The holidays are coming up. Do you need gift ideas?

Of course you do! It's always hard to know what to buy, especially if you are someone who doesn't value material possessions as much as the next person. So getting practical, cheap purchases is quite a way to get a good gift for someone.

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What's more frustrating than getting a "sorry we missed you" slip instead of a package on your doorstep?

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Michael Stewart/Getty Images, @VancityReynolds/Twitter

Ryan Reynolds is known for his quirky sense of humor.

His latest stunt has him promoting his own gin company—in what might be the strangest way possible.

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NBC / Contributo/Getty Images / @MelissaJPeltier / Twitter

There has been a significant amount of criticism of the way Amazon gets packages delivered to customers, but a recent tweet from Ice-T brings a new problem to light.

The multi-talented performer tweeted last night about a recent package delivery that used Amazon's Flex delivery service.

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If there's one thing decades of science fiction stories about talking machines that slowly gain sentience have taught us is...don't do it. Really. Once robots learn to talk, that's it. Game over for the human race. However, we've already invited the enemy into our homes. Amazon Alexa, in the form of Amazon's Echo product, is already "helping" us order stuff and play music at the simplest verbal command. Like with all technology, though, there's the occasional error.

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