I'm not perfect with words.

But I do love them.

That's why I get frustrated when people destroy them.

All it takes is one letter to ruin everything.

If I find I'm pronouncing something wrong, I look up the correct way.

Why can't everyone else do that as well?

Redditor schnozzberryflopwanted to compile a list of pronunciations we need to sharpen up on.

So they asked:

"What's a mispronunciation that sends you into fits of rage?"

Don't axe me anything. Ask me.

Correct evading

genie talking GIFGiphy

"'Eluding to’ something. That’s alluding meaning referring to something indirectly. Eluding means evading something."


"I once made this typo, and someone commented 'it seems the correct form of 'allude" eludes you.' :D "


The Classic

"Ugh... affect/effect I just have a hard time ignoring. Like my brain will read the one they wrote but in a sarcastic/condescending tone."


"Actually, legitimate question for you: when should one use "affect" and when should they instead use 'effect?'"

"I've never been able to find a hard and fast rule, and have been using it like; 'affect'; when something causes something (example: "you are affected by the sleep spell"), and effect when referring to the effects of something (ex: 'the sleep spell has an effect in a 30 ft sphere'). Is this anywhere near correct or am I way off?"


For once in my life...

"My co-worker keeps saying 'Ask-rix' instead of 'asterisk.' It drives me insane."


I just found out and I’m, like old, that I’ve been saying it wrong 'asterick' my whole life. I want to punch myself in the face. Hopefully the next 40 years go better."


"I had a former coworker correct me when I said asterisk. She was very confident that it was asterix. For once in my life, I didn't rub it in endlessly."


What a Year!

"I had a boss once who would always call it a 'physical year.' It took me longer than I care to admit to realize that she actually meant 'fiscal year.' It’s amazing how much more sense my job made after that lol."


"Had to scroll way too far for this. I have worked in finance and people still say Physical Year.. which is just mind-boggling to me. Fiscal and physical are two different things."


"I've always thought a physical year in accounting/book keeping to mean Jan-Dec and fiscal year is the time between the company closing their books."



No Way Smh GIFGiphy

"I try not to get worked up about mispronunciations, but I had a manager who said 'per batim' instead of verbatim, and I winced every time she said it."


It's like nobody went to school.

Letters Matter

Insanity Going Crazy GIFGiphy

"My boyfriend doesn’t pronounce the first r in 'frustrated.' He sounds like a child and it’s… well, frustrating."


"My husband (and his family) does this. Makes me insane."


The Mix Up

"Not a pronunciation but I see people switch 'sale' and 'sell' in social media all the time and it boggles my mind they don't know the difference."


"I’ve seen so many people mix up woman and women online that I can’t figure out if they don’t know that one is singular and one is plural or if it’s autocorrect for some reason. I’ve seen it so many times that I really don’t think people know the difference and it bothers me so much."


just get a taco...

"My mom cannot pronounce chipotle. She says 'chip-ol-tee.'"


"My Dad does the same thing! He also says 'kay-suh-dill-uh' no matter how many times I correct him."


"When the town I grew up in finally got a Chipotle, nearly everyone pronounced it 'Chi-pol-tay' and it made me stabby."


"My bf says... 'Kway-so' instead of queso. Makes me wanna go kwazy and kwill him."


In Hotels

"I work in a hotel. The number of people that refer to adjoining rooms (meaning to have the connecting door between them) as 'ca-joined' (not conjoined which is still wrong but still less wrong) makes me want to rage punch them. Call them adjoining. Call them connecting. Call them adjacent even. But ca-joined is not a go**amn word."


I'll have Tea

"When people say eXspecially instead of eSpecially."


"EXpecially if they order eXpresso at the coffee shop."


"My Dad says expresso. Very smart, very educated, very good grammar, loves coffee. Still says expresso."


"Had to scroll too far for this one, it’s the worst."


"Someone I work with does this with so many basic words that she says almost daily, including exspecially. She also always says physical when she means fiscal. Oh, and she says supposably instead of supposedly."


Be Sure

the narrator GIFGiphy

"They never get insure/ensure right either."


"Like nails on a chalkboard."


Did we all pay attention? Sound it out!

Do you have similar experiences to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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