in."

First, she opened the door's window.


But ultimately it was for nothing, because she couldn't remove the screen covering.

"I can't get the ****ing screen open I'm just not happy."


"Just like seriously Amazon, what the ****!"

Finally, she thought about jamming something between the door to push the package away.

Her tool of choice: a rubber spatula.


"This will work I guess."


Thankfully, it worked!


The video quickly became popular on TikTok and Youtube, and @izzybrook even made the news!



Apparently, other people have been trapped by delivery boxes too.



Thankfully, there's an easy way to avoid this issue - just leave detailed delivery instructions.


It's not the most ideal way to receive a package, but at least it actually arrived!

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