People Break Down Which Activities They Wish They Were Really Good At
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The list of what I wish I was better at is long and arduous.

I've tried many things, but sticking it out is my issue.

I know I'm not alone there, though.

That is a universal theme.

We all have the desire to be great at everything.

But let's take them one by one.

Then we can do it all.

Maybe with more practice.

Redditor DecentIllustrator439 wanted to know what things we all crave to be accomplished at.

So they asked:

"What do you wish you were really good at?"

Sports. Even a simple sport would be nice to be decent at.

Say Hello

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"Making friends."


"Damn I feel you. Realized a few years ago that I haven't made a friend in years and also had trouble keeping the ones I had due to neglecting. Worst feeling."



"Making money."


"Saving money!"


"My answer was simplifying, articulating, and solving complex problems or ideas. I think it’s the most incredible thing listening to people at work or in life that confidently frame up complex ideas and just 'get it' and the money usually follows. I’m with you."


Play On

"Playing the piano or a guitar. I am 56 there is no reason for me not to try but instead I waste an hour on Reddit."


"I've been playing guitar for about 25 years and still not very good at it. But I enjoy it, even if nobody else enjoys hearing it. Would have been nice to have been good though."


"Guitar teacher here. I have students ranging in age from 7 to 73. It's never too late."


"I started playing piano for 10 months now am 29 and i always keep reminding people that it's never too late just go for it we live one life so don't have any regrets!"


quality of life...

"Finding work that both satisfies my soul and pays handsomely. The quality of life is just so poor when you hate your work. And life sucks so bad when you are just scraping by money-wise. I've been seeking this holy grail my whole life. Still haven't found it."


"May I suggest manufacturing, I just got into this field after working in food/retail my whole life and I love it. I assemble medical devices, and mainly I cut the tubing. I love it, no customers I just sit and listen to music and chill."


Speak On

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"People don’t realize how helpful it is to know more than one language. It does nothing but benefit you."


Language is essential. Like why do we even have PE? More languages.


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"Stop procrastinating. 🙃"


"To be honest, I wouldn’t mind being really good at procrastination. I feel like it would make me a genius level multi-tasking person capable of completing any assignment the day its due."



"Singing. Love to do it, but sound like a dying cat."


"I’ll second that. I started dating an avid karaoke fan a few years ago. Between lots of repetition and her coaching, I improved from abjectly miserable to almost mediocre. I think I’ve hit my ceiling though, LoL. Basically, I still suck."


"I’m an avid karaoke person (though not your avid karaoke person) and I just wanna make sure this message has made it to you. Karaoke is 90% about having fun, and 10% about vocals. If you’re having fun, you’re doing karaoke right."


No Cares

"Not caring what others think."


"I think it will come with age, when you realize not many really actually care about you, you stop caring too!"


"Once you master this life gets a LOT more fun. I love being the middle aged man at the light with the windows down singing along to Brittney. And once you can own it, most actually stop judging."


100,000% a muscle

"Remembering things about other people. I always forget birthdays or anniversaries and stuff so when it comes to doing anything meaningful for the people I love it’s often too late or half-a**ed."


"There are stories of famous people who would write down anything they learned about a person and keep a rolladex of cards with the info on it. When they go to see them again, they pull their cards out… it’s kinda creepy but it works."


"As someone who never once memorized a thing in his life until he got to college, memory is 100,000% a muscle. The more that you intentionally remember things, the easier it becomes."


All of it...

life GIFGiphy

"Life. I'm bad at life."


"No one's good at it.🤷 We are all trying to figure it out while being a decent human being."


The pursuit of knowledge is an admirable one, even if it's something really specific or something just for fun.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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