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When you are alone at home, your imagination can get the best of you.

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It's spooky season, which means--lights off, jack-o-lanterns, scary movies, candy corn...wait, is that a knock on my door?

Have you ever been terrified while at home alone, and convinced yourself you're hearing an intruder, or a scary animal? Have you ever been right? Our greatest fears are that we are isolated in our homes, alone, and something happens. Will we be equipped to deal with it?

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The world can be a lonely, scary place. We have to be wary and on guard nearly every second. Things do go bump in the night or behind a door, and we have to learn to be sufficient in ducking. Many things await us in the dead of night, or the broad of day. Be vigilante people, there is a reason to be on edge.

Redditor u/DoitAnyway54321 was curious to see who was willing to share some intense stories about leaving home by asking.... Travelers of lonely roads, explorers of the great outdoors, workers of creepy jobs and late-night shifts... What's your scary story?
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I've literally never lived alone and I am almost 40 years old. In my family, that's not really that strange. There are a lot of us, and we all sort of pool our resources and efforts into our living situations. My grandmother even moved out of her own house to get away from living with my mom and us kids!

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Now yes, love is a wonderful thing. Finding your second half, your "other" to complete you is a beautiful thing. But if that hasn't been your journey thus far, don't feel bad. Being single, not alone, SINGLE is a very healthy choice. Sometimes love, or what we perceive as love can ruin you. We're all trained by society to believe that being single makes us unworthy and nothing could be farther from the truth.

Redditor u/05_16k wanted to here about the upside to the single life by asking.... Singles of Reddit, what do you like most about being single?

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