People Break Down The Weirdest Things Society Accepts As Normal

People Break Down The Weirdest Things Society Accepts As Normal
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Why do we allow some things but not others?

Society and humanity love to judge but always seems to make allowances.

There are some odd behaviors and practices we let slide and it's mind-boggling.

First, let's define normal as a whole and then go case by case.

We may discover some changes are in need.

RedditorMEMELORD_JESUSwanted to discuss the things we as a people tend to embrace that could be considered a bit... "off." They asked:

"What’s the weirdest thing society accepts as normal?"

Why don 't we arrest people for not using turn signals? How is that normalized? I'm so mad.

Sleep Well

"That dead people need pillows in caskets."


Wasted Life

"Working until you're old, greying, and broken then using whatever time you have left for all the things you wish you could have done when you were younger."


"One of my buddies works with a guy who is considering quitting his job to take out a million dollar loan and just living life for 20 years. Then working until he dies to 'repay' the loan. Don't know how he has that figured out, must have some decent savings and a crazy credit score as is. He calls it 'reverse retirement' or something."



"Guessing how much you owe the IRS in taxes."


"America's tax system from the outside looks like complete horse sh*t. Kiwi here, unless we're self-employed, the only time most of us interact with ird nowadays is when we want our tax rebate, and that's mostly as simple as a few clicks. Hell, the last 3 years I've just received my rebate in the post without ever applying for it."



"Politicians blatantly lying to the people. We accept it so readily, it's as though it's supposed to be that way."


"Not only politicians, but government in general. The CIA in popular culture has become hilariously notorious. The US military has gotten caught being deceitful and careless. The SEC is a blatant joke of a regulatory agency. The FBI has corrupted civil rights movements."

"The list goes on and on and on, and yet people continue to pay their taxes and believe the US govt has their best interests in mind. I am all for paying my fair share and public programs, so don’t mistake this for right wing banter, because I’m more left than anything. But it’s just so silly to me how much faith people put in the US govt."



Animal House Drinking GIFGiphy

"Alcohol is so normalized but drugs are not. It's so weird. I say this as an alcohol loving Belgian, beer is half of our culture and I'm proud of it too but like... that's f**king weird man."



Excited Dance GIFGiphy

"People having kids and trying to live their lives again through them, vicariously, forcing the kids to do things that the parents never got to do, even when the kids show no inclination, and even have an active dislike, for those things."



"Taking way more than we need. From everyone and everything."


"The old concept of two types of people, the ones who take one slice of pizza at a party in case there isn't enough to go around, and the ones that take three slices in case there won't be enough to go around."



"The entire timeframe that we made up. Like how it’s gotta be 8+ hour work days 5 days a week etc etc..."


"Those are actually reductions from what it was before. The problem with industrialization is that, unlike small individually operated shops and farms, 'just make crap and figure out how to sell it later' became wildly profitable, so there wasn't really a limit to productive work time."

'"So of course the moneyed class made people work as much as they could. The various rules about 8 hours or 5 days were rights fought for to put limits on what was otherwise unlimited asks for labor your boss could make of you. 5 days isn't random, it's just "we're already at 7 a week and 1 off isn't enough.'"


The Score

"As a non-American, I am amazed at their credit score system. As a third world citizen, credit cards are usually for rich (and slightly less rich) people who have more disposable money than the rest of us and could pay off their debt. The way I see people on reddit talk about it is strange and somewhat scary."

"Everyone should have a card of his own as soon as he becomes an adult, you should always buy things with it and pay back to actively build your score. You're basically doomed if you don't have a good score, and living your life peacefully without a card is not an option, and lastly you'll be seen as an idiot if you know nothing about it."


Pay for Death

New Girl Facepalm GIF by HULUGiphy

"'Feel-good' news stories about how a kid makes a lemonade stand or something to pay for her mom's cancer treatment because no one can afford healthcare in America."


Why do we allow half of this? We are a mess.

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