People Share Their Latest 'What Is Wrong With People' Moment
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Have you ever just looked at a headline, video, or someone right in front of you and wondered, "What is wrong with you?"

There have been some incredibly disturbing things in the news cycle these days, especially as everyone has a camera in their pocket, ready to capture the latest viral video.

When it comes to things that might make you lose your faith in humanity, we want to know the most recent moment that brought people to question.

Redditor raswerty asked:

"What is your latest 'what the f*ck is wrong with people' moment?"

You might start pulling your hair out at some of these.

Seemingly ungrateful.

"I go to a university where students ride the bus free (if they show their ID), and the general public can ride them for $1."

"So today this kid boards the bus, and tells the driver he lost his student ID. The driver says sorry, but he'd have to pay a dollar to ride. The guy didn't have a dollar, though, and was about to get off, when this very nice girl gets up and pays his fare for him so he could ride."

"The f*cker didn't even acknowledge her. No thank you, no smile, nothing. He just walked to the back of the bus and sat down. He didn't even make eye contact with this girl who just totally selflessly paid a dollar so he could ride. I really wanted to punch him in his stupid, ungrateful face."

- qt-uwu

"I wonder if he's ungrateful or if he has social anxiety or some other social/communication issue."

- Metriculous

"Kid could have all sorts of reasons for why he did that. Could be he is just ungrateful. Could be he has horrible social anxiety. Could be on the autism spectrum and has no clue about social interactions. Could have been on meth etc. There are tons of legitimate excuses for why someone behaves this way. Some people are just entitled but if you can't afford a dollar for the bus or have to think about that sort of small payment your life is already difficult."

"I am not attempting to justify him just present points of view that need to considered when looking at the situation."

- ne0rmatrix

Please don't take this advice.

"Earlier this month, a professor of mine alluded to the fact that a girl in one of his other periods is a dumba**. I asked her about it, and she replied 'I'm smart! I don't know why he's doing this! I only said that people should drink rubbing alcohol instead of vodka, because it's, like, way cheaper.'"

- on-the-h

"Just watched an intervention of a guy who drank watered down sanitizer cause it was cheap."

- Bopper34

People treating food service workers terribly.

"Seeing that video of an angry customer throwing her refunded soup in the face of a level-headed work member."

- Nonspecal

You can learn about the worker and the angry customer here.

"Recently saw a video of a homeless man in a restaurant throw the (free) coffee he was given by a waitress back into her face. Absolutely disgusting."

- ThrowRARAw

"Saw a guy screaming at a waitress because she got his coffee order wrong…. I get that’s it’s frustrating but be an adult and deal with insignificant problems better then that. F*cking child."

- Redditor

Forgetting your sibling's birthday.

"I have two sisters and one brother. All three forgot my birthday. One week later I held my birthday party. My brother didn't show up. Yeah, that was pretty disappointing."

- Inside-Fly4901

"I have a brother who didn't call me on my birthday and I thought, well, he forgot. It happens. He usually calls and is very sweet and apologetic the next day or so. Nothing this year. My bday was in the summer and he never did call me. For that or for anything. The relationship there has been strained anyway and I guess it's just... full-on estranged now."

"My sister who is no longer with us also frequently did stuff on my birthday to put the attention on herself so yeah, I feel for you about siblings tanking your bday in one way or another."

- blackswan45

Okay, this is just bizarre.

"Hubby had one yesterday. Walked into the grocery store, back to the deli. Wants some ham. Girl is there. With a f*cking bearded dragon on her shoulder. No leash. No cage. Just a f*cking lizard on her shoulder."

"And she's petting it. Then touching the food products on display. Then the lizard. Then the food. Hubby noped out of there without buying anything. WTF, lady?!"

- Sillycats2

Threatening to sue.

"Some guy threatened my wife at her work with, 'I'll sue you for racism!' Because she wouldn't sell him cigarettes without ID."

- HawaiianShirtsOR

"Lol had an employee try and sue our company for racism. After she went through training, she did a no/call no show on her first shift. She calls back a few days later asking when her next shift is, and the manager informed her she didn't call or show up for her first shift so would be terminating her. She called us racist and tried to sue."

- Bopper34

Creepy Uber drivers.

"I've had it happen waaaay too many times where Uber drivers ask me way too many personal questions. Where do you live? Where do you work? What do you do for a living? Do you live alone? Do you have a boyfriend? Why don't you have a boyfriend? What company do you work for? What hours do you work?"

"For the love of God, STOP. I'm not saying people aren't allowed to make conversation, but it's not impossible to avoid being creepy."

- Lost_Condas

"My Uber driver today was super creepy. Friendly at first. Started hinting he wanted to smoke with me, asked if I lived alone, kept talking as I was trying to get out, eventually I was just like 'BYE!' and slammed the door. You never know where the line is between "Jeez he was trying to be friendly, what a b*tch' and 'She should have known, what a dumb b*tch.'"

- DelsMagicFishies

The Astroworld Festival.

"Travis Scott and everything that falls out of his mouth."

- server_busy

"His fans stuck up for him. There was a 9 year old who died there."

- DogsAreCool69420

"When I read about the 9 year old who died at that concert gone wrong in Houston Texas. WTF takes a child that young to a concert?"

- dowtimer

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"The 'Let's go Brandon' thing."

"If you don't like Biden, that's cool. But this just seems like the stuff little kids do to 'get away' with saying naughty words."

- rock_and_rolo

"Saw it on a billboard yesterday. Someone actually paid for that."

- myfriendrichard

"Saw a politician spell it out with deer turds."

"His follows took this as a good thing.....and not the oddity of a grown adult rearranging deer sh*t to mock a president."

- ShannonMoore1Fan

Snapchat is more important.

"My cousin just recently died of Covid, and of course like any person would, would be absolutely devastated."

"I was off Snapchat for 4 days to go and see family, and one of my friends texted me calling me a b*tch because I haven’t texted them in over 2 days. After I explained that one of my close family members died, they called me a f*cking bitch because apparently, streaks mattered a lot more."

"I've left them on opened for 3 weeks lmao."

- tydal-wave

Social media getting a little out of hand.

"Grown adults advocating for bullying on social media."

- pingudrip

"Any time they dox other people or try to get them fired because of petty reasons. The reason usually is something insanely dumb like they made a stupid joke on social media 8 years ago. I’ve noticed a few occasions where the people doing this had old stuff from their own past dug up and thrown in their faces. Can’t say I felt bad for them."

- BurghFinsFan

Anti-vaxxers latest trend.

"Bathing in borax to 'draw out the vaccine.'"

"How did we reach this point."

- Taleya

Swearing at kids.

"I was walking to my car from Target. There was a mom and her kid walking a bit ahead of me. The kid looked maybe 4-5? He ran ahead of his mom (not in the path of traffic, just towards their car) and she told him to stop a few times and then just let loose this horrible, profanity-ridden tirade on this little boy, 'F*cking listen to me when I f*cking tell you to stop, get your little sh*te a** back here...' And it went on and on. I could still hear her when I got in my car yelling and swearing at this kid."

"Best part? She looked heavily pregnant."

"Now I get trying to discipline your kid. I get that they have to learn safety in parking lots. I get that pregnant people can be cranky. But NONE of that gives you an excuse to talk to a kid like that. It was so damn trashy and I felt bad for the boy, he was obviously embarrassed and freaked out by it. All I could think as I drove away was how the kid probably didn't stand a chance in life and she's gonna have another one who she will undoubtedly treat the same way. Or worse, she'll favor it over that poor little boy."

"I wish people who can't behave like decent parents would just quit having kids."

- blackswan45

Oh, that's just mean.

"Watched a old friend of mine sneak up behind another student who was walking down the hallway with crutches, and my friend simply, grabbed one of the crutches and ran away with it, leaving the other student to trip and fall."

- BearIsBroken

"Not funny."

- pinkflower200

"This hits me right in the feels. I suggest you stop interacting with that friend as much."

- Chemical_Ad4589

Changing the project last minute.

"My group of friends decided to add someone who asked to be added to our group project. Upon finding out our presentation was over by 8 minutes and finding out her slides were the ones with the most time, she proceed to get defensive. She then changed all our slides the night before our presentation."

- pokegirl395

Oh, no.

"Overheard in a hospice ward 'Can't you do something to speed this up, like give her a lot more morphine? I only took a week off work.'"

- elementsofridiculous

There's plenty of reasons someone might be rude, ungrateful, or acting inappropriate, but unless you talk to them you may never know why they're doing the things they do.

Unfortunately, we're just left with questions.

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