I love being alone.

I may in fact love it too much. I can't help it. People annoy me.

There are so many things that get accomplished when one is in solitude. No one is there to distract you or shame you or join in on the fun.

It's all fun for one!

Try it sometime. Don't be afraid to just sit with yourself.

Redditor Aprilias wanted to hear about all the fun some of us have when in solitude, so they asked:

"What is something that you like to do when no one else is around?"

I do everything alone.

I eat, write, sing, dance and cry.

I cry a lot. But never because I'm alone.


"I like to sing, try to reach high notes without tripping on my own voice or being shy in front of others." ~ aleatorygirl9


Move Alone

"Dance." ~ nobody3_5_4

"I'm a 33 y/o introvert and I live by myself with my cat. I dance like there's no tomorrow every single day."

"It really takes a lot of pressure, makes me feel good and happy. No way I'm doing that with people around, it feels so weird. I suck at dancing really really bad though." ~ Liamcitoo


"My wife is not a big fan of spicy food, so generally if I have lunch or dinner solo, I go for some stupidly hot food." ~ BitPoet

"Same, but for Vietnamese or ramen. My wife doesn't DISLIKE that food, but it is never her top choice when we go out so if I'm on my own for dinner I'll always grab something, even if I have perfectly good food at home."

"Take out + a cheesy action movie like 'Mortal Kombat' is always my solo dinner ritual." ~ Dragon_Small_Z

Hello Lovely

"I talk to my animals like a crazy person." ~ Very-Big-Rat

"They probably appreciate the mature topics. When everyone says, 'Aww, hello bootiful, how are you? I love my Icklekins,' the cat is probably like, 'Seriously, Bob, this again? I'm on my fourth life already.'" ~ artaxerxesnh

"I just assume my cats appreciate being told how things like weather, rockets, and hydroelectric dams work, even if they can't understand a word of it. At least they're being talked to." ~ RenaKunisaki


"Enjoy some peace and quiet." ~ Chirails


All great things to do with an occupancy of one.

Sing out kids.

Sing out loud and dance like a nut.

my ears are happy

"Listen to music." ~ stoker15524

"I never listen to music unless I'm alone." ~ UngusBungus_


Scrub Scrub

"Clean, I don't like cleaning while everyone is moving around, stepping on the newly mopped floors or using the sink while I am still drying it after cleaning." ~ TokwaThief

"I do this too, almost to a fault. As a teen I was known to put off chores until everyone left. My parents actually thought I was paying someone to do it for me. Nothing makes me angrier than having dirty shoes step on my clean floors or seeing one utensil in the sink!" ~ SteveRogersA**


"Pick my nose." ~ Connect_Ad_6635

"One of my favorite feelings in the world. I honestly get bummed if it comes out on the tissue. I have a routine where I blow my nose, roll each end before I stick it in [my nostril] and twist and then I dig around with my finger for any stragglers." ~ caitejane310

"I thought I was the only one that did this!!! The only thing I don't like is the continuous sneezing afterwards." ~ Orange_Hedgie


"Sit in darkness. I'm not depressed or edgy or anything, it's just... light is so bright, and so difficult to block out."

"I've never needed much light to see or read so when no one is around it's really nice to just turn everything off, shut the curtains and have some nice non-overload time." ~ Zeruvi


"I talk to myself, like so damn much. I carry out entire multi-act stories playing every character with individual backgrounds, motivations, and quirks that are all in a world I've constructed spanning decades at this point. My dogs love this time and make a great audience." ~ amalgamas


Pets are always good company. It's humans you want to hide from. Enjoy the quiet.

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